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Immersive Explorer for Windows 8, 8.1 x86/x64 or Windows 7

Immersive Explorer is an open source alternative to the default file explorer included in Windows (known as Windows Explorer).
It is designed to provide an "immersive" experience to the user by focusing on the content rather than hiding it behind icons and large window chrome and borders. It allows the user to avoid opening different applications and switching between multiple windows when doing tasks as simple as viewing a picture, thanks to the built-in viewer.

Although it is not a Windows 8 "Metro application", Immersive Explorer is designed around the "Metro" user interface guidelines. It is optimized for tablets and computers with touch-screens, but it also offers a great experience for mouse/keyboard users (with features like scroll-to-zoom, keyboard navigation).

Immersive Explorer is based on Win32/.NET/WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). It uses graphical hardware acceleration to display fluid animations and transitions, making it look more modern than the default Windows File Explorer. Note that it's not a complete replacement for the Windows Shell (it's just an alternative to the Windows Explorer) and it doesn't even need administrator rights to be installed.

As Immersive Explorer is not based on WinRT, it means that it can't run on Windows RT devices such as Surface RT (but it works great on Windows 8/8.1 tablets like Surface Pro).


Release Notes (current version : 1.0.8, released 2014/07/21)
Source code


Release notes for Version 1.0

Finally! One year and a half after the release of its first beta version, Immersive Explorer is now available in version 1.0!
This 1st stable version should be good enough for daily use on desktops, laptops, or tablets.
I hope you'll enjoy using it, and that you'll find it useful! And if you do, please consider sharing it with your friends :)
(Having more people who use my application motivates me to spend more time working on it!)

Immersive Explorer is free, and will stay free. The source code will also be released at the same time as the version 1.0.2. However, I've decided to keep using timebombs in the stable release. While I know that a few users will dislike this practice, I think it's a reasonable choice to ensure that people always use the latest version of my application.
This decision is based on my experience with my previous projects: I still see a lot of web sites offering 5-years old outdated versions of my apps for download, and many people who download these very old versions don't take the time to download the latest version. When they encounter a bug, they just stop using the app (and sometimes, they even write a negative comment about it!). I hope you'll understand that, for me, it's important that people don't judge my work based on bugs I may have fixed months (or years) ago.

Also, I want to say thanks to all the people who have used the beta releases during all this time. Your feedback (especially bug reports) has been very valuable! Keep sending me emails or posting comments on my web site about suggestions and bugs you encounter!

What's next?
There are still a lot of features that are missing from Immersive Explorer 1.0, but here is what I plan to implement in the coming weeks:
-Version 1.1 will include an Image Resizing feature (with live preview of the result and comparison with the original image)
-Version 1.2 should add support for automatic refresh of drive list and folder content
-Version 1.3 should add support for favorite folders, and custom folder wallpaper
-Later versions will implement audio playlists, improve the picture viewer's touch support, folder content load time, ...

Configuration required :

Immersive Explorer

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Translations :

Want to help translate Immersive Explorer in your language? Contact me!
Some of the translations listed below may be old and no longer updated by their original author. If you find that your language is not well translated, I would be glad if you want to send me an update by email! (use the en.lang file as reference)

EnglishIncludedJulien ManiciOK
AmharicAutomatic downloadMelaku SeyoumOutdated
ArabicAutomatic downloadMajed AlotaibiOutdated
ArmenianAutomatic downloadHrach MkrtchyanOK
CatalanAutomatic downloadCesar Andres AriasOutdated
Chinese (simplified)Automatic download1st version: Li Bowen
2nd version: 大眼仔~旭(Anan)
Current version: 雨棚
Chinese (traditional)Automatic downloadCurrent version: 雨棚OK
CzechAutomatic downloadMarek SnapkaOK
DutchAutomatic downloadJan van DijkOutdated
FrenchAutomatic downloadJulien ManiciOK
GermanAutomatic downloadPhilipp BoruckiOutdated
GreekAutomatic download1st version: Wasilis Mandratzis
Current version: geogeo.gr
HebrewAutomatic downloadAharon DonOutdated
HungarianAutomatic download"Bluestar"OK
IndonesianAutomatic download1st version: "Luke"
Current version: Venson Wijaya
ItalianAutomatic download1st version: Gianfranco Di Tommaso
Current version: Ingemi Paolo
KoreanAutomatic downloadJaehyung LeeOK
PersianAutomatic download1st version: Javad Rajabzadeh
Current version: نیکان دالوند
PolishAutomatic downloadKrystian DuszynskiOutdated
PortugueseAutomatic downloadOutdated
Portuguese (Brazil)Automatic downloadRobson CiconelliOutdated
RomanianAutomatic downloadBrebenel SilviuOutdated
RussianAutomatic downloadNikita SotnichenkoOutdated
SpanishAutomatic downloadJorge Ronald CribbOutdated
Spanish (Mexico)Automatic downloadLuis JaramilloOK
SwedishAutomatic downloadKim AnderssonOutdated
TurkishAutomatic downloadEnes DemirelOutdated
UkrainianAutomatic downloadOutdated
UzbekAutomatic downloadShaxriyor HoshimjonovOK
VietnameseAutomatic downloadTrịnh Bảo KhươngOutdated

Comments about Immersive Explorer


Nirmal Gupta - 2014/07/24 13:13
Hello julien, I have made some modifications in the source code of immersive explorer, So now how do i compile it using the source codes to an executable file so that i can run it. Please tell me the steps.
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/24 16:10

be aware that the source code is pretty old. I will release a newer version soon, when I release the version 1.1.

As for debugging the app from visual studio, it's explained in the readme file:

Visual Studio 2013 (Express or any other edition) must be installed on your computer.
Just open WPFExplorer.sln, then go to the BUILD menu, and click Rebuild Project.
"Immersive Explorer Optimizer.exe" (from the NGENWrapper project) and "en.lang" must be copied to the output folder of the WPFExplorer
project, otherwise it will refuse to start.
If a message tells you the application has expired, open VersionCheck.cs, and change the value of "expiresOn".
wPggles - 2014/07/24 08:28
why Image Viewer didn't translate?
stradivarius - 2014/07/22 14:49
After installing immersive explorer, my WIN+E button stop working (it says unspecified error) How to enable WIN+E button to immersive explorer? thanks.
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/22 17:42
Immersive Explorer doesn't override the Win+E shortcut key.
actually, Immersive Explorer doesn't change any OS setting, it doesn't even require administrator rights to be used.

maybe you should look at other apps you installed before or after immersive explorer. One of them must be the culprit.
Brandon - 2014/07/21 02:08
Keep saying that the beta is outdated and that I should update but I'm on 1.0.7 which seems to be the most updated version on the website????
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/22 01:53
The version 1.0.8 is available. Sorry for the delay.
Nirmal Gupta - 2014/07/20 10:00
My immersive explorer v.1.0.7 expired today. What is the problem?
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/20 12:51
Indeed, it looks like I forgot to push back the expiration date when I published the version 1.0.7.
this means both versions 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 will no longer work starting today if they are not able to verify online whether an update is available or not.

I will publish an update before tomorrow. In the meantime, just let Immersive Explorer connect to the internet.

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