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File Hash Checker

File Hash Check is still available for download (see below), but I advise you to try Immersive Explorer instead.
Immersive Explorer is a free Windows Explorer alternative which supports MD5 and SHA1 hash calculation among many other features.

File Hash Checker 1.1

This simple tool will allow you to compute the MD5 and SHA1 hash of any file.

It also allows you to check the computed hash against a database of known MD5 and SHA1.
Currently this database only contains the hashes from ISO of Microsoft products like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Office, in english and french.
This tool can be especially usefull for people like me who use Microsoft products and keep them as ISO on their hard drive: their can ensure the ISO have not been corrupted before they use them.
For other people, it's just a basic hash generator.

This application is WPF based and uses a new feature of Windows 7 to display a progress bar in the taskbar.

Version 1.1 supports shell integration. Just right click on any file, and click "Compute MD5 and SHA1" to launch this application and compute the hash.

Requirements :
-Windows 7
-Windows XP or Vista with .net Framework 3.5 installed

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