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Battery Monitor

Battery Monitor screenshotAn indicator of the power state of your laptop battery.

Now supports remaining time calculation for laptops that do not support it natively.
This gadget is in english and french in the same download, language is detected automatically. Don't worry if the Windows Live Gallery download page is in french.

Known limitations :
-When you click on a partially transparent part of this gadget, the Windows Mobility Center doesn't open. This is caused by a bug (or feature?) in the Sidebar : clicking on partially transparent parts of a gadget doesn't fire any event that the developper can intercept. So the only workaround would be to make a fully opaque background for this gadget... but that would look ugly, like the first version of this gadget was.
-If your laptop doesn't support remaining time calculation natively, this gadget calculates the remaining time based on the time it takes your computer to use a full percent of the remaining battery. As a result, remaining time is not updated as often as you may expect it, since it can be updated only every percent elapsed.

-fixed a bug in the remaining time calculation
-changed the default font
-launches Windows Mobility Center instead of the power options applet

Comments about Battery Monitor


NetTechGuy - 2012/07/25 03:37
Awesome gadget, thank you.

Unfortunately I am having a problem under Win7 Home Premium with Battery Monitor saying \"Windows cannot find \'C:\\Windows\\System32\\mblctr.exe\' ...\". But when I browse to C:\\Windows\\System32 it\'s right there. And clicking on the EXE brings up Mobility Center plain as day.


Trevor - 2012/03/17 06:50
There is a bug with your battery gadget that is really frustrating. I love the gadget and want to keep using it but the bug is an annoyance. When your gadget is on my desktop the alt+tab menu that comes up displaying the icons of the open windows hides behind the open windows. It is really frustrating and I would appreciate a fix. Please let me know. Thanks.
Robyn - 2012/02/24 14:06
I have Windows 7/64-bit operating system and the battery monitor is grey with no percentage information inside and the words - unknown status. Apparently this does not work on my computer.
braze ghouzou - 2012/01/12 16:12
eeeh wow this little gadget but powerful & wonderful
Paolo Marani - 2011/12/19 00:37
Unfortunately, the battery gadget does not work properly under Win7 starter edition (very common on netbooks).
Whenever you click on the gadget it crashed because the applet executable C:\windows\System32\mblctr.exe do not exist.
Please, offer an option to remove or customize the program to launch when you click on the battery button. It's very annoying.
Aecio Oliveira - 2011/11/14 16:26
Marvelous ... O love it ... Congratulations... Nice app...
Pat - 2011/10/20 16:44
Bonjour Julien et merci pour tes softs simple et rapide à installer.
Je cherchais à changer mon écran d’accueil Win7 et en plus maintenant j'ai une petite horloge/réveil Bleu sur mon bureau, très sympa !!

Tu boss pas sous Android dès fois, pour mon phone HTC...?
J'ai pas vue de lien PayPal ou j'ai mal vue?

Merci encore !!!!!!!!!!!!
Tron78 - 2011/10/02 02:57
Looks MS just stopped hosting the files. Are there any other sources to download your files? I love the logon changer and this one looks great too. Just wish I could use it :)
Julien MANICI - 2011/10/03 21:19
Thank you for telling me about this issue. The download links are now fixed.
musaddiq nuruddeen - 2011/09/29 16:40
this gadget help all people using computers to check there remaining battery plan
Andis-x - 2011/07/10 11:21
I have been using this for a long time now on multiplie pc's and it work just fine.
Bgood - 2011/07/06 22:09
Gadget génial, simple et sobre. Efficace.

Le lien de téléchargement semble mort par contre, il renvoie sur la page d'accueil sans téléchargement...
Saphira - 2011/04/30 06:31
This was working great for me at first but after a few weeks, it no longer calculates the estimated time remaining. Nor is the "estimate" any where near accurate. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but still the same problem =(
letsbytecode.com - 2011/03/28 11:29
simply great and pretty useful gadget and simple to use, thanks a lot!
Jey - 2011/03/21 16:23
pls tel me how to see the time remaining?
Roberta - 2011/02/25 01:15
Hi Julien,
Having a problem installing. what program should I open it with? - defaults to Windows Gadgets?

mdcool - 2011/01/18 10:32
Hello, Julien.

I'd like to add a change request. The problem is that there are some notebooks, that do not charge the battery when it is about fully charged (like some Samsung and Lenovo notebooks). This means that there are situations when the battery is not charging, but the gadget says "Fully charged".

Could you please add one more status message for situations, when battery is not full, but is not charging, and release a new version.

Thank you.
Yoshua_CZ - 2010/11/20 11:50
Acer Aspire 5536 Issue!

After discharge, shut down and start-up of NTB the charging dont began!
Deactivating gadget helped, charging after reboot started. I launched gadget, but charging freezed on 85% untill disable gadget and reboot again.

Im a little comfused about this issue, gadget worked perfectly only on discharging and calculating remaining time.

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Julien MANICI - 2010/11/20 15:38
I think your laptop battery may have an problem, but my gadget has not caused it. It's just a coincidence if it began charging again after you disabled my gadget and restarted your computer (it would have worked again even if you didn't disable my gadget).
My gadget just runs user mode code, so it's impossible for it to control or cause any damage to the battery or any ACPI related component. Since it uses only standard code for getting battery related information (read only) from windows, there is absolutely no chance for this gadget to cause any issue.

Inna - 2010/11/16 21:43
Works great!
Very helpful too!
Ramana - 2011/12/14 09:08
Works Great...
Initially after installing the time will not show.. after few minutes the time will be shown...

After a long search I am able to get battery widget..

thanks a lot developers..
Dave W - 2010/10/27 19:56
Looks a useful gadget but I am disappointed as mine just sits there empty saying "Unknown Status" Has done for two days. Any suggestions. Acer Aspire 1680 running Windows 7 Ultimate. Have run it with and without "auto detect" checked.
clever_trevor - 2010/09/25 08:46
Absolutley super gadget - simply works great, thanks
One minor thing would be good to add 'verion number' to the gadget config page, as I cannot easily find what version I have installed, thanks
Dim N - 2010/08/22 12:20
It looks great, BUT did not warn me when my laptop run out of battery (acer/win 7). The machine just hybernated without any notice while I was watching a video. What is the point then? Having an alarm sound would be good.
CoolAidMan - 2010/07/31 19:24
Nice gadget! Could you make the gadget invisible (e.g. opacity = 0), when the laptop is connected to the power supply? The gadget could fade in, when the laptop is disconnected from the power. Thanks
Alain Lévesque - 2010/06/16 11:16
merci j'aime bien tes petit gadgets ils sont très bien conssu
maj.Charlie - 2010/05/31 10:52
Hey, it's perfect :) I like it :)

just a small question:
i'd like to have it always on top...
it seems to works everytime, but google chrome :/
any idea to solve it?

anyway :) great job, well done :D
DaBallast - 2010/04/08 20:34
The gadget is great, works just fine on my Acer. It only prevents my notebook from shutting down. Every time I reboot my notebook I have to force the termination of this batery monitor.

Riaan - 2010/03/25 14:02

This is a wonderful little tool. Its works 100% on my Windows 7.

Thank you so much!
sayed elham - 2011/03/12 10:38
this was sooo bad ....
i didn't like it it is soooooooooooooo bad
RD - 2010/03/20 06:53
Could you add a line in Options to display the gadget version?
Can't find how to figure out the version number otherwise... looked at properties of downloaded .gadget file too.
Justin T. - 2010/03/16 18:56
yessss. finally a battery monitor that works. looks like the same one i had but mine kept saying 0:00. This works after a few % drop to estimate time
Jonathan V. - 2010/03/09 20:25
Hey, great gadget! Simple and elegant. Great job!

A couple suggestions:

-Allow use of the default system font ("Segoe UI"), for a more native look: besides, anyone who runs this gadget will have Vista or 7, so they will already have this font installed!
-When the battery is charging, the gadget simply says "Charging" -- but would it be possible to also have it show how much time is left until it is finished charging? I'm not sure if this is available in the Windows API (something tells me that it depends on the driver); if not, you could calculate it manually, like the algorithm you wrote for when the remaining time can't be detected natively.
DA - 2010/03/05 13:44
Much Appreciation - 2009/12/25 04:33
...oh, another good enhancement, would be to add a configurable option to play a sound file once the charging cycle is complete at 100%.
Much Appreciation - 2009/12/25 04:27
Much appreciation for this well written/designed and stable tool.

Can you provide an option to extend the "time calculations" feature/subroutine to the charging cycle as well ? It would then show an estimated amount of time until the charging cycle completes; plus ten minutes or-so dependant upon how long the laptop sat at 99% over the last two charging cycles. (it's extremely common for laptops to spend an inordinate amount of time charging at or near 99%)

Also, an option to display Vista/Win7's current current Power Plan. (typically "Power Saver," "Balanced," "High Performance" or "Manufacturer Recommended")

The battery low warning chime is a nice touch given that Vista's configured sound-scheme warnings may not work. Perhaps the tool can be setup to use the sound files from the current sound scheme, and the warning percentage settings from the current power scheme.

Lastly, display color in red, orange and green (or a constant blending,) dependant upon current charge level/percentage.

Again, great tool even as is, and a big THANKS! Can also put a paypal address for $1-$5 "donations" in the tool's properties.
Much Appreciation - 2009/12/23 08:28
Much appreciation for this well written/designed and stable tool.

Can you provide an option to extend the "time calculations" feature/subroutine to the charging cycle as well ? It would then show an estimated amount of time until the charging cycle completes; plus ten minutes or-so dependant upon how long the laptop sat at 99% over the last two charging cycles. (it's extremely common for laptops to spend an inordinate amount of time charging at or near 99%)

Also, an option to display Vista/Win7's current current Power Plan. (typically "Power Saver," "Balanced," "High Performance" or "Manufacturer Recommended")

The battery low warning chime is a nice touch given that Vista's configured sound-scheme warnings may not work. Perhaps the tool can be setup to use the sound files from the current sound scheme, and the warning percentage settings from the current power scheme.

Lastly, display color in red, orange and green (or a constant blending,) dependant upon current charge level/percentage.

Again, great tool even as is, and a big THANKS! Can also put a paypal address for $1-$5 "donations" in the tool's properties.
Arnold - 2009/12/09 01:38
REALLY GREAT! Just what I was looking for to use in my new netbook running windows 7 starter. It is flawless. Thanks for a very usefull gadget.
Sebastien - 2009/11/14 00:43
Hi Julien,

great tool! works perfectly!

One request for your next version: could you please add an option that shows how long the laptop has been running on the current battery (if you plug the laptop in, time can reset)

salimer - 2009/11/02 10:48
salut les gars, il est utile ce truc , ne rattez pas l'occasion de le télécharger et d'en profiter
Ingen Ting - 2009/09/30 12:05
Exellent gadget! but I have one grievance. 8-10% of European and US males are colorblind. I am one of them :-(

The green and orange background colors are very hard to distinguish, if at all possible.

It would be nice if it was made possible to more freely choose colors.


TOBY - 2009/09/13 20:07
I downloaded the new version of the Battery Monitor 2.1.2 and still it don't show the time remaining on the battery, could you please help me with this problem. Thank you..
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/13 20:33
If you have a laptop that doesn't compute remaining time itself, the gadget will compute it based on the take it takes to deflate the battery from a few percents. This can last a few minutes, so it's normal that the gadget doesn't show remaining time immediately.

If it still doesn't show up 10 minutes after you have unplugged you computer from the power source, then it may be a bug in the gadget... but thousands of people use it with no problem, thus I don't know how could there be a problem...
Julien - 2009/09/17 01:58
I read your reply and I did what you said and still I can not get the time showing on the battery, is there anything Ican do to have the time left on the battery?? It shows the percent but not the time which I want... So please e-mail me with some help.. Thank you very much.

Julien MANICI - 2009/09/17 03:08
Try to close the gadget, open it again, and go to the settings (the little tool button that appears at the right of the gadget when you put your cursor over it). Then check the checkbox at the top of the setting panel.

If it still does not work, I can't help you :(
I heard about problems with the sidebar with some gadgets not working properly (not just mines!), but I did never see a such problem on my computers, so I don't know if there is a way to fix it.
It is a sidebar issue, because gadgets are just html and javascript based, thus they should work the same on any computer. But sometimes, installed applications mess with system files (like the javascript engine used by IE and the sidebar), and that may cause some troubles...
needs and alarm - 2009/08/05 10:22
add an alarm
Need an alarm too - 2009/11/01 11:26
Hello, I need an alarm too :

When the batery hits the critical level, is it possible to make an animation (with passing at the top level window) that alerts the user?

This will prevent the user to see the computer stop working (hibernation) without any warning (on Dell computers for example)
Tim - 2009/07/09 01:04
Windows 7 HP TouchSmart tx2 laptop isn't firing the Mobility Center properly. I get the following error:

Windows cannot find 'C:\Windows\System32\mblctr.exe'.

It would be kind of nice if the settings let me choose the path of the item that it launched when clicked. I envision a drop-down box with the Mobility Center, the Power Options applet, and then an "Other..." option where you pick the path.

Other than that, it's wonderful.
ghislaine - 2009/06/26 20:28
très bien, il ne manque qu'un petit peu de son, pour donner l'alerte. Merci et bonne continuation
Eliot - 2009/06/17 14:34
This is just what I wanted - simple, no extra functions, unobtrusive. Couple things I'd appreciate as enhancements. First, with a black windows desktop, I can't read the text unless I bring my face within a couple inches of the gadget - no matter what font, background behind gauge or opacity, so I'd like the ability to change font weight/colors, or something like that. Second, it's a little bigger than I want. That's no big deal since it isn't always on top, but if it were resizable that would be better. Thanks for a really good utility.
paul - 2009/05/28 02:20
very accurate, down to the last minute.
faraaz-o-milan - 2009/04/23 13:36
hey man....m desperate 2 hav dis gadget bt d prob.is i don't hav vista instead i hav xp,and the prob.is ur gadget doesn't work 4 xp..i already installed vista transformation pack but den also it don't wrk....plz tell me if u have same type of gadget for win xp also or if u know wer can i get it ...so do let me know i already red ur comments n m 2 curious 2 use dis...
if u hav dis den plz mail me link 2 faraazcan@gmail.com
Aecio Lemos - 2009/03/03 03:51
Fantastic little gadget. It really makes up for my HP DV6000's shortcomings. I would think a more expensive notebook would have the little things the less expensive ones have. Up to now, my HP was a big dissapointment. Lots of bugs and problems. I don't think I would ever buy another HP.

Thanks for the gadget! Works perfectly!
Kash - 2009/01/20 15:14
Excellent program! 5*
This is the only program I've found which not only calculates my battery time remaining but also gives me an audible critical battery alert.
For those posting comments below, this is how to set it...
1.Change the critical battery threshold on this program to 5% or so higher than that set on your computers power settings
2.The program will play the audible alert every % drop from this level
3.If the alert is not very audible (as is the standard Vista) then you can change this by adding something of your own by accessing the folder "c:\windows\media" and then replacing "Windows Battery Critical.wav" with your own tune (make sure you use the same name as the original ie. Windows Battery Critical.wav)
Vatche - 2009/01/07 01:24
Please, is it possible to add an alarm for battery critical level?
When I'm playing or working, suddenly the computer starts hybernating, because, without intention I could be not plugged to the electricity. Thx. Good Job
Sarah - 2008/12/08 00:54
It is not working. I can download the thing but when it's on the side bar I only see the frame of the battery. (ex: the white outline) I have it on another account and it works fine but this one doesn't seem to be working. How do I fix this?
Diana - 2008/11/27 15:50
Zut, j'ai oublié l'amélioration :
il faudrait mettre du son comme dans l'horloge, un choix pour la batterie faible et un autre pour critique.

J'aurai penser aussi un gros message type warning sur l'écran, mais je crois pas que cela soit possible.

Diana - 2008/11/27 15:35
Génial!, Je cherchais avec le temps restant et pas seulement en pourcentage ;p

Hamza - 2008/10/08 01:38
I think is better about battery monitor to be with continous alarm when the battery level reaches to the critical threshold , this continous alarm will enable me and everyone using laptop getting attention about battery depletion ,and avoiding the wrong shut down of the PC.
.................dot - 2012/08/31 00:07
an alarm is vital, without it all these are useless
Sam - 2008/11/21 15:58
I agree with the alarm request. The current window battery alarm is not adequate. I would like an ALARM (loud and/or contious) plus a "POP UP ALARM NOTE"
Kailash Ganapathi - 2008/10/05 08:44
Man, these gadjets are awesome. thanx for making them. keep up the good work
Raghu - 2008/10/01 22:07
This gadget isn\'t working. When i click on it, it tries to connect to windows live gallery but reports an error there. Please look into it as soon as possible.
Julien MANICI - 2008/10/02 01:02

This gadget DOES work.
But the download link is dead since someone at Microsoft accidentally removed many gadgets from Windows Live Gallery (not just mine).

You can use this link to download this gadget, it's the same file that I submitted on Windows Live Gallery :

caroline - 2008/09/28 03:56
i love this icon. its great because i can know how much time is left on my battery because i use this computer for school and know how much time id left is important because a battery with power is a must have for my school!!
David Graham - 2008/09/23 13:22
Hi Julien,

This is a great sidebar utility! I use it not only to monitor the battery levels (obviously) but I love the feature that opens Windows Mobility Centre when you click on it. It's so handy..

My only minor problem was that the colourful design was very nice but didn't fit into the style of my other sidebar gadgets which are all dark and sleek -_-

So I took a few liberties and re-skinned it. Let me know if you want to take a look at it and whether any others who download this gadget might like it also.

Jérémy - 2008/09/14 23:44
Un créateur doté d'un géni et de beaucoup de créativité! Bravo Julien pour tes gadgets qui sont super!
oreias - 2008/09/14 13:06
This is great!!!

I have a question though, is it possible to make a battery indicator with sound that alerts you when the level is getting low? My aunt is hopeless in watching when the bar goes from green to orange (...) and keeps complaining over the computer "dying all of a sudden" and I think she'd really need sound. would be cool if you could choose from like.. 3-5 different sounds too but... that's just fluff really :)
Todd - 2008/09/05 19:31
Good work. Nice gadget. Works well, however it doesn't seem to learn from previous experience. Each time it starts with a large runtime error, then it refines its estimate over time. Having the program maintain or allowing the user to set a full capcaity runtime might improve the accuracy of the initial estimate. Example - my laptop runs for more than 3hrs on a full charge, the initial estimate by the gadget is less than 2hrs. Maintain a running average would improve that.

Thanks :-)
Julien MANICI - 2008/09/14 20:35
"Having the program maintain or allowing the user to set a full capcaity runtime might improve the accuracy of the initial estimate"

I had this idea at the time I made this gadget, but it turned out to be not as good as I hoped, because power consumption (and so the overall battery run time) varies depending on what a user is currently doing on his laptop.
Imagine if a user decides to watch a dvd on his computer : the battery run time will be far shorter than if the user decided to do word processing. That's why the estimation need to be based on current usage (i.e : 3 last minutes), not previous usage (i.e. : last full charge run time). As soon as the user does something else which requires more or less power, the remaining run time changes accordingly.

When you start up your computer, windows continues to load a lot of thing after it has loader the sidebar and my gadget. Thus, hard drive and processor activity are very high, and that's why initially my gadget indicates a rather short run time.
It's the same thing with the Windows built in remaining time counter (when it is supported by the laptop).

Thank you anyway for the suggestion, it was a clever idea.
Mazzazo - 2008/08/30 23:10
It will be a perfect gadget if it has the AC power indicator.
It really have a problem with the power adaptor and the cable. Manytime, My battery has run out before I notice that I forgot to swith on the AC power.
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/31 05:01
I don't understand what you mean...

My gadget differentiates AC power from Battery power. It is orange (by default) and shows "Running on battery" (or the remaining time) if you're running on battery power, or green and shows "Fully charged" (or "Charging") if you're running on AC Power.
However, it may take about 20 seconds to refresh its state when you switch from one source to another.
Gary - 2008/08/30 08:53
love it, simple, but elagent. very functional and i think better then the imatators
Aleksey Trufanov - 2008/08/23 15:06
Is it possible to add a small but very useful feature - ability to select sounds that will be played when battery level is low and when critical?
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/24 14:53
I'll add this in the next version.
rs11 - 2012/12/28 22:20
Need also ability to run a user-defined script when battery reaches low level and critical level.
Henk Reubzaet - 2008/08/10 21:43
Nice gadget, but I only see the % and not the time. What can I do to see the remaining time?
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/11 02:29
The remaining time will show up after a few minutes if your laptop don't support showing the remaining time natively.
If it doesn't, make sure the first checkbox is checked in the gadget settings to force remaining time calculation, but it should check itself automatically.
Henk Reubzaet - 2008/08/11 21:01
I don't have settings for the gadget, just a screen for setting the low en critical batt. threshold in %. Where can I find that other screen?
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/11 21:26
It looks like you don't have the last version of this gadget.
You can download it by clicking on the Download link above.
The new one supports calculating remaining time.
Henk Reubzaet - 2008/08/12 18:11
Thanks. After (re) downloading, saving on disk and then installing it, all the stuff is working. Thanks again.
flaskis - 2008/08/09 14:47
Is there any way to get the older version of this gadget? I simply love it, but I dislike the new default font. Or you could just add the old default font to your next version ;)
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/11 02:48
The old version of this gadget (1.3) is available here:

The font was Arial with a bold weight. Unfortunately I can\'t use this font anymore since I use a different way to draw text on the gadget in version 2.x, and this way doesn\'t support bold weight(and Arial characters without bold weight are not beautiful).
Anyway there are other fonts available in the gadget settings.
Lambert John - 2008/08/09 00:15
Great gadget! Good job Julien. Your gadgets are always first rate. I'm going to keep checking back to see what else you're working on.
Charles - 2008/07/30 20:25
This is a very functional gadget, and after installing it only today I know I will not take it from the Sidebar. In fact, it is the only item I have there. It is a visually very nice presentation.

I am so blunt :) to have one remark/request to mr. Julien MANICI. Just like an earlier comment, I also am often too busy (or too preoccupied or too .....) to leave the program I am in to watch and check the Sidebar. So an accoustic warning (at least for "Critical Threshold", but preferrably also for "Low Threshold") would be a major help here.
And if I may go on being blunt ;) I would like to suggest a very recognisable sound; not just a simple "bleep' or "ping". That also has the advantage that the gadget is litterally heard by many when it sounds, thus no doubt increasing its popularity.

In any case, it is a very fine Gadget already. Perhaps my observations are any help to the author of this fine help.
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/01 05:33
It looks like windows critical battery notification sound fails to be... noticed!

In fact, by default windows vista plays two different sounds when the battery is at its low and critical level, but almost nobody pays attention to them.
So, I guess my gadget should be updated to play a louder sound.
thylocene - 2008/07/29 02:19
Would it be possible to get an audible alert happening when the battery gets to a critical level. I am sometimes so engrossed in what I am doing to notice the battery level. An audible periodic alert would wake me up so to speak.
Julien MANICI - 2008/08/01 04:41
In its current version, the gadget already rings every percent when it is under the critical level or every 2 percent when it is under low level.
It plays the sound : Windows Battery Critical.wav from c:\windows\media\

It's a nice sound IMO, not too loud, not too disturbing, but you can replace it with a louder sound if you think it's not audible
Jérémy - 2008/07/19 01:29
Très très bon gadget!! Super pratique et efficace même quand l'ordinateur ne renvoi pas l'autonomie en durée! Je le conseille à tout mon entourage! Par contre dommage de la part d'un français d'avoir privilégié la langue de Shakespeare à celle de Molière et par conséquent d'avoir traduit de manière incomplète le site en Français...
Clark971 - 2008/07/13 20:11
Perfect gadget, very good design !!
Lydia - 2008/07/03 03:56
Works Perfectly! Thank you Julien.
Ian - 2008/06/27 01:40
Great bit of kit, I will recommend it to others
JW - 2008/06/02 03:14
Works GREAT!!! Only sidebar gadget that will work with HP Laptops. Very accurate. Nice work!!!

When can we expect the Webcam Monitor? You said end of May, and it's June... I've been looking for a program like that, and I can't wait!
Julien MANICI - 2008/06/03 01:26
Sorry, I've been more busy than what I expected lately...
Please come back in a week or two, the beta will be available at that time.

PS: there are probably other programs that do the same thing, you should try them, they will probably perform better than the beta I'm going to release.
JW - 2008/06/14 23:53
There are others, but few are free and the ones that are don't serve quite the same purpose. At least not any that I've found.

I'm also impressed with what you've released for the Sidebar, so I think your Monitor should be good... i'm anxious to try it.
Jim - 2008/05/25 16:21
It's a great gadget, but on my lappy for some reason it always says around 0:15-0:19 no matter what percentage. It can't seem to recalculate properly. I think that it got close to being out of battery and never recovered.
jarvis - 2011/08/19 21:36
thank u so much this is just what i needed coz i removed my task barand 2 search for my battery power remaining was bugging me
Ferret - 2008/06/09 13:49
I've also got the same problem - At the moment, i'm at 14% remaining and it says I got 2 mins left. I haven't, I've actually got about 15mins.

I'll try closing the gadget and opening it again.

And thanks for the gadget mate, it's the only one that'll give me an estimated time on my HP laptop.
Nathan - 2008/07/14 08:15
Mine's doing the same on an HP laptop. Says two minutes at 99%... I'll try reopening it. I blame HP, not you! haha!
JW - 2008/07/17 15:40
It rights itself if you close and reopen the gadget by itself, but just restarting the sidebar (or the computer) does nothing. I've got an HP DV9700z... great computer, but it'd be too easy to just let Vista see the battery life info... it's funny how any flavor of Linux can get the time left...
Julien MANICI - 2008/07/18 01:12
I remember I had an Acer Aspire laptop which did not report remaining time under xp either...

Many manufacturers willingly prevent Windows from showing remaining battery time on their home computers because they often perform badly and they certainly don't want consummers to see that their brand new laptop doesn't last more than 1h30 on batteries and bring it back to the store immediatly!

Acer Travelmate, and professionnal HP computers which have better batteries do show remaining time without shame...

Concerning the gadget, thank you for your reply, I now know where is the bug. I will release an update "soon".
Julien MANICI - 2008/07/26 03:29
Version 2.1 released.
The bug should now be fixed!
JW - 2008/10/09 01:15
Just checking in again - still an AMAZING gadget! If I may, I'd also like to suggest a future feature - perhaps add the time remaining for a full charge? I realize this wouldn't be overly accurate - since batteries take longer the fuller they get, but it would be nice at times.

Also, any news on the Webcam Monitor? I'd love to help you test it!
Julien MANICI - 2008/07/14 19:30
I want to fix this bug but I didn't manage to reproduce it yet (I know it's real, it saw it on a friend's computer)...

can you tell me if the bug is solved temporaly when :
-you close and reopen the sidebar
-you close and reopen the gadget
Julien MANICI - 2008/05/26 13:33
I'm aware of this bug, try to close the gadget and re-open it to force it to calculate the remaining time again.
I'll fix that soon.
Nicolas - 2008/04/23 20:38
It's a real good Gadget for Vista like all others. Take it and enjoy !!
Tom - 2008/05/19 03:49
Hey my friend I've just installed Battery gadget, and is working perfect all the options and features (Remaining time, charging, and estimate time, etc) you mentioned. CONGRATULATIONS, Keep working and the best for you..
Oscar - 2009/06/18 03:27
Hey man, love the gadget, I like simplicity and this is what it is, simple and to the point. Recommend++
Alex Mastronardi - 2010/01/01 22:34
It works amazing many thanks for the gadget
adf - 2010/12/28 12:23
thanks.....good one
Serville - 2011/10/03 14:09
Been using it for a year. Very nice. Love it!
The only change I\'d like to see is:
- There\'s no version info in the options menu, which makes me wonder whether I have the latest or not.
- A feature to show battery info (Total/Designed/Current charge capacity, Discharge rate & Wear Level) when hovering over the battery icon.

That feature will make this gadget perfect.