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Windows 7 Logon Background Changer

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer : Customize your welcome screen wallpaper

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a free open source software that let you change the wallpaper of the Windows 7 logon screen (also known as "welcome screen", "login screen" or LogonUI).

It works with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise and Starter, in x86 or x64 (32 or 64 bits). It also works on Windows Server 2008 R2 (but you are not supposed to customize a server).

On a side note, this small program is WPF based, it's a nice technical demo of Windows Presentation Foundation capabilities for those interested in WPF. It requires a decent GPU for the 3D animations to run smoothly.

What does it do?

- It does NOT change any system file, and the program itself does not requires admin rights to run : it will just ask you to run as admin a very simple cmd file that creates the required folder and registry key with the appropriate rights. Any user of the computer will then be able to change the Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper. You can also prevent users from being able to change the logon screen wallpaper if you don't want them to be able to modify it without administrator rights (option available by clicking on the "Settings" button).

- It creates a few JPEG files based on the image you want to put as wallpaper for the Windows 7 login screen, applies the appropriate cropping and sizing and saves them using the best compression quality possible.

License terms
Source code
Change log

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Known Problem :

On some computers, the following error message may appear :
"Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\".

Solution : Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".

Comments about Windows 7 Logon Background Changer


Carloz - 2015/03/29 20:30
Good :D
Ernest L.A - 2015/03/28 01:22
IAM INSTALLING YOUR Windows 7 Logon Background Changer I HAVE MY PC NO START



Julien MANICI - 2015/03/28 01:47
Your computer problem is certainly not caused by my app, since it doesn't alter any system file or settings that could cause a pc to fail to boot.

Try to boot in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows start up), then try to uninstall any other app you have installed recently.
Bhavin Soni - 2015/03/25 14:19
Very nice...
Mr.Lu - 2015/03/21 17:42
like it
Muhammad Ali - 2015/03/17 13:39
it a best application ever. 1 of the best things in this software is that its user friendly...so i would give it 5/5 stars.
big thanks to developer.
akbar - 2015/03/16 05:58
Shehzad - 2015/03/04 16:18
This is so weird. I had a picture before and it was showing on both screens but when i changed the picture i`m having a blank screen.

What could be the cause?
Julien MANICI - 2015/03/06 15:04
On computers with multiple monitors, Windows 7 will display the background wallpaper only on the primary screen. All the other screens will stay black.

As far as I know, it is not possible to display the logon wallpaper on all screens.
Shehzad - 2015/03/19 18:11
I had it on both monitors at work and when I changed the wallpaper even my colleague was saying it looks weird.
any tweaks to this. surely there should be one
scifxman - 2015/02/21 20:52
Thanks!No problem.
Dicestroy - 2015/02/16 20:01

It's possible with Triple screens ? picture is stretched ...

salam - 2015/02/19 06:57
Ilike it
joanderson - 2015/02/03 20:27
I would like to know how to perform the exchange for a certain wallpaper automatically by GPO
Kim I - 2015/02/01 19:46
I have been using this since 2012 and never had problems with it at all. I had to restore my netbook back to factory settings and when I downloaded this and went to set it up again, all I get is this msg.

windows 7 logon background changer has stopped working

a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

ANY HELP would be great.


John C - 2015/01/23 01:51
I can\'t download this. My anti-virus is blocking the Download Manager. Is there a direct link to download from?
gx miao - 2015/01/22 08:01
ÄãºÃÀ÷º¦£¡keep moving£¡
Ed Corban - 2015/01/20 21:39
Windows 8.1 is great but your tool was the best. With your tool on windows 7 enterprise I was able to change the lock screen and when the company forced some lock screen for some initiative I still had mine.

Hope that there is a solution for Windows 8.1 where the registry or the new C:\Program Data folder will overpower the policy!
carl9005 - 2015/01/13 16:36
I can't seem to get picture to come up after I change the background folder to background2. When I click on photo, what do I do next?
Buff - 2015/01/16 22:22
Do as follows:

1. click START and type REGEDIT in search bar

2. click on REGEDIT after it appears in results

3. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background

4. Double click on "OEMBackground"

5. Change value to 1 if it is not already; it may have been set to 0 previously

6. Next, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System

7. Double click "UseOEMBackground" and set the value to 1 if it is not already

Note: You may have to create the "key", to do so Right-Click Anywhere on the right side window and click "New > DWORD (32-bit) Value." Name the key UseOEMBackground then double click the key like before and Change the value to 1.

8. Close REGEDIT window once completed; your done with that part.

NEXT, is selecting the picture to be displayed as logon / login / lock screen window background.

Selecting a picture that is not over 256

9. Place pic at C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds and name it backgroundDefault (.jpg format) ("backgroundDefault" is case sensative)

Picture size is important!!! If it is too big it will not display. If it is not the correct proportions to start with, it will be S-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-D...

No need to restart your computer; just hit the windows command key and L at the same time; it will bring up lock screen.

VAISHAKPARAKKAL - 2015/01/19 17:50
perfect!!! thanks ..
Julien MANICI - 2015/01/13 19:25
After clicking on a photo, did you click on the "Apply" button (at the top right of the screen) ?
LexieSorcier - 2015/01/11 15:45
Thank you so much!! pretty easy to use and very effective!!!
KnorxThieus - 2015/01/02 12:56
I told it you already, but again: GREAT TOOL! :-)
I'd love it if you could support some command lines: e.g. "Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe -background C:\mypicture.jpg" or "Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe -shadow OFF". So I could add a scheduled task for automatically change the background etc. …
Would be nice! :)

Ric - 2015/01/04 05:15
I can`t seem to be able to down the file. I have used it before and loved it.
Satariio - 2015/01/01 22:08
It works !
Thank you so much !
i hope is not virus in it
Luc123 - 2014/12/20 04:56
Avast: "Threat has been detected"
Julien MANICI - 2014/12/21 11:43
Thanks for reporting this issue. It's just a "false positive".

According to VirusTotal, Avast is the only antivirus flagging my app as a malware:

You can safely ignore the warning and add my app to Avast's whitelist.
jdcrutch - 2014/12/19 13:58
I fixed it: I had to change ownership of the backgrounds folder.
jdcrutch - 2014/12/19 13:50
I get the usual error, "Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\", but changing the name of the folder to "backgrounds2" doesn't help. Any other suggestions?
Userr - 2015/01/09 20:17
yes, i have that problem too :/
RANDOMIZER - 2014/12/19 06:09
Please make an option to randomize the dir pics themselves per logon or restart, it would be epic.
No- name - 2014/12/18 13:05
It doesn\'t work. It just says windows background logon changer has stopped working :-(
Hugo Sousa - 2014/12/18 10:48
My wyndows with a beautifull logon image so simple..... Love it and show it to everyone.
Andreas Bartels - 2014/12/17 23:58
For many years I enjoy LogonBackground changer.
5 days ago my virus scanner AVAST alerts me of a virus from this application : Win32:Dropper-gen [Drp]

So I downloaded th newest version from your website and I got again a virus warning from Avast

Infektion: win32:Dropper-gen [Drp]
Prozess : ...\Opera\26.0.1656.32\opera.exe

Any idea what is going on?
LordExess - 2014/12/11 20:39
Very good job!
It would be better and no much more difficult to offer the option of change backgrounds automatically every sesión :)
There are no apps doing that.

Garry - 2014/12/03 01:12
I have been doing computers for almost 30 years and this is one of the easiest programs I have come across. VERY simple user interface... and quick! GREAT JOB!!!
Steve (MPCR) - 2014/11/27 09:52
Hi mate, love this app, I change the background on all my customers PC\'s :)

Is there a Windows 8 version?

Cheers for your work
LordExess - 2014/12/11 20:35
In W8 you can change the Logon Background natively, and better, you can use different pictures every time you initiate a new session
Kent D. W. - 2014/11/18 02:08
bro i just downloaded your app the 1.5.2 version it doesn't work on my windows 7 ultimate... i just wanted to ask you howto fix this problem because its saying that " unable to wrtie to C;\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\"
"go help to fix this problem"

i don't know what to do please answer!

thanks anyway for the app!!!
Julien MANICI - 2014/11/18 14:21
Hi, try the following:
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
amirreza - 2014/11/06 14:00
thanks for solution
Shirishkumar - 2014/10/29 22:38
I am using two (multiple) monitors. I test this app. it works absolutely fine. However background image is only displayed on primary monitor. How to make it visible on second monitor?

Thanks in Advance. :)

freddy - 2014/11/10 16:44
Try DisplayFusion
Don't Know If It Works
Butt It May Or May Not Help

Give It A Try

MollyTx - 2014/10/28 18:28
Thank You So Much for all Your Hard Work on this App!!!! I love to be able to customize my computer and your app really fits my needs. My laptop crashed a couple of weeks ago and I was so at a lost... I am so glad I found your website again to reload your app. Keep up the good work and again,

Thank You!!
Amanda Kelly - 2014/10/21 07:06
I downloaded this and it worked!!! I had been messing with this for over an hour manually - NOTHING WORKED!!! Your tool is beyond awesome!!!

Stephen Collingwood - 2014/10/15 06:18
Hi !

A little over a year ago, I downloaded & used very succesfully your background changer.
I used one of my photos full screen, beautiful. NOW I tried to change the photo, all works fine EXCEPT that there is right in the middle of the photo that awfull square with that scilly yellow fower AND my name-spelled in French while my comupter is in English.

It looked a million times better when there was the photo only.
Is there a way to revert to the \"old\" system?? I\'m VERY disappointed.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Stephen Collingwood

P.S. Don't you expect to find more than one person in the world with a particular name ???
Julien MANICI - 2014/10/15 15:05
I'm not sure to understand what you mean.

The last time I updated this app was more than 2 years ago. If you used it last year, then it's the same app you've been using today.

The user account picture has always been in the middle of the logon screen. That is not new.

Maybe you did use another logon changer app last year and you confused it with mine? Some "logon changer" appps may allow to change the layout of the logon screen.
jopa66 - 2014/10/13 04:05
Can I randomize or otherwise automatically change the logon screen at each boot?
Julien MANICI - 2014/10/15 15:07
Sorry, no.
Marcelo "petaL& - 2014/10/27 16:22
Hi julien, what other program you recommend me the same quality and great functionality, how your "Win7 Logon Background Changer".

i recommend
http://www.classicshell.net/ (win8.0 start boot)
https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download (the best)
with http://www.winapp2.com/ (ccleaner complement more 60% extra)
http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ (good)
http://unchecky.com/ (disable installation of bloat sofware in popular sofwares)
(the best in class)
http://pcdecrapifier.com/ (wipes unwanted junk)
http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html (repair 95% of generally windows bugs)

thx a lot for any hint that you know.

best regards
edward m. - 2014/10/10 08:01
my pc cant allow me to change logon background wats up?/
Ernest - 2014/10/04 01:26
@Cinestar, i would like to help you with your proble of Windows that does not respond correctely when you reboot after installing Win baground chenger. inset your windows cd in the drive- restart your pc-when boot menu apear press boot button ERSC or F9- then go through the menu untill you thr installation screen- Then click on repair, you pc is going to run and repair all registry, Orphane files and your dll. to restore your pc to it's normal state.
Jindadil Sing - 2014/09/17 08:14
You Did a Awsome work for everyone , who is bored by seeing everyday the asme bootup screen.
I'm very novish with C#, but i successfully run the solution with VisualC# express 2010.

If you give me about a flow chart of you creative program then it will be helpfull to me and other who is interested inthis subjet and try to develop with more ideas to bring your effort more successfull.

Many many thanks to you .

pixelstorm - 2014/09/11 17:18
Awesome application !

A small question:
I have 2 screens each 1920x1200, full desktop over both,
I have a a matching image 3840x1200, using it for desktop background.

I would like to use it on the lock screen.
How do I get it to cover the full lock screen area ?
Now it is truncated on the sides.
I guess it is only 1920x1200.
Julien MANICI - 2014/09/13 15:05
Sorry. Only the main monitor can display the wallpaper.
It's a limitation from Windows 7, I can't override it.
pixelstorm - 2014/09/22 13:08
Thats strange,
my lock screen spans both my monitors.
and the userlogon (both login and lock screens)
is in the midle (between the 2 monitors).

Could it have something to do with gfx drivers ?
I'm using nVidia latest, and enabled mosaic mode.

I'm running Win 7 Enterprice 64bit.

After a couple of reboots, my wide wallpaper is no
croped to the width of one monitor and streched over both,
so now at least it covers all, but is very ugly streched.

Ugly work around wuld be too pre compress the wallpaper
and then let it be streched.
Julien MANICI - 2014/09/23 12:51
Yes obviously it's the GPU driver that is exposing only 1 virtual monitor to Windows, made up of your 2 monitors.

You may want to go to c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds, remove all images except backgroundDefault.jpg. That is the file that Windows will likely use, considering your virtual screen resolution. You can try to update it manually, but it must be less then 256kb, or Windows will not use it.
Cinestar - 2014/09/08 22:51
Help me! I lost the second windows. No choice! What to do?
Julien MANICI - 2014/09/09 08:37
I don't understand, what do you mean by "the second windows"?
Cinestar - 2014/09/10 02:27
OS selection menu in the loader - I had Win7 (HDD) for games and Win7 (SSD) for banking transactions.
Julien MANICI - 2014/09/10 12:26
Sorry, but your problem is not related to the use of my app, as it doesn't modify system files or settings related to the OS boot process.

Maybe you have installed a tool to customize the boot screen? That is likely to cause the issue you're reporting. Or maybe Windows failed to boot and did an "automatic repair"?
Cinestar - 2014/09/10 15:20
No, I've used your program. Removal did not help. Maybe the reason is the SSD.
zaini - 2014/09/06 01:27
thanks a million. very good software. keep it up.
Shrinath - 2014/09/05 16:52
I like your site please download many
Rjay - 2014/08/31 19:06
I recently discovered this program and all I can say is GENIUS purely genius. Finally someone understands the term customize. Thank you for your app. Keep up the great work.
M.Jeffrey - 2014/08/24 08:02
Does this apply to Windows 7 Starter?
MKUN - 2014/08/19 18:49
Est ce que vous envisagez un jour de faire une version pour Windows 8 de ce logiciel ?
Julien MANICI - 2014/08/19 21:26
Ca n'aurait pas vraiment d'intérêt, puisque Windows 8 et 8.1 supportent nativement la possibilité de changer le papier peint de l'écran de verrouillage.
mahmoud - 2014/08/19 04:01
try adding a 4k photos it will be great,and thx for the app it's great
Shantnu - 2014/08/12 07:58
How to open android game in windows7
AnCap - 2014/08/10 04:42
Would an animated gif also work as a login background?
Julien MANICI - 2014/08/10 12:40
AnCap - 2014/08/12 00:07
Would you consider enabling animated gifs too?

Also, could you eliminate Window's Login "Box & Flower" (In Windows 7) so only the two fields which require typing into, are visible?

Julien MANICI - 2014/08/13 14:52
Sorry, I can't implement what you're asking, because Windows 7 only supports changing the wallpaper to a jpeg file. Any other change would require system files modifications, something that I don't want to do in my app.
AnCap - 2014/08/14 07:15
That's a shame, but thanx anyway...
Tinker143 - 2014/08/04 07:26
Hi. will not let me open program.. I get this message
{windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file You may not have the appropriate permission to access the item}
Julien MANICI - 2014/08/04 14:23
Try to download it again from this direct link:

If the same error still happens, try to disable your antivirus temporarily.
sunil thakur - 2014/08/01 11:35
how can i create mine pic on background??
derlan - 2014/07/31 14:34
muito bom e otmizado parawindows 64 home basic
Ike - 2014/07/28 11:36
Hi Julien,

Thanks a lot for such an excellent way of breaking into Microsoft’s sometimes unreasonably forbidding “Windows Strong-room”. I have clicked on the “Prevent other users from changing the background” icon and it is now grayed out, meaning that other users of the computer at my workplace cannot change the background. Is there any way to undo this please?
Once more, thanks a million for a job well done.
Ike - 2014/07/28 22:56
Thanks, will do just that!
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/28 12:27
The easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall Windows 7 Logon Background Changer.
gamerx - 2014/07/24 20:05
Farzan - 2014/07/19 19:29
Its Awesome if you want a new background instead of that old aero background, its a simple solution for. I am Impressed.
costin adrian - 2014/07/11 14:29
just awesome :)
Stevie - 2014/07/10 13:45

One thing I would like to see:

Be able to set the wallpaper same as actuell Background

Hershey Bar - 2014/06/28 23:54
Does this work with windows 8.1.

I thought I read somewhere that said it\'ll work with windows 8.
Daniel Sterling - 2014/07/02 17:38
If it doesn't work with 8 or 8.1 then how come at the top of the page it says: OS: Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/200NT?

I don't understand your last sentence in your reply.

What's a Metro Control Panel?
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/02 20:00
At the top of the page there is an advertisement provided by Google Adsense. Unfortunately, there is often misleading ads displaying a fake big "Download now!" button, along with a description such as "compatible with every version of Windows" (to incite you to click).

of course, this kind of advertisement is totally unrelated to Windows 7 logon background changer. I have no control over it. And if you had clicked on it, it would have redirected you to a site containing adwares.

as for Windows 8.1, what I call the "metro-style control panel" is the new full screen control panel that is accessible by going to the full "application list" (using the little arrow located at the bottom left of the Windows 8 Start Screen), and then clicking on "Settings". There you can find the option to change the lock screen wallpaper.
Julien MANICI - 2014/06/29 03:52
No it doesn't work with Windows 8 or 8.1

Actually you don't need any 3rd party app to change the lock screen on Windows 8/8.1.

Look in the new Windows 8.1 Metro control panel, in "PC and Devices", "Lock screen" to choose your own lock screen wallpaper.
Daniel S - 2014/10/19 07:15
It would be nice if it did work with 8.1.

I sure miss the program since I switched to 8.1. I wish 8.1 had Logon Background Changers.
John Black - 2014/06/11 15:50
Is there a way to deploy this from a server to multiple workstations? A batch file referencing the .jpg for example?
Julien MANICI - 2014/06/11 16:58
This may help you:
MzTom - 2014/06/08 04:37
download link not working, i am using chrome.
Julien MANICI - 2014/06/08 15:28
Try the direct link:
loc - 2014/06/07 16:37
cũng tốt
MARCO RODRIGUEZ - 2014/05/22 10:08
The one & only that did the trick!!! Tried without success to change background logon wallpaper following the steps suggested by Microsoft (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/980456/es), but with this excellent software i was able to replace that default logon background image on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 without issues. Impressive program, thank you so much!!!
Diwahar - 2014/07/04 14:59
Its just awesome, no words to explore about this site
Harry - 2014/07/04 23:30
LOVE it!

Two things I would like to see:

1. Support two monitors
2. Be able to rotate the wallpaper in pre-set intervals

Bleyc - 2014/05/16 12:23
just installed it works with no glitches....thanx so much keep the apps coming
Crystal - 2014/04/29 18:05
What about dual monitors? I'd like two different images.
Satisfied Receiver - 2014/04/22 04:53
Thank you so much! Worked smoothly... but: For novices, seeing a 'zip file,' is enough to contemplate dialing 911 or emigrating in a hurry. Also, when 'choosing a folder' to locate the pic I wanted to use, I was unable to, as that folder contains hundreds of pics and one is unable to scroll through them. Just thought you might want to enable such a feature... Once again, thank you for your wonderful program.
marcos bertunes - 2014/04/19 08:46
hello friend you have some program to change the desktop? mine is black, this program in very good congratulations!
farahsu - 2014/04/14 15:50
hi I had this problem in my computer and for this solution I searched that address in my computer but I did\\\'t find Info after oobe file. why there isn\\\'t info in the oobe folder?
Innocent - 2014/04/09 15:59
Hi thank u for excellent work we appreciate it,can
u create Windows 8.1 Logon Background Changerif u can
please again thank u
Jean Poule - 2014/04/08 04:56
I downloaded this directly from your website, scanned for viruses, and got a negative detection. Then I ran the program which downloaded an installer that tried to install several spamware programs like registry optimizer, and search dialer and a bunch of crap. NO THANKS
Julien MANICI - 2014/04/08 18:09
I'm sorry to read about your terrible experience, but I can assure you that there is no adware/crapware bundled with my apps.

the actual download link for Win7 Logon Background Changer is:

but I think you have clicked on one of those fake "DOWNLOAD NOW" buttons the appears in advertisements served by Google Adsense on my site, and you ended up downloading something not related to my app. Unfortunately I have no control over these misleading ads. I tried to ban them in my Google Adsense settings, but they keep coming back under new domain names.
harvinder - 2014/04/10 19:40
Great, but you also check http://trickyzone.com/change-logon-screen-background-windows-7/ this link. It is helpful, easy and fast...
Bilcza The Hedgehog - 2014/03/23 19:03
This program is awesome!

There is actually an another way of Fixing that Write-Error:

1.go to the Background Folder
2.open properties and go to user
3.go to the tab "Security" and click Edit
4.then go to Add and type your current Username in.
5.After that you just have to make a (X) at Full Control.

And there u go! :)
Ada wong - 2014/03/08 14:25
Good ><
Bruce - 2014/03/02 16:26
Apparently a Win update (KB) has caused this not to work. When I try to change the background (which was already changed through RT7 Lite instalation, the background reverts back to the MS default.
Jolin Hanutko - 2014/03/02 11:25
Thank you !

The easy way to a program .
And the pictures are really nice.

great :-)
ashwin - 2014/02/28 13:23
I will be more happy if their is an option to crop an image and then apply
Pedro Hammondo - 2014/02/27 03:21
First off I love this program! Only recently did I encounter a slight issue where it would stop responding and had to force close.

In the event anyone else gets this I resolved it by deleting everything in the file location:


then proceeded in opening the program (I always go full screen but not aware if that made any difference). Pick the imaged and applied, now it's working like a charm again :)

I'm wondering if it was a permissions thing with my PC? Either way it's all good again :) hope this helps anyone in similar situations.
Arnab - 2014/02/25 06:49
I downloaded it but is not working. it is telling error after installing. telling that insert the disk to install. plz help me
Julien MANICI - 2014/02/25 14:50
Are you sure you have downloaded my app from this address?

if so, please send me a screenshot of the error message on my email address, so that I can better understand what you're talking about.
RyanG - 2014/02/19 15:18
Did a command line version of this utillity ever get created. As I look through previous comments I see requests for it. I think it would come in most handy especially in corporate/education environments - or any IT shop that using a lot of scripting to control such items really.
Mikeydc808 - 2014/02/14 21:20
does this change the splash screen?
Peter Turner - 2014/02/14 08:59
I got the error message "Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\" and did what it said. But I still get the same results. What can I do?
carpediembsv - 2014/02/18 02:10
First, thank you very much!
Second, I did get the above error, did what was suggested, and still did not work.
However, I realized that I had created the above two folders: Info and backgrounds, so I deleted those two folders, and the program runs excellently with no glitches.
I hope this helps someone.
Thank you again for a great program.
sm Quanathy - 2014/02/12 13:28
i got the problem my pc doesnot display any picture as an wallpaper or desktop background,it only display it on the logon background
Julien MANICI - 2014/02/12 16:06
This app will only let you change the wallpaper of the logon screen.

if you can't set a desktop wallpaper, there may be 2 causes :
-you're using windows 7 starter edition, in which case the wallpaper is a blue Windows logo and can't be changed natively.
-you're using a pirated or non-activated copy of Windows 7, in which case the wallpaper is replaced by a black screen every hour.
j4y - 2014/02/10 03:49
Nice software, the only thing that i wish it had was support for a resolution of 2560x1440. I have a 27\" monitor with that resolution and it looks like the size that\'s chosen for the background is 1920x1200 or a 1080p size so it is quite blurry. I\'ve tried to replace the picture itself in the directory but it remains the same. Please fix this when possible.
Wieloryb. - 2014/02/07 21:05
It doesn't work for me. I had used it once and changed my logon screen, but now it doesn't start. And I had downloaded it few times, but that didn't help. It's always saying that the program stopped working whatever I do or it says http://oi58.tinypic.com/i4pxro.jpg
I had x64 bit version of Windows 7... It was working for a long time...
Julien MANICI - 2014/02/09 15:11
That's weird. I think there is a problem with your computer.
can you try Immersive Explorer and tell me if it works?
I guess it will crash too.
Sk8nfool - 2014/02/06 19:08
Is it possible to change the image displayed when either waiting for someone to log in or for the CRTL-ALT-DEL to start the login process when someone is using the system remotely via the Remote Desktop Client?
Julien MANICI - 2014/02/06 19:55
No, when connected using RDP, Windows disables the logon screen wallpaper to save bandwidth and displays a green solid background instead.
there is no setting to override that.
mastr - 2014/02/02 19:43
thanks 4 making a nice software
Ramanand gaonkar - 2014/02/03 11:13
Nice amigo
Gilian - 2014/02/02 15:37
i try to change my backround but when i open the program it says the program only work for win7 and not for vista and XP my OS is: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
EBENEZER KWETEY - 2014/01/30 21:20
please can i know the latest version of it.because it keep asking for the latest version whenever i launch it
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/30 21:45
Version 1.5.2 is the latest.
bard - 2014/01/30 19:35
where is the download link? dont see it anywhere just stupid ads
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/30 19:41
TM - 2014/01/27 20:13
Awesome job, been using it since the first version and haven't encountered any problems whatsoever.
Nagu - 2014/01/30 14:30
iam unable to change the logon screen background even after changing the 'backgrounds' to backgrounds2'. can anyone help me ?
kal - 2014/01/21 09:33
May i suggest adding a cycling feature, where the logon image is periodically replaced with a series of preselected pictures, just like the desktop background "slideshow" in W7.
Replacement frequency could be anywhere from once every minute, to once a month, randomly or in order (good for a monthly theme, or a time-of-day theme).
Teerawat - 2014/01/26 08:28
Thank you
kal - 2014/01/21 09:23
SOLVED -- Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\

I tried several programs, and i also tried it manually with registry and folder creation. It NEVER worked.
Renaming \backgrounds\ to \backgrounds2\ did not work either.

Other than my Avast antivirus, I have no other non standard application or settings that could block W7LBC from properly making the change. So apparently the issue is with 64-bit OS, i.e. the forced redirection between SysNative, and System32, and the listing of different files to a 32-bit application.
Talk about Microsoft screwing everything on every little occasion.

When I choose my picture and Apply only for my user, I get no error, although the picture does not actually change. When I apply for all users, i always get the write error.

In fact, W7LBC does write several resolutions of my chosen picture in c:\Windows\Sysnative\oobe\info\backgrounds\ namely:

But of course, they do not show up under c:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\ (actually there is no such path, only ...\oobe\ )
What W7LBC does NOT do however, is replacing the BACKGROUNDDEFAULT.JPG under c:\Windows\Sysnative\oobe\info\backgrounds\ with the picture I chose. It just leaves that Jpg untouched -- I think this is where the bug is.

My workaround is to manually replacing c:\Windows\Sysnative\oobe\info\backgrounds\backgrounddefault.jpg with the appropriate version of my picture, which W7LBC already added in there.

I believe the other programs are running into the exact same problem...

A final note, my screen is 1280x1024 (5:4 landscape), and this resolution is missing in the above list, where you only have 5:4 portrait.

My system -- Windows 7 Pro x64, fresh install.
Liesbeth - 2014/01/09 22:52
Thanks a lot! Really nice program and it gave me that last touch I needed to personalize my desktop!

Although, I still run in to a little problem. :(

I'm using version 1.5.2, yet I'm still having issue's with the icon's on my taskbar, they're not loading correctly. Some do, but most don't.

Thanks again!
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/10 10:54
I'm not sure what you're talking about.

the icons on your Windows 7 taskbar? My application doesn't mess with taskbar icons, since it just changes the logon screen wallpaper, nothing more,
Juan Javier - 2014/01/08 16:09
Thanks so much, I don't have any problems with the program, run fine.
AXTruong - 2014/01/08 01:18
I have a problem where the program doesn't start up when I click it. When I click it, it loads for a split second, but nothing happens. I tried running it directly and installing it, but the results are the same. Am I missing something?
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/08 15:00
Looks like a crash right after the app startup.
please try to run my app again, then open the Windows Event Log. In the Applications subsection, look if there is an error related to my app. If so, post the details of the error here.

also try the following:
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
Disgusted - 2014/01/04 02:17
I tried and tried to download the Background Changer app, but all I get connected to is unwanted third-party software. It is wrong to force any unknown program on anyone, and that People should be freely offered additional software, but not forced to download junk they do not want. If they weren't junk, you wouldn't have to force them on anyone. Well, I can fix that. I will download the app from a torrent site, and I won't come back here again.
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/04 16:09
I'm sorry about the troubles you experienced.
I'm just displaying a few ads on my site through Google Adsense. Unfortunately, Google Adsense is displaying a lot of fake "DOWNLOAD NOW" buttons which are actually ads redirecting to toolbar downloaders. I tried to ban a few of them, but there are too many, and they keep coming back using other domain names.

here is the direct download link to my app, in case you decide to come back:
georgia - 2014/01/03 14:37
when I try to download it nothing works it doesn't change anything :( I have tried nearly everything to try and update it
Julien MANICI - 2014/01/03 14:58
Is there an error message?

have you tried this?

"On some computers, the following error message may appear :
"Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\".

Solution : Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2"."
Mumtaz Anjum - 2014/01/01 19:04
wah! wah! Julien,I could'nt believe my eyes.You really made difference.I wish, i could.......
Titus - 2013/12/24 08:09
A nice program, but it does not work.
Julien MANICI - 2013/12/24 15:49
Did you try this?

"On some computers, the following error message may appear :
"Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\".

Solution : Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2"."
Umar - 2013/12/31 00:20
It did not work for me. I did not even have the info and background folder. Though I created them. Still no luck!
Julien MANICI - 2013/12/31 08:33
That is weird.
I guess a security utility on your system may be preventing my app from writing in this location. I don't see what else could make it fail.
Gates - 2013/12/22 18:04
Like this program, it does exactly what is says. Made a donation to show my appreciation. Thanks.
Julien MANICI - 2013/12/24 15:48
Thanks! Much appreciated.
Rahul kumar Roy - 2013/12/18 17:37
thanx sir
ahmed - 2013/12/11 10:35
how to add external wallpaper ?
AYSH KUMAR - 2013/12/09 17:04
I like this software very much. I was this type of software from last year , but my search came to an end . It is very simple use any takes very low disk space..... Awosome software.
bharath - 2013/12/05 17:49
bt v cn do tis without tis software tslf easily... :-P
by editin d registry file dude....
k..jz temme hw to do tis win8
u knoe means rply mie to my ID..
hope u wont :P
Utkarsh Gangwar - 2013/12/01 09:38
shiro - 2013/12/01 03:01
Thank for this Program W7 logon Background Changer
Arijit - 2013/11/30 16:08
Ricardo Montelboob - 2013/11/30 01:18
Thanks so much.. really well written and easy to use.. the time spent on the ui alone :)

It did set off my firewall though but just denied it.. nothing else to note other than it worked first try on win 64 ult using a png image.. free decent app
lucky - 2013/11/28 16:04
Thank you my good man !
George Freund - 2013/11/22 11:56
Can you make you logon background program so it fits to screen any picture without cutting parts out?
Larry H. Gentry - 2014/01/01 20:53
I have the same problem. The photo I want to post will be truncated on all sides. Is there a solution?
Joe F - 2013/11/13 06:45
Thanks! My son had changed his screen and when the computer migrated to my wife she really did not like the log-on background. Was a snap to change with this utility.
Asar - 2013/11/11 20:43
Thanks ,
its really awesome! ;)
Bill Iex - 2013/11/10 04:53
I have a question. Can Windows 7 Logon Background Changer change background automatically using an RSS feed?
Julien MANICI - 2013/11/10 10:56
No, sorry.
Con - 2013/11/09 07:09
The Background changer was working great on my computer till it crashed 2 days ago. Have reformatted and now when I got to change
the picture I get the error message that it can not write to the disk.
I tried your fix c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\ but I can not even find that file in order to change it. Any other suggestion please?
Con - 2013/11/09 23:24
Thanks for your response. But, no The only security system I have is NIS 2013 which Background Changer worked very well with before.
I ma at a loss why the file you mentioned isn't in the program folder.
Anyhow! I would like to get it going again one of these days.
Julien MANICI - 2013/11/10 11:04
It's perfectly normal the folder I mentioned is not there on a clean install.

usually, when my app fails, it's because the folder is already there (typically because of the OEM customization) and can't be overwritten.

when it's not there, my app is supposed to create it.

there should be a file in my app folder called "enable-background-change.cmd" (you must install my app with the msi file to see this file)
this is the script file that is ran as administrator to create dummy files in the appropriate folder so my app can write over them without asking administrator rights afterwards.

you may try to run it from a cmd prompt elevated as administrator and see what's going on.
Julien MANICI - 2013/11/09 17:35
That's the first time I hear it fails on a clean install of Windows.

sorry, I have no solution.

maybe some security utility you installed is preventing my app from writing in a system folder?
Paul Herrada - 2013/11/05 00:46
Hello, I feel great this program to personalize the user's screen. Only one question: You plan to create a version for windows 8?

Best regards
Julien MANICI - 2013/11/09 17:37
No need for a Windows 8 version, as Windows 8 supports natively the lock screen customization.
Grizz - 2013/11/02 01:26
I tried the regedit method before this program without success!
The image I used is resized for 1920x1440 (236k).

Logon Changer for Windows 7 v1.2, shows me my new image, but when I click 'test', the old image is displayed and I have to log back in.

Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1, 64 bit

Please help!
Julien MANICI - 2013/11/02 02:56
Sorry, I don't offer technical support for apps that were developed by someone else.

In other words, "Logon Changer for Windows 7" and "Windows 7 Logon Background Changer" are not the same apps.
nono - 2013/10/25 16:39
merci pour votre super logiciel, mais lorsque je veux appliquer la modif, j'ai le message suivant :

Unable to Whrite to : c:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\

avez vous une idée de comment résoudre ce problème ?

Merci d'avance
Julien MANICI - 2013/10/25 17:16

pour corriger ce probleme, ouvrez le dossier "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\", puis renommez le dossier "backgrounds" en "backgrounds2".

l'application devrait fonctionner correctement après ça.
soehtikeaung - 2013/10/22 10:52
Thanks, verymuch
ChristopherSmith - 2013/10/21 17:11

Am running 1.5.2 which has always worked until I tried to change from the current background. The new background is displayed while Windows7 is starting, but when fully started, the old background appears again. I\\\'ve tried renaming the picture, a new folder name, but nada.

Any suggestions?


Julien MANICI - 2013/10/21 19:08
Are you talking about the desktop wallpaper (when you say "fully started")?
this app is not supposed to change the desktop wallpaper, it just changes the logon screen wallpaper.
Prof.Dr. Aleksandar - 2013/10/19 18:11
All congratulations Julien !!!
Tell me please how to get rainforest wallpapers from yours
amazing application !? ( I do reboot very often ! HI !That I like
to see W7LBC on due !

Please REPLY me A.S.A.P.

Thank you in advance !!!
Respectfully yours
Rui Belo - 2013/10/09 07:34
Hello Julien!
Thank you for all your great work and time put into making this excellent (great looking and very easy to use) Win7 Logon BG Changer. I've only been using it a couple of days and it performs nearly perfectly on my Windows 7 Pro system. I say 'nearly' because unfortunately, in my case, it crops most images and it doesn't seem to matter what size the images are. I have tried resizing images that might have been too big down to as small as 600x400px but still they (a few personal photo images) seem to get cropped (tops of some heads are cut off). My Window's screen resolution is set to 1600x900px on a 27" monitor (I am a little sight challenged). Any help you or your smart users might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
A new fan of your excellent program(s)
Julien MANICI - 2013/10/09 13:22
glad you enjoy using my app!

your problem is not a matter of how big the image is. It's a matter of ratio:
if the ratio of your image is different than your screen resolution ratio, then your image will be automatically cropped to fit the screen.

the easiest way to solve your problem is to resize and crop your picture using a photo editor so that it is the same resolution as your screen.
Tanget - 2013/10/07 05:21
I cannot download this software. Would you mind if i want you to help me?
me.... - 2013/10/30 18:28
just download it mannnnnnnnnn...........its cool..........read the steps....thats all..
Jean-Pierre - 2013/09/28 11:23
Je voudrais vous féliciter et vous remercier pour ce chouette petit programme que j'apprécie beaucoup.
Vous pouvez compter sur moi pour vous faire de la publicité
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/28 15:04
Merci! Ce genre de commentaire fait toujours plaisir à lire!
Ishimaru - 2013/09/23 17:32
Well, here's an interesting bug: As soon as I had hit apply, I could no longer access the logon screen. I just get a black screen and my mouse cursor. If I idle for a while Windows will prompt an error message, saying it was unable to load the log-on application and that I should press ESC (which does nothing) or hit the reset switch on the computer.

The annoying thing is this also applies to failsafe mode, so a system restore is probably in order as I can't use the OS anymore. Should that fail, it'd be nice to know where the registry key is so that I may revert whatever changes the application did.
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/24 01:35
Sorry to hear that you have troubles with your computer.

to revert the changes done by my app, you can try to restart in safe mode with command prompt.

then type
cd c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\
del *.jpg

this will remove all the files created by my app. No need to alter the registry.

however, I don't think that my app is the real culprit, so it's unlikely that your problem will disappear that easily. You problem might has been caused by another app, a malware, or even a hardware error. Maybe some system files were corrupted because your hard drive has bad sectors?
Melvin - 2013/09/21 17:50
How I fix this? When I open this application, it crash it

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: win7logonbackgroundchanger.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4f877e25
Problem Signature 04: mscorlib
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4ca2b851
Problem Signature 07: 1b7e
Problem Signature 08: 10
Problem Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2052
frozen hotcake - 2013/09/18 12:23
please ... create a windows 8 version of this. tanx
ishwar.tambat - 2013/09/17 15:20
Thank you .....
from many days I am finding this application ...
Rizky Rizaldi - 2013/09/16 14:15
I found it. I check the list and I have over 20.000 informations in windows log section applications and the rest are some error and warning. In the custom views section Administrative Events there's a lot of critical instead of error and warning
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/16 20:17
Run Win7 logon background changer, and immediately after look in the Application event log.
order by date/time and look in the "source" column.
if there is something related to my app, open the event and post the details here.
Saucey - 2013/09/15 03:34
A big thank you for this program!!!
It is fun to use and makes my laptop "unique" to those who I let borrow it.
Sagar - 2013/09/14 11:56
if i uninstall the application.. will it restore my old background back?
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/14 12:31
No, if you uninstall my app the current background won't change back to the default one.
Rizky Rizaldi - 2013/09/13 15:38
Immersive explorer works, but the background changer didn't, I'm still confuse about this, and You ask me to see my windows log file, where could be that file ? please give the address
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/14 13:54
Type "event log" is the search field in the start menu.
you can also find it in "administrative tools" in the control panel.
RAFAEL - 2013/09/13 06:19
muito bom..
Rizky Rizaldi - 2013/09/12 10:43
Hey man, the app didn't working. When I want to run the app, it's kinda nothing appear. And run it as administrator, it's also the same. Please some help!
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/12 15:17
Could be a problem caused by your GPU drivers.
try to download and run Immersive Explorer, then tell me if it works.

also, look at the Windows Event log, in the Application section, if there is an error concerning my app, copy paste the details here so that I can understand what's going on.
androide - 2013/09/02 21:27
te cuento que descargue el programa, pero no me gusto, quiero cambiar el fondo de pantalla de mi escritorio y ahora me aparece un error es el explorer.exe y no puedo cambiar el fondo, me gustaría que me dijeras como puedo desistalar esto para que mi equipo funcione como antes gracias.
Julien MANICI - 2013/09/03 16:48
Not sure I understand what you said, but your problem is not caused by my app, since it doesn't alter any system file or settings.

if you want to uninstall my app, look in the control panel, in add/remove programs.

Note that if you used my app by directly running the EXE file (instead of the MSI setup file), then there is nothing to uninstall, since my app was not installed in the first place.
sai krishna - 2013/09/01 11:35
The above problem already you mentioned the known problem as
"c:\windows\system........." it's not working...:(
please do something for these kind of problem
Quantoman33 - 2013/08/30 01:19
Simplest FIX For this Issue... TURN OFF "READ ONLY" on the Folder for backrounds and THEN APPLY the Change...it will work without a issue :) then if ya like just REAPPLY " READ ONLY" THATS IT !

curter - 2013/08/29 09:28
I've been trying to set that logon screen manually but it was more hassle than anything... do registry thing, create folder , copy bla bla and above all set the file less than 256kb shit...
while i was searching for another option , got this... quite AWESOME.... QUITE easy... Julien MANICI, thanks for such awesome tool... :)
my current screen is 1920x1080p bmp... so you people already get the size of that image... so no worry about image size/shape/format... just hit it... :)
curter - 2013/08/27 14:41
I've been trying to set that logon screen manually but it was more hassle than anything... do registry thing, create folder , copy bla bla and above all set the file less than 256kb shit...
while i was searching for another option , got this... quite AWESOME.... QUITE easy... Julien MANICI, thanks for such awesome tool... :)
my current screen is 1920x1080p bmp... so you people already get the size of that image... so no worry about image size/shape/format... just hit it... :)
prat - 2013/08/26 18:31
windows 7 logon background changer says there is a problem with windows installer package!!!
Julien MANICI - 2013/08/26 19:39
Did you download it from my site?
anyway you can still use this app without using the installer, just run the exe file (inside the zip file) directly.
pc geek - 2013/08/26 02:06
lovely piece of software, really fluid and easy to use, thanks for keeping it free!!!!
zeldavincent - 2013/08/23 10:52
Merci pour se logiciel vraiment bien !!
piyush soni - 2013/08/21 05:22
Thanks alot for this software very nice.i would be pleased if you would give softwares for personalisation and aero desktop.
Blacksnow - 2013/08/20 13:39
Dear Julien,i have the known problem.but c:\windows\system32\oobe\info??
but i dont have any info file inside?how do i find it thx.
Stoica-Fuchs Beniami - 2013/08/19 14:26
Great piece of software! Thank you very much!:)
kroff - 2013/08/17 15:56
is it possible to use this program in a batch script? without having to click "choose folder" and select the wallpaper, and Apply?
Currently i have to delete the defaultbackground, copy the desired wallpaper to C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT, then i call Win7LogonBackgroundChanger and then my wallpaper is the first in line.
But is time consuming.

using switches in the batch file would be nice, to automate the process. Are there any? How to automatically choose the wallpaper and apply?

Julien MANICI - 2013/08/20 09:16
Sorry, this app was not designed to be used from command line.
nora taylor - 2013/08/16 19:28
There is no place here to download the background changer, What is that? Looks like there is just a place to download a downloader, but not one for the background changer. I don't know how people make comments about it when you can't even download it. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess I will have to look for another one that has a website you can figure out.
Julien MANICI - 2013/08/16 20:45
Sorry, you have clicked on one of these giant "DOWNLOAD NOW" ads, leading you to an external site offering toolbars and adwares.

Google Adsense unfortunately allows these misleadings ads on their advertisement service. I have no control over the ads being displayed.

here is the direct download link to my app:

ashlandwalker - 2013/08/15 19:34
Hi, Julien! Nice work with the simple changer program! I have been using this for quite a while and it performs excellently in the 32bit Windows 7!

However I'm encountering some issues in my 64bit Windows 7 Ultimate environment and I gratefully need your help. Now every time I double-click the background changer executable file (as administrator) it immediately crashes with the program window ACTIVE in the grey-shaded background (I can still see the circular ripple animation ), and this fault info window popped upfront indicating:

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4f877e25
Fault Module Name: wmp.dll
Fault Module Version: 12.0.7601.17514
Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7ca81
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00000000002c1141
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

I assume it has something to do with the wmp.dll so I located that specific *.DLL file.

Surprisingly I found TWO of them with same file name. separately existing under Windows\SysWOW64\ and Windows\winsxs\wow64_microsoft-windows-mediaplayer-core_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7601.17514_none_73e472e09a1a05d1\ directories.

I guess this is a Windows Media Player core component? Why it conflicts with your background changer? Could you kindly help me with this problem? Can't thank you enough.

Julien-MANICI - 2013/08/16 14:23
This app uses a hidden Windows Media Player object to play a transition sound when you select a thumbnail.

it looks like you have a problem on your computer that causes the wmp component to crash. It could be caused by codecs packs replacing the default wma codec with a faulty one.

I would advise you to try to uninstall that codec, and if that still doesn't work you may have to reinstall windows.

I know my application is not worth the time required to reinstall an OS, but I'm saying you that because you may run into similar troubles with some other apps sooner or later.
Deathblack - 2013/08/12 19:29
Merci beaucoup !!! Cela marchait nickel sur mon Windows 7, mais suite a un problème j'ai dû le changer et prendre un Windows 8.
Ce logiciel ne marche pas sur Windows 8, et c'est bien dommage.
Peu être que vous aurez l’occasion de le développer.

Thank you very much !!! It's very good on my Windows 7, but after a problem I change my computer for a Windows 8.
This software don't walk on Windows 8.
May you'll can have an occasion to devellope it on Windows 8.
Julien MANICI - 2013/08/12 20:26
Vous n'avez pas besoin de ce type d'application sur Windows 8, car depuis cette version de Windows il est désormais possible de changer le papier peint de l'écran d'accueil sans passer par des outils tiers.

ouvrez le panneau de configuration "metro", section "personnalisation", puis cliquez sur "écran de verrouillage". Là vous pouvez choisir un fichier à utiliser comme papier peint.
Pritha Das - 2013/08/02 09:48
This is a really useful software. Very easy to use too. Thank you.
Simbu Raj - 2013/07/25 16:08
I need source code pl help me.....
Mannie Manie - 2013/07/21 17:52
W U N D E R B A R ! ! ! 1 0 0 0 D A N K ! ! !
(wonderful 1000 thanks)
Mr. Saint - 2013/07/20 04:51
I absolutely love this program but I've been having a slight issue ever since I downloaded it...it always crops abit off the top of the image.
Forrest - 2013/07/17 20:46
Stopped working recently after a series of windows updates. Get error message when trying to run the file. updates. Using windows 7, 64-bit.
Julien MANICI - 2013/07/17 22:05
Can you post the exact error message?
edward - 2013/08/08 15:21
it's said that can't write on c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds
what should i do?
Julien MANICI - 2013/08/08 15:30
On some computers, the following error message may appear :
"Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\".

Solution : Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
Deity - 2013/09/27 08:46
HI, I renamed backgrounds folder to backgrounds2 and i am still getting this error "Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\". Please help, thanks
Rajesh Kumar - 2013/08/09 16:47
I applied this statment,thanks ....
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".

Alex S - 2013/07/16 13:00
A good program when it was working, however, the program has randomly stopped working.

It was working perfectly fine for months and months, until recently, when I keep getting the well known \"Windows 7 Logon Background Changer has stopped working\".

I am using the most up-to-date version of the software (1.5.2).

Anyway, the contents of the error are pasted below:

Fault bucket , type 0
Event Name: CLR20r3
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: win7logonbackgroundchanger.exe
P3: 4f877e25
P4: PresentationCore
P6: 5167a08d
P7: 501f
P8: 0
P9: System.TypeInitialization

Thanks for any help you can provide.
J.C - 2013/07/14 10:44
for the next update could you take into account the fact that there may be several sessions on a computer ?
amir - 2013/07/09 12:00
it won't load
J. T. - 2013/06/30 21:00
I wanted to say Thank you for creating and then offering this software for free. I was more than happy to donate something for the time you put into this software back when I first downloaded some time ago. I just wanted to make sure that I am very grateful for the privilege to both have and use your software.
With that said I am experiencing a little difficulty when trying to upgrade the software. When I opened the program it notified me of and update available and asked if I want to downloaded. When I clicked on yes the software stopped working and closed. I copied the error information for your to review and I hope it helps in finding a quick solution to the problem. My windows version is win 7 Pro w/ service pack 1.
Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: win7logonbackgroundchanger.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4f275923
Problem Signature 04: mscorlib
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 503ef855
Problem Signature 07: 20c9
Problem Signature 08: 100
Problem Signature 09: N3CTRYE2KN3C34SGL4ZQYRBFTE4M13NB
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

I look forward to your response and thank you again for the use of your software.
Lt. J.T.

Julien MANICI - 2013/06/30 21:58
Looks like you were using the version 1.5.1.
Try to download directly the version 1.5.2 from this address:

Hope this will solve your issue. And thank you for having donated, I appreciate it.

(by the way, the crash you reported may be due to the fact my app didn't find iexplore.exe. Did you disable Internet Explorer in your Win7 install?)
subho - 2013/06/27 20:35
i want to change background picture like after clicking computer or desktop folter(the open that page)that background. could you suggest me can i change that background colour through windows 7 log on background ....plz informed me to sending a mail
Schrinus - 2013/06/17 16:53
Sorry for my english...

Try following:
1. Move the Files at \"C:\\Windows\\System32\\oobe\\Info\\Backgrounds\\\" to a Subfolder
2. Lock your computer, so that the standard logon screen ist displayed.
3. Move back the moved files and lock the computer again.

If this does not work try this:
1. Move the followong files to a Subfolder:
and delete the other files.

2. Lock your computer, so that the standard logon screen ist displayed.
3. Move back the moved files and lock the computer again.

I got my new monitor with same screensolution 1920x1080 and this helped me... I got it right with luck
leonard smith - 2013/06/22 07:23
very good background changer
Just Wondering - 2013/06/06 18:42
I use two 1920x180 monitors in portrait mode. Is there a way to have a lock screen fill that space, or does Windows 7 just not have that ability? I have tried to use your program, but I still get black spaces and strange stretch/fill constraints.
geoff eiger - 2013/06/06 02:56
Love this however how do I remove the icon from the control panel once I'm done?
nora - 2013/06/06 00:28
Well I downloaded the login background changer from c-net.com and now I can't find where you hid the folder it is in. Are you just playing games. It also downloaded a lot of junk I had to uninstall. AVG something I didn't agree to.
nora taylor - 2013/06/06 00:04
Well, I went to your main page and seen 3 downloads and none of them was for the login background changer. One was for a pdf reader and other two wasn't it either. Why do you heve where you download it hid? I have noticed this with other sites too. I have this background changer on my other computer, but forgot how it got it. Guess I will try cnet.com or some place that makes it not complicated.
iann mattless - 2013/06/04 23:48
i have the same problolem accept that i have no info folder in folder oobe :L
nunyabusiness - 2013/06/04 10:59
How big is the file
николай - 2013/05/31 18:27
всё великолепно работает.я даже не создавал никаких папок,просто запустил программу,открыл уже имеющуюся папку с обоями,выбрал нужный рисунок и, всё в порядке,спасибо большое!
Happy man - 2013/05/30 18:58
IT WORKS THANK GOD! I could not change the login screen manually despite following all instructions I found online. Thank you
fart face - 2013/05/29 20:07
cant download
Suman - 2013/05/28 04:51
I got this msg "Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\". and i change the name to Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2". but it not worked plis help mee...
princem - 2013/05/27 16:17
t logiciel est genial, peut on faire défilerplusieurs photos quand l\'ordinateur est eteint ?? Merci

french guy - 2013/05/29 20:08
ha ha ha ha
rory peek - 2013/05/24 08:17
where is the folder?????
if u know please tell me!!!!
Veera - 2013/05/23 09:21
Very nice application. Well done!
Liviu - 2013/05/20 21:18
Thank you very much. Works great!
SM - 2013/05/18 19:28
Do you know of a way to change the location of the user icon on the logon screen, now that we can change the background picture it would be nice to move that user icon to the bottom.
JWB - 2013/05/17 05:21
your an Idiot, my security system labeled you as a threat!! your product seemed so cool, yet I had to turn down all these extraneous offers during download. what a disappointment and waste of time!!
Joe the user - 2013/05/27 10:46
You have issues man. You sure jump to conclusions a little to fast... It is obvious you do not know much about computer use, even though this program is easy to use, by your original insulting comments, I recommend to you not to use this program or anything else. STICK to just using the internet LMAO @ you.

Good job Julien. You handled this creep with very good finesse and the patience and kindness one should always display with a child such as this. Thank you for the program, it works GREAT!!!

Julien MANICI - 2013/05/27 12:40
Thanks dude!
Julien MANICI - 2013/05/17 11:44
Obviously, you have clicked on one of these giant "DOWNLOAD NOW" ads, leading you to an external site offering toolbars and adwares.

Google Adsense unfortunately allows these misleadings ads on their advertisement service. I have no control over the ads being displayed.

here is the direct download link to my app, since it appears you didn't manage to find the right one:
Marginean - 2013/05/24 18:18
Tjuno... - 2013/05/16 09:34
You are a genius!!..I love this program..
Job well done..From Namibia
BallyIrish - 2013/05/15 16:23
Hi Julien, I have used your program Windows background logon Changer for quite some time now, and it works beautifully on my Windows 7 Professional.

I must congratulate you on this extraordinary program, which has never given me any sort of problems, but works like a dream.

And what beautiful backgrounds you have given us! Are thre any more backgrounds I can download?

Thank you so much. Best regards.
Julien MANICI - 2013/05/15 21:59
Thanks, I'm glad you like my app.
but don't thank me for the wallpapers, as they are not mine, they actually are included in Windows 7 (but hidden by default).
Amin .... AFG.... - 2013/05/15 09:51
Thank For This Software Is Good For My Job
soap - 2013/05/10 13:38

I wanted to try your program but it\'s not working for me, even when i lanch in admin rights

Have you any ideas ?
leo - 2013/05/02 03:26
i want to uninstall... cannot do it.. its not on the programs... window.. on the remove...
Julien MANICI - 2013/05/02 18:10
This application won't appear in add/remove programs list if you didn't install it.

I guess you didn't install the app but you want to revert to the default logon background, right?
just execute the app again, select "default background wallpaper" (the first item in the list), then click "apply".
you can now delete the folder where you decompressed the app.
Taghi - 2013/04/16 21:47
Hi dear friends
If you want to change logon background use this application:
You can find this application at follow address:

Enjoy it.

berger - 2013/04/11 14:24
Bonjour. J'ai win7 logonbackgound change version 1.5.2. Je le trouve formidable. Mais y-a-t-il la possibilité de changer automatiquement la photo, par exemple tous les 7 jours ? Je n'ai pas trouvé cette fonction. Par avance merci
Slendy - 2013/05/13 20:28
Patience :)
Weiningen - 2013/04/10 08:29
Is it possible to set one extended logon background for both monitors in dual monitor system? Thanks.
harrod - 2013/04/09 15:40
Hi, I've the application stopped working appears for me on CZ-cs locale with .NET 4.5 installed - there seems to be issue with lines like (vb.FindName("txtPleaseWait") as TextBlock).Text = ...
the vb.FindName() returns null instead of TextBlock
Ajay Kumar Agrahari - 2013/04/09 08:17

Can the image be changed automatically after some time interval rather than selecting manually? Like some photos will be there in the folder and whatever photos are there in the folder it will be changed time to time in some time interval.

sayed mutalib saidy - 2013/06/08 17:51
i like this backround plase like it
Rock - 2013/04/08 04:04
very nice and simple thank you!
Rangel - 2013/04/07 15:04
work on Windows XP or Vista
Julien MANICI - 2013/04/07 15:34
No it doesn't.
Compatible with Windows 7 only.
Luqman - 2013/03/30 18:00
Nicely done! Brilliant... I would definitely recommend this to others. Love the animation and simplicity! :D

mdspunk86 - 2013/04/04 01:20
Does this work for Windows 8 as well?
Julien MANICI - 2013/04/04 15:04
No, but you don't need this app because Windows 8 offers the ability to change the lock screen wallpaper natively.
jcambali - 2013/03/25 12:31
gostei, esta a funcionar por bem por enquanto....
Hy Nguyen - 2013/03/23 15:28
Good, thank u
Tennie - 2013/03/21 23:31
like it so much...
Gabster - 2013/03/21 16:02
Works great! Thanks
Lance - 2013/03/17 00:49
how do I change the picture of the logon screen in windows 8 pro?
mesewl - 2013/03/30 08:51
lalkhohao - 2013/03/15 15:40
I like that the new version very much it was amazing!
RUSS - 2013/03/11 16:14
Keep getting error messages as soon as I open the program:




Then nothing. Every single time it starts up. Tried re-installing it twice, too.
Julien MANICI - 2013/03/11 19:11
Has it ever run successfully on your machine before?

-if not, I think the crash may be caused by your graphic card driver, in which case you would have to try to update it.

-if it used to worked in the past, try to delete the following folder:
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\http___www.julien-manici

if it still doesn't work:
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".

that should solve your problem.
NickyT - 2013/03/08 22:10
Downloaded and got a toolbar and an ad to UPGRADE the toolbar. No logon changer app...
Julien MANICI - 2013/03/08 23:36
You have apparently clicked on an advertisement displaying a big fake "download now" button. Unfortunately google adsense frequently displays that kind of misleading ads on my site :(

here is the direct download link, to make sure you download the right app:
Christopher - 2013/03/08 02:47
Cut BS and just charge for the program. This FREE with web browser redirects and ads gets old. I have in the past needed anti malware to rid my computer of garbage. That and the many fake DOWNLOAD buttons that redirect to other junk software. Give me a realistic price and I will just pay no gimmicks. That\'s why I don\'t donate. I it\'s ad supported then why ask for donations? I\'ve paid for hundreds of programs over my 30 plus years using PC\'s. Chris
Julien MANICI - 2013/03/08 17:43
I'm sorry about the fake "download now" buttons appearing in ads. Unfortunately Google Adsense approves these misleading ads, and I have no control over it.

You may think I should just stop displaying ads, but I think it's still better to have some crappy ads on my web page rather than bundling toolbars and adwares with apps like many developers are doing (don't worry, I will NEVER do that).

As for charging for this app, I don't think it brings enough value to the user. Nobody would pay for it, as there are so many free alternatives.
Nouri - 2013/02/17 01:25
FIRST I would thank the author for this great application.

for those who has the error
"Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\".

just log off and open the software once again, choose your backround image and hit apply. this time it worked for me even i got spinning round and round.

I recommend you install it because it will be available directly from the control panel.

Thank you so much. 10/10
Aditz - 2013/11/09 16:53
Thanks dude, it's works
Said Bakr - 2013/02/16 00:49
I suggest to allow adding custom user message on the logon screen as new feature. In the case of getting lost the device, this message will act as contact information for whom find it to contact the device owner. I think that it may be handled by writing this message on the logon image in predefined place with some shadow effects.
Thank you!
maria jucelia - 2013/02/08 22:10
nao consigo baixar o programa pois tudo esta
escrito em inglês se puder min ajudar eu agradesso muito!!!!!!!!!!!
sonikan - 2013/02/20 10:24
Maria Jucelia:
somente hoje, encontrei a pagina deste programa.Se vc ainda tem dificuldades, procure um lugar no canto direito desta pagina que diz "1032 comments - add a coment" logo abaixo esta escrito em azul escuro "download" clique nesta palavra, vai mudar de folha, na proxima pagina, no canto direito, vc encontrara uma figura de fundo preto, e logo abaixo esta escrito:"To download Windows 7 logon Background Changer... click here (esta em azul mais claro)
pronto, vc conseguira' baixar o arquivo agora.Espero ter ajudado.
Ayo Celestine - 2013/02/02 01:55
This is really very gr8 job.Thanks Keep it up

Ayo - Nigeria.
prem kumar - 2013/01/31 18:10
Debbie - 2013/01/31 17:40
It seems to come with the set stack of photos (shown above) - is there a way to have it use one of my own photos?
Callum - 2013/02/01 07:46
Hey great application really useful. To answer Debbie\'s Q just go choose folder and pick the folder that contains your pictures
ActToValor123 - 2013/01/31 01:28
SOOOOO... COOOOOOOL....!!! tnx so much God bless.....
Koko - 2013/01/24 01:10
Hi, Julien,

When i start this apps, i got this messages "THIS APPLICATION WAS UNABLE TO START CORRECTLY (0xc000007b). CLICK OK TO CLOSE THE APP"

Can u help me for this problem ? or any one have same problem ?

Thanks a lot

sory my bad english
PICE - NIGERIA - 2013/01/23 09:26
Its Simply Awesome.
Bryce - 2013/01/23 08:07
Worked perfectly for me, I just ran the .exe straight from the .zip.

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium.
Shirley - 2013/01/22 23:29
I have a 64 bit windows 7 pc. I can only find the system 32 file, and OOBE file, but no \info\ folder
summer - 2013/01/20 12:10
I renamed "background", but it still says error...
peyman,IRAN - 2013/01/20 10:42
it,s great ,thank you so much i love u it,s very good
Funmi - 2013/01/19 08:27
I installed but when I try to change the background, it says Error, Unable to write to: C:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\
John Adams - 2013/01/14 01:39
I downloaded the program but it says I have to install it, I was making sure this was the right program since I was under the impression it wouldn\'t need to be.
Julien MANICI - 2013/01/14 02:43
I think you have accidentally clicked a fake download button. I'm sorry, Google often displays misleading ads on my site that display big "download now" buttons leading to sites that try to make you download and install toolbars and unrelated software.

look for the real "Download" button just above the PayPal button on this page to get my app.
Jack R - 2013/01/12 03:30
Great app...thank you so much :)
Sural Argonus - 2013/01/11 04:40
Thanks for this program. Default windows login background is lame....This really brings the "Personal" back to Personal Computers. :D
adz - 2013/01/09 03:38
good day,
thanks ms. julien,my computer's starter background is now even look more beautiful// hehe.. and i also apologize for my bad english
>>should i run the set-up ms. julien?
hehe thanks again!!!!im a filipino
error - 2013/01/08 15:34
i have a Problem.
Wen i press \"apply\" the Programm cant Change the Picture a tell me:

\"unable to write to: C:\\Windows\\system32\\oobe\\info\\­backgrounds\\\"

i hope you can help me


PS: Sorry for my bad english, i´m german...
Julien MANICI - 2013/01/08 17:58
try to open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
M M - 2013/01/04 13:15
je suis preneur de votre nouveau logiciel mais je ne trouve vore lien
Guizmo\' - 2013/01/03 21:24
Mercii mec!!
Maintenant j\'ai un bel écran d\'accueil ! ;)
dek_rif - 2013/01/03 11:45
Thank you, finally solved my problem and my Windows look more beautiful.
Good luck to this site.
ousman - 2012/12/31 18:12
thhank you for this favorable software !!!
thank you a lot ...
rinoz555 - 2012/12/25 16:09
Pradeepraj.M - 2013/01/06 13:26
mick - 2012/12/22 22:51
can anybody tell me what size the pictures have to be and also is it possible to download them from some where

MWaV - 2012/12/28 02:37

Configuring the wallpaper

You can use any image that you want for your new Logon screen wallpaper. However, the image has to be in JPG format and you need to name it backgroundDefault.jpg. When you copy your file to the Windows\System32\Oobe\info\backgrounds folder, you’ll encounter and will need to work through a confirmation dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure D.
Two other things to keep in mind: First, the actual file size of backgroundDefault.jpg cannot exceed 256 KB. Second, you’ll want to use an image whose dimensions match the screen resolution that you are using. If you use a file whose dimensions are smaller, the image will be stretched and may appear distorted.
Zack - 2012/12/18 23:42
ok so how big does the picture haveto be to use pictures from my pictures?
REWinfo2 - 2012/12/15 20:51
Works great in 32bit - Had problem in 64bit as follows.

Background Directory is \"Windows\\System32\\OOBE\\Background.bmp\"

Had to change ADMIN privileges to access folder and change file.

This is on a DELL with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Raj - 2012/12/15 06:02
Its working very fine... application is awesome.. hope you to develop more applications the same way... Keep up the excellent work
Hemipheistos - 2012/12/14 12:09
Excellent work, dude.
No crapware at all. Keep on the good work.
NiKo - 2012/12/12 17:05
ou comment Windows se prend pour Linux ... très bon programme hyper léger et très simple d'utilisation ... simplement superbe Julien !! merci bcp !!
BallyIrish - 2012/12/09 18:36
Boy, do surprised come in small packages. This is the best of its kind, without equal. Congratulations Julien!
SlowlySlowly - 2012/12/06 04:25
Great work. I found a hack for the registry somewhere to do this, but can't remember where as when you start the machine this is the first screen you see. It is always a pain with safety measures if you change something in the registry in case you muck it up.
Something MS could have done if they listened to their customers' requests rather than leaving it up to the goodwill of developers like yourself. Hope they give you credit for it if they put it in a later version.
Cheers and Thank You.
Umesh Fx - 2012/12/05 12:04
Great App. i use this its too good...thanks man
ronald bryan - 2012/11/29 07:11
very nice. . . . . . i love it!!! thank you so much....
RizWan SaeeD - 2012/11/25 18:38
its really good
uday sourav - 2012/11/25 01:04
It was awesome.thank you for giving me this type of software
prakash khadakhadi - 2012/11/17 20:24
it is so awesome
alpesh kumar - 2012/11/17 20:04
thank you sir.
miere - 2012/11/15 23:10
I would love to if this software can crop image that fit log on screen.Furthermore,it would be better if I can edit user picture same as in the log on screen.I want my picture suitable with log on screen.Thank you
Jeremy Cornlle - 2012/11/12 23:15
Great tool, my system wouldnt change somehow..
I tried registy way on my own.
I think its related to the resolution files.

I would love the tool if you could scroll the images.
once i got to end of row. I couldnt go back to begaining.
joseph l. Diaz - 2012/11/15 21:06
Boogie9605 - 2012/11/10 16:45
Really cool program.. Wish you had some animated stuff...
BearPup - 2012/11/09 12:21
A kind word and my thanks for creating this straightforward, easy to use program. As the saying goes, "Way cool!".
Sammat - 2012/11/07 10:04
Thanks alot!! Its' really cool. Do you have one for windows 8?
Kevin Helfert - 2012/11/13 04:16
Windows 8 doesn\'t need this tool, all you have to do is move your mouse up into the top right corner, click on the settings button that appears, and then at the bottom click \"Change PC settings\". From there the \"Personalize\" Section should be the first thing to come up.

Hope this helps.
Tralla - 2012/11/06 15:55
Hy Julien,
This app windows 8 ready?
Luva - 2012/11/06 12:37
Yo...mercy, it's wicked cool
Reina - 2012/11/03 09:46
Thanks alot
jjlo - 2012/11/02 16:58
vamos a ver si se puede descargar!!!
kitty - 2012/10/30 16:00
sooooo awesome thank you :D i love it :D
wooow - best tool - 2012/10/26 23:01
hei there

wanna say thank you alot ! your tool is nifty and looks even great !

you rock, thank you for this cool tool !
AlanK - 2012/10/18 22:21
Bless you. I sent you money. Why doesn't everyone know about this? A thing of beauty. Of course, my splash screen is now a photo of a baby aardvark, but at least it's MY baby aardvark.
dog - 2012/10/17 22:57
I\'ve been using this app ever since the day my friend gave me the files back in 2009, when I literally asked \"Am I retarded, or is there seriously no way to change the logon background?!\"
Can\'t believe that it\'s literally been years later and I\'m still using it. I\'ve never had any problems with this program and just downloaded the new version. Keep up the good work!
SUD - 2012/10/17 10:20
Application is very good, but add one more feature of moving the Login name password to any corner of the Window screen. so that we can set the credential fields (Photo,Password) suitable with the background wallpaper.
NicGob - 2012/10/15 16:18
Nice job do you think to add a function to change it each logon?
annuar khai - 2012/10/15 10:19
excellent work, keep it up. TQ
Sylvain - 2012/10/24 19:09
Vraiment tres bien, merci beaucoup pour ce freeware :)
intruder - 2012/10/14 18:44
excellent work, keep it up. thanx
Excellent Program. Congratulations.
I am primarily a Linux user. Customization has always been an interest of mine.I am not a windows proponent mostly because their closed source.I am surround by several hundred computers daily, now I stand out from the crowd. Great conversation piece.I heard..(wink wink.) that you can change the windows start-up sound as well.(God! What a horrible sound.)Please do not hack Gates. He will be angry. Thanks Julien. Best Regards.
Charlotte - 2012/10/11 17:11
Thanks alot! Just made my PC even more personal at work :-)
subhrajit - 2012/10/09 14:59
mam can you tell me how to deactivate this app?? it works well but i just dont want it anymore so can u please tell me how to deactivate it??
daniel0403 - 2012/10/05 19:42
como puedo colocar otras imágenes al vez de esas que muestran muchas gracias.
George1 - 2012/10/04 14:08
Can you help me when i try to boot the background changer it says Windows 7 Logon Background changer has stopped working any ideas?? Thanks
josh99 - 2012/10/02 17:20
i cant find the download link for this application
Ikeoth - 2012/10/03 02:17
Below the last paragraph on the right hand side. Right below ### Comments
Greg - 2012/10/01 00:18
Cool program...Thanks for the free download. My PC just got more awesome.
EchoSider - 2012/09/27 15:15

I really like this program. I\'ve never had a problem with it. The only thing I could say that could be improved is if you could make an option for resolution settings so that when I pick a picture it doesn\'t get over inflated and look crazy when I set it as the logon background.
Uzair - 2012/09/26 19:27
Hey Julien,

The program is great, I love it.
I do have the same, "Unable to write", error but it still changes the background for me. It gives the error but it does write it.

Guys when it gives the error press CTRL + ALT + DEL and check if the background has changed or not.
If it has, why complain? enjoy the product :D

Quentin - 2012/09/21 21:35
Hi Julien, I tried changing the backsgrounds folder to backgrounds2, but it still shows the same massage Unable to write to folder c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\

what else I can do?
Schmarotzki - 2012/09/21 08:53
This program works fine for me on Windows 7 pro 64bit. I do not understand other people complaining about this program. I guess these people can not handle a computer.
William Lazycat - 2012/09/20 03:51
This program really fucked up my computer. I installed it and it seemed to work fine, but when I try to go into the Control Panel, my computer crashed. When I tried to navigate to the Appearance area of the Control Panel, I got the Blue Screen of Death. Ever since, my computer has been a little bitch. I don\'t care about this anymore, just please tell me how to get rid of it!
Julien MANICI - 2012/09/21 01:45
Sorry, but the problem you're describing here is not caused by the use of my application.

there are more than 1million users if this app, and nobody has ever complained about any instability issue after using my app.

And as the developer of this app, I can tell you that no system files or settings are altered by the use of my app.

Good luck for finding the real culprit of your system crashes.
Ned - 2014/07/31 19:12
Hey, I have a similar problem. I installed the program and changed the program and after a while I locked the screen. Nothing showed up, the computer did not get out of sleep mode (if it had entered it at all). After restart I got a lot of crashes, the clock was all screwed up - the year was 12008 and Windows couldn't handle that huge number. On top of all it said my windows was not activated, it refused to activate. After a while it got better but I cannot revert to default screen and settings now. The program just crashes. Is there an easy way to get the settings back to normal without reinstalling?
Julien MANICI - 2014/07/31 23:00
Sorry to hear about your troubles.

My program does nothing more than creating a few JPG files in c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds

Open this folder, remove the backgroundXXX.jpg files, and this will undo everything my app did.

Unfortunately, that won't solve your problem because it has probably been caused by a malware or another program you installed recently.

If you don't believe me, check the source code of my app. It's open source, so you can verify that my app only does what I said it does.
BHAMI REDDY.S - 2012/09/20 01:10
Really supurb,nice application.thanks for ur creation.
muzi - 2012/09/18 18:45
awesome thanks, work well...
D***B**ingInfo - 2012/09/11 17:28

jeffjeff - 2012/09/11 07:15
it works before..but now,it crashes everytime i run it.it.pls help.,this is a very nice tool..
Julien MANICI - 2012/09/12 02:50
try to delete this folder :
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\http___www.julien-manici
It contains the configuration file created by the application. That may solve your problem.
mutyala krishna - 2012/09/14 18:28
Excelent creation
jeffjeff - 2012/09/13 05:21
The folder does not exist.no folder with that name.
amanh - 2012/09/20 10:16
Hi jeffjeff in order to find the folder go to windows explorer and type %AppData% then when it appears on the address bar click on AppData and you will find local/http___www.julien-manici. cheers!
Julien MANICI - 2012/09/14 01:26
Have you also tried that?

Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
jeffjeff - 2012/09/16 14:00
yes..but still i cant run it..it quickly crashes..
Afro man - 2012/09/10 10:38
When i rename it to backgrounds2 it just changes back to backgrounds. help
D***B**ingInfo - 2012/09/11 16:58
@ Afro man >>>> for you to change the name you must takeownership of the file or the whole folder. That will fix your problem. :) you can go the long way to take ownership or you cn google takeownership reg key and there will be many choices al you do after install of ownership is right click on the folder or file and you will see a takeownership, click on it and you have control of the file the very easy way. they is many reg hacks for take ownership but this is my favorite so ill put in the link for you. virus free you can check with firefox virus scaner. link for takeownership ( THE BEST ONE IN MY EYE'S)

Alejandro Hernandez - 2012/09/09 15:40
this is an exelent program i can custumise some more windws , thanks XD
Westy - 2012/09/08 22:45
Hi There,
This comes up with the fault \"Unable to apply settings\" did your suggestion to change name to background 2 and it simply errors out .... Changed it back and it still comes up with the original fault.

yet when I log in or CTRL ALT DEL .... it comes up with the page I saved ?? ... any way it works ... cheers for that.
rona - 2012/09/08 20:49
hoping that this will be the answer to my searching ?but Thank you then:)
mer1 ch' - 2012/09/08 19:53
j'ai bien aimé votre travail pour cette application, avec un design impecable qui l'a donnée une grande popularité /* et ça se continue biensure ! :3 */ , malgré le nombre enorme des applications qui font le meme role;

et merci baucoup, julian !
ANURAG LOGO - 2012/09/07 10:31
sichaos - 2012/09/06 15:53
Really nice tool, thanks a lot.

btw, u can arrange some activities that we can show our login pic., that could be a lot of fun! :D
Karishma k - 2012/09/06 12:05
very nice....i was actually searching for such tricks.....thanks a lot
(((F15))) Wilson M Q - 2012/09/04 21:22
excelente Aplicacion muy útil Thanks
Gracias por la Aplicacion man
Zoel - 2012/09/04 05:14
Ini bahay ke sistem kagak gan /.?
tony - 2012/08/31 17:43

Install wored great - only question is when you are trying to select a picture the images change along the bottom moving to the left going to the right - but then when you want to go back to the right to see what is to the left it wont go back!?
Julien MANICI - 2012/09/02 23:58
Use the scrollbar below the thumbnail list (hard to see on some screens because it is almost transparent).
JcLambert - 2012/08/30 03:42
Do you have an easy way to script the install for multiple systems?
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/30 23:45
Sorry, I don't.
Aman - 2012/08/29 08:13
Thanks. Nice tool
luis - 2012/08/28 19:38
is very easy
Bugsy_Boo - 2012/08/28 02:11
Hi, Manici. I installed the windows logon changer and decided to uninstall it, but my logon screen will NOT change back to the default screen. Please help me!!
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/28 04:26
That's perfectly normal, windows remember the setting even if the app is not installed.

To restore the original windows wallpaper, either run the app again and choose "default wallpaper" (the first item in the list) then Apply,
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".
Sagar Ravat - 2013/09/21 11:03
thanks alot julien... it helped me alot!!
i was actually looking for the application in control panel uninstall a program... i didn't know it was soo easy
i could not have done it without u!
thanks a lot!
Charles j3xtar - 2012/09/03 08:17
unable to chang the logon,

\"Unable to write to folder c:\\windows\\system32\\oobe\\info\\backgrounds\\\".

Solution : Open the \"c:\\windows\\system32\\oobe\\info\\\" folder in Windows Explorer, then rename the \"backgrounds\" folder as \"backgrounds2\".

same problem when i used a logon changer from tweaks.com
Carlos - 2012/08/27 04:34
MG - 2012/08/26 20:20
How can I add my own pictures to the backgound changer?
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/26 20:33
Click the "Choose a folder" button at the top of the screen
Star - 2012/08/25 20:12
Hi. Thank you for this application! It worked on my first try, however, when I tried to change it again, the application stops responding. :( I don't know what to do. I'm not really good with computers so I'm sorry if I got stuck. It's stuck on Please Wait.... Thanks x
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/25 21:09
The following steps should solve your problem :

-Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer
-then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2"
Dolphin - 2012/08/22 08:26
When I opened Windows 7 logon background changer,it would close automatically after about 3 seconds,could you help me solve this problem?
Dez - 2012/08/20 09:49
It doesnt open i extracted to my desktop and the exe doesnt open i try installing it it fails i run as admin still doesnt work it happened with all the othe background changers can you please help me
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/21 02:32
I don't think that will solve your problem, but did you try to open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer, and rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2"?
LoganZ - 2012/08/18 06:31
It did change my log on screen, however now my desktop screen is zoomed into the picture and I do not like it. Any help? Anyone?
TimC - 2012/08/15 15:44
The newest version is a step backwards from version 1.3.4 in which you could specify how often to change the background logon picture - now you can\'t. I will still use the 1.3.4 version even though I have to re-set the interval each time I boot up (it defaults to a ridiculous 45 seconds).
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/21 02:34
You're talking about an unofficial version of Windows 7 Logon Background Changer built by another developer.
The current (or previous) version available on this site has never included an automatic background change feature.
Jen - 2012/08/07 13:01
Actually, it works, but still displays that error. I just logged off and logged in, it works :3
Niyas - 2012/08/07 07:46
Got an error unable to write to

c:/windows/system32/oobe etc...

help me solve the issue
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/07 21:11
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer.

Then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".

This should solve your problem.
Jen - 2012/08/07 12:57
Unable to write to :

Get help to fix this problem
Edgar A - 2012/08/06 16:08
Me gustaria usar algunas de las imagenes como fondo de pantalla en que parte están almacenadas? Por cierto excelente aplicacion para darle un toque especial al sistema operativo mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por tan brillante idea. que otras aplicaciones tienes?
Christophe - 2012/08/05 22:04

Je viens de découvrir ce petit logiciel grâce à 01net.
Grâce à vous, tous les jours, au lancement de mon PC, je revois le lieu de mes retrouvailles avec l'Amour de ma vie !

Merci infiniment !
Seb - 2012/08/05 11:53
Serieusement, qu\\\'est ce que c\\\'est que cette page ou tant de liens envoient vers tant de logiciels de m....

Ou est le confort utilisateurs ???
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/05 12:10
Je pense que la plupart des visiteurs sont capables de distinguer les vrais liens de téléchargement des faux liens visibles dans les bannières de pubs entrainant vers des sites externes.

De plus, je ne choisis pas le contenu des emplacements publicitaires, c'est Google qui en est responsable.
Ty - 2012/08/05 10:59
Have been using Win 7 Logon Background Changer since it was first released. One of my favourite utils for customization! THANKS!!!
Saiyuki53 - 2012/08/05 00:33
You are AWESOME!!!

I had to restore my laptop to 'factory' condition, and when I did, it somehow changed the welcome screen to one I hated (I liked the default one I had before). NO way to change it at all...looked all over for days. Today, I literally stumble over this!
You are awesome! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!
For once, I've found a program that does something very needed, and it's FREE. WOW.
I'll be donating when I get paid next month....thank you again!!!
GrneyedBandit - 2012/08/03 01:40
I absolutely love this program!!
gf9 - 2012/08/02 09:46
Hello IMPORTANT : I wrote in way maybe you chose to keep my comment out of publication no stress for me that\'s ok but before make decision about if frech is not understant by you PLEASE ask me to give in english cause traduction be wrong at 60% approx. cause my QUÉBEC french not same than translator program by europeen... Thanks FYI name and email I change cause system not keep 2 comments of 1 user... [gaets999]

Bonjours a tous,

Si vous pensez que sur votre system l'appli marche pas si vous etes en position de le faire Il faut noter que parfois sur certaine version "team" de Windows (shineV2 en est une)il est parfois impossible pour qui n'est pas apte a a savoir comment modifier les parametre de sécurité hors du "user" ce qui entrainera une erreur system et block tout simplement l'acces... parfois en fermant et réouvrant a plusieur reprise l'appli il est possible que marche le changement mais souvent c'est ce que pense l'utilisateur jusqu'au redémarage pour le décevoir fausse espoir!!!

FAUX: ouvrez windows setting panel et clic sur gestion utilisateur, clic sur gerer autre compte et cocher activez compte administratif et REDÉMARER choisissez ADMINISTRATOR [Ctrl][ALT][DEL]et si ancient demander laisser champ vide et entrez dans le 2champs dessous le nouveau a votre choix (2 case = 2 votre password + confirmation) a la suite de ca appuyer sur terminer ou [ENTER] et reinstaller l'application avec ADMINISTRATOR et c'est règler.

Dans un cas extreme il existe d'autre moyen mais si vous n'avez pas la connaissance je ne veux pas conseiller plus technique et devenir responsable de vos probleme system alors meme si plus facile quand on a la connaissance, par expérience, au nombre de fois ou j'ai planté mon pc, croyez moi l'innatention + autres facteurs(ex: téléphone sonne) peuvent causer de TRES GROS maux de tête et reprogramer un registre Windows peut etre encore plus chiant DONC ATTENTION au aventuriers ne pensant pas avant... Methode ci haut ne comporte aucun risque vous n'aurez qu'a reprendre votre utilisateur standard si ne fonctionne pas et désactivez ADMINISTRATEUR au meme endroit que décrit pour activer

MERCI A TOUS de considérer le travail de tous développeur de petite application Windows et ne pas les accuser faussement meme si toute apparence parfois vous porte a les prendre comme responsable SVP comprener que microsoft WINDOWS est axé sur sécurité recommandé et quasiment oubligé compliquant leurs EXEPTIONNELS travaux...

Tout les honneurs leur reviennent conditionnellement a l'utilisateur; il se doit de les respecter et demander pourquoi poliement AVANT a eux sur leur site de la meme maniere qu'un human en face de vous! Une chance il y a beaucoup de bon de certain mais on est tous "setté" a retenir + le négatif le bon!!!! Soyez cool et pour ceux non concerné je vous dit sincerement MERCI Xtremement et ici a l'administrateur je transmet mes hommages

Pour ceux en moyen de le faire UN DON pour leur permettre de qu'ils (dévellopeur du site et ALL other) puissent continuer d'offrir les appli grace a ce modique don, que moi étudiant ne peut fsire pour l'instant mais comprend l'importance et je garde en tete ce qu\'il font et j'AIME ce coté humain que l'eentraide masqué par beaucoup de nos jours...Donnez moi tort de ces mots peussimiste en entraidant SI vous le pouvez !!! Si on stient ensemble tout est possible et j'y croix faute de l'apparence il est facile de déduire mais CROIX en la pensé libre et le BON en chaque humain...

MERCI A TOUS INFINIMENT DE CONSIDÉRER AVEC RESPECT MES MOTS ET TOUT HUMAIN, MOI COMME TOUS, AVANT DE DÉCIDER CE QU'IL SONT: a90% différent de vous considérer le 10% vivant a l'intérieur étant ce que ils sont et ne peut etre vu sans les connaitre!

NB: veuillez excuser la longueur de ce commentaire et je comprendrais l'administration que peu importe la raison: considérant que si vous lisez cela je me compte déja en position de révisé moi meme ce que l'humain fait de mon conseil ici écrit car s'il est afiché un gros respect je puis encore plus a leur égard et ca veut donc dire qu'il ne doute pas de la réaction a ma vision et je suis conscient de mes mots et encore plus d'etre imparfait etant 90% humain... (^_^)gaets999
Julien MANICI - 2012/08/05 12:18
Wow, sacré post! Rarement vu un aussi long ici.
Je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir tout compris, mais merci en tout cas!
John "Lachouffe - 2012/07/31 12:46
Very GREAT proggie.... Thank you very much.
Works fine, smooth and quick....
I am very happy now..... :-) :-)
Rob Marson - 2012/07/30 18:43
Thank you for sharing your work with the world Julien Manici. This is a GREAT little tweaking tool. Microsoft's pictures just don't "Do It For Me". The Win7 Logon Background Changer Is a snap to use. Anyone that LIKES to Tweak their system, NEEDS this program. If we were rating it out of 5 Star's then 5 STARS it is.
Mats - 2012/07/30 16:53
Sweet, thank you!

But is it possible to get the background on both sides? Like stretched or 2 of same background or different? :)
iran - 2012/07/30 16:01
very nice , tanks
Naveen Akhtar - 2012/07/30 11:38
Ivo - 2012/07/30 09:20

I get this error:

Unable to write to:
scottieboi3000 - 2012/07/31 21:27
Change the permissions of the parent folder "info". Give "Users" Full Control.
gaets999 - 2012/08/02 09:14
if any issue keep try to change security in that way be wrong: please ask me, I'm agree to fix in just approx. 3-4 line to explain but for raison I'm QUÉBEC french my french word not be translate with realist way & in same my english not too cause my "street american" style unknow in same but be sure Iknow but seriously I'm ok to keep my words in way you understant my bad level and that help me to grow my grade,,, Any people I can help any moments I can be happy & smile in my real...!
NO STRESS with me Thanks

samuel7215 - 2012/07/29 18:28
thank you
Peter Winston - 2012/07/31 14:26
Here is a solution to the to oobe err

Thanks to Mark L Ferguson for this ...


2. After doing all of above steps, run the exe as ADMINISTRATOR

it all works tehn.

Lock the screen by pressing Windows key and L to etst it.

Tested on Windows-7 32 bit and 64 bit - both O/S works.
Ravi - 2012/07/29 18:04
great software thnks
LOLMAN - 2012/07/25 11:13
Very cool!
paulo tec - 2012/07/28 01:08
esse programa é muito bom
Dipayan - 2012/07/24 13:27
it's best logon screen changer
zhiya weasley - 2012/07/23 11:34
thank you so much.............
Andi - 2012/07/22 22:32
thats nice
andrew baird - 2012/07/21 00:02
fantastic programe
Muthu - 2012/07/28 08:46
awesome software:)
Rahul Boro - 2012/07/20 21:11
its cooolllllll........

can i change the log on name frome windows 7 ultimate to sumting else??? if it is posble dn plz email me plezzzz......
Grignard - 2012/07/20 18:24

I select my picture file but receive the error:

Unable to write to:

I am able to browse to this folder and write files to it so I don\'t understand the problem.

Scott H - 2012/07/24 13:01
Windows 7 64 bit = i had this problem aswell but i found if you go to C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Julien MANICI\\Windows 7 Logon Background Changer, then click on disable background changer then enable background changer then reopen it it worked
stephen roy - 2012/07/22 16:11

I select my picture file but receive the error:

Unable to write to:

Gil theissen - 2012/07/21 17:21
same problem here: Unable to write to:
AS - 2012/07/24 11:34
Same problem.. any Fix?????
Laksmi - 2012/07/19 06:42
Thanks for sharing this program, it seems tempting ;) However I got failed on running it in Windows 7 Starter.. It says that the program crashed and forced to close.

Does it really work for this Windows edition, since I got the issue that Starter Edition 'officially' doesn't allow us to change the background desktop wallpaper.. But I got bored on that blue aero thing. Please help >_<

Regards from Indonesia ^_^

m3mphiz15 - 2012/07/18 18:30
great!!! thanks!!
Egyption - 2012/07/18 13:43
Easy + Simple + Free = Goooooooooooooooood
David Wilson - 2012/07/16 17:22
Awesome program!! Works perfectly. Thanks for fixing at least one of Windows-7's glaring functionality omissions. Keep up the good work.
jd434 - 2012/07/15 12:06
dear manici, this application looks very nice... thank you!
KRIPA SAGAR - 2012/07/17 13:33
Rahman - 2012/07/19 14:26
awesome stuff! love it very much :)
Tommy - 2012/07/20 16:52
My background can't change...
There's an error message, like :
Unable to write to :

Help, please >.<
Jeff Roselli - 2012/07/15 11:08
Looks like a great program but I can't get it to change the login screen I get the following error.

Unable to write to:

I tried running as administrator on an administrator account on my Win7 32bit with 4gig of ram.

Help me please I'd relly like to use your program.
Julien MANICI - 2012/07/15 18:37
Open the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder in Windows Explorer.

Then rename the "backgrounds" folder as "backgrounds2".

This should solve your problem.
Tano - 2012/07/13 15:27
Thank you,very much.
Rajesh KV - 2012/07/13 14:18
dear manici, this application looks very nice ..... all d best 4 d future...
commentator - 2012/07/12 05:28
good logon changer.. simple and easy.. i have use old version, also good.. good from another logon changer..

kuldeep kalita - 2012/07/10 16:50
good picture and my computer is good looking
Saidul - 2012/07/09 07:53
Man, its awesome.i m egarly waiting for the next version with more beautifull pics to use, but again great one...
Richard Foster - 2012/07/07 12:43
Great program. Good work. Neatest program I have seen for Windows 7 yet. Works great. Always looking for ways to change windows appearance. Same old background gets boring after awhile. I am constantly changing them. You should try to sell the rights to it to Microsoft but they would probably mess it up.
skyler - 2012/07/05 15:20
for some reason its hard to download cause cant find the download butten
Anthony - 2012/07/05 11:51
Awesome program.
But can some one tell me how to get my background on my second screen?

I have 2 monitors and when i lock my laptop i only see the pic on my main screen and my sec. screen is black

rpdesign - 2012/07/03 07:27
just thought about an idea for the new version. You might think about putting a button to allow people to set the logon image as the desktop image.
Nick Maitland - 2012/07/10 16:01

Would just like to say thank you for an awesome, quick and easy to use program!

I have a 'Zelda: Majora's Mask' background which now displays when I lock my PC. The next step would be to have the Majora's mask theme tune play in the background when the PC is locked or when someone trys to type in a password :)
rpdesign - 2012/07/03 07:17
awesome program awesome pics! I'm going to recommend your program to everybody i know!!
Chinmay from India - 2012/07/01 17:14
Brilliant, Magnificent Software Thanks Julien-macici
bob freinds - 2012/07/01 00:34
i havent seen this one before i here good reveiws, i hope it works well and i hope you get it sold thanks for the try
Lyana from Brazil - 2012/06/27 01:31
Gostei muito, otimo aplicativo de personalização. :D
Charlie from USA - 2012/06/26 10:37
Great software!!! Was confused as to why it wouldnt work at first until I read the comments about the "C:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" error.

Charles ^_^
Joseph Corder - 2012/06/23 14:24
Also, I use waterfox as my main browser and there are a few extentions that you can get that will take care of adds and popups!! Anyone wanting to get rid of adds' for instance this will work on Youtube, Grooveshark, Yahoo, etc...
Joseph Corder - 2012/06/23 14:17
This program is awesome! My computer runs fine without one glitch!! The only thing missing(I maybe overlooking this function)is getting to another file without having to scroll to the begining to open another file that has more wallpapers! This is no big deal, but when you have over 1000 papers, it becomes cumbersome.
Lifred - 2012/06/23 00:15
Hey this works perfect
AAWD - 2012/07/02 19:46
OMG, I LOVE this, thank you!! It's a fast download, quick setup, and extremely easy to use! Now I have a beautiful background, and I can change it easily anytime I want to. Thank you again!
Ryan - 2012/06/21 15:46
why is does it on every single picture i try to apply keep giving me an error saying something about C:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\?
HELP! this is agrivating ive been looking for a program like this all day pretty much and this is the only one that acually download right and opened and now for some reason it doesnt even work either. no matter what picture i use... even on the default folders/...
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/21 21:36
Open the "C:\windows\system32\oobe\info\" folder, then rename the "backgrounds" folder to "backgrounds2".

That should solve your problem.
Mikey78 - 2012/07/06 22:46
Thanks for the solution Julien I had the same problem as Ryan. And thanks for this wonderful free tool keep up the good work :)
Julien-Manici.com - 2012/06/28 18:34

Gostaria de receber a licença deste programa

att, cristiane
Some Guy - 2012/06/21 15:42
All the ads with download in them are a real pain, but thanks for the free software, I finally found the real download button.
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/21 21:34
I'm sorry about that.
Unfortunately I have no efficient control about what crappy ads Google decides to show on my pages.

Sometimes I blacklist the most deceptive ads (like big "Download Now" buttons), but there are too many and I can't filter them all.
Armand from france - 2012/06/16 17:42

Please help! when i try to change the picture, i have error message and i have to close the software...

kian - 2012/06/16 14:55
i have a system problem...C:Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\..

..can please someone can help me to fixed this problem..
Kumaran - 2012/06/15 22:21

Is there a way to change the location of controls on logon screen in windows 7/windows XP.

brief descritpion:
on logon screen normally we will have username, picture and password textbox controls.

Generally they are placed center to the screen. Is there a way to change the place of these controls like top/top right/top left/bottom/bottom right/center top/center bottom.

Please advice.
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/21 21:38
Unfortunately not with this app.

Other apps may allow you to change the controls location, but they have to alter some system files to do so.

I don't want to implement this kind of potentially dangerous hacks in my app.
alessa - 2012/06/15 20:13
good job you did with That program, and because only one excellant Who Can change the background on windows server 2008 r2.

I use this type of windows on my workstation, and did some team I was looking for something like this. because the others make only for Windows 7 versions.

I am very grateful with your program.

Scott - 2012/06/11 07:40
I am using 2 27inch monitors. Is it possible to add a strech or fill feature to allow the picture I choose to be streched and fill in both monitors to all 4 corners. I've tried using some really high resolution pics for dual and triple monitors with the same partial coverage results.
This ia a great app. It allows you to personalize your pc. It works great if I use only 1 monitor, but I was hoping to add a third.
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/13 18:56
Unfortunately that is not possible.
Scott - 2012/06/14 04:15
It's still a great app. And thanks for sharing it.
DMG2k10 - 2012/06/13 21:50
Is there any way to have the background show on both monitors? Duplicated instead of stretched?
Scott - 2012/06/18 02:32
I have two partial solutions.

1) Find a nice picture, crop it into an oval or circle with a black background. The black back ground will blend into the space limitations of the logon screen.

2) Again find or create a picture with a black background. Create a 2 picture side by side collage. Crop to fit one in each monitor. You can test it in the preview screen.
Scott - 2012/06/30 23:24
3rd partial solution: Add a third monitor, and everything is centered again.

Thanks Again Julien
kamalfoda - 2012/06/11 02:55
amazing program thank you
your prog in my website
Yrjö - 2012/06/08 09:27
My screen has a resolution of 1920X1080, and when I change the background to a picture with the same measures, with all due respect, it looks really ugly. I belive the compression level to be too high for the pictures too look good if you use full-hd.
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/13 19:01
Unfortunately, Windows sets a 256KB maximum size limit.
So at high resolutions, pictures with a lot of sharp details will look ugly because of the high compression required to squeeze them so that they fit the 256KB limit.
I can't do anything to improve that.
sanjoo - 2012/06/05 18:23
Respected Manici, need not to say your Logon background changer program is awesome,i changed my logon screen with one wallpaper of your software, and i also used same wallpaper as the desktop background ,really nice wallpapers.

Can you please provide me all the wallpapers of your program either in every resolution or at least '1366*768 wide screen' so that i can use them as my desktop background?
Thank you very much.
Julien MANICI - 2012/06/13 18:56
They are included in Windows, in this folder:
sanjoo - 2012/06/20 07:31
LoL , no need to download and I already have these :-).
CJ Ryan - 2012/06/04 21:13
Mr. Manici,

Thank you for the wonderful software you provide to the public. I found your website when web searching for a Windows 7 login screen changer. I have used it as a portable and installed, it works! The full screen view feature helps to see what the finished change will look like makes the changes easy for one to see if the graphics change looks correct. I use the portable app version to change client's PC's to personalize to their taste. Everyone who sees your software in action is...well, WOW'd.

The simple graphics showing everything the user needs to see all in one window...fantastic! I even downloaded your Windows 7 Gadgets because almost all the gadgets shown I have been looking for as alternates to the ones offered by MicroSoft.

I am looking forward to trying out your WiFi Remote Access for Windows Phones upon returning home.

Thank you,
CJ Ryan
Packwood, Iowa United States
jeremy matias huacho - 2012/06/16 03:38
que bacan es windows 7 Logon Background Changer
NE - 2012/06/04 17:56
thank you very much for this app :)this is amazing work

Patrick Lee Cheatham - 2012/06/03 18:29
Dear Mr. ManicI,

Greetings from Cary, North Carolina, near the capital city of Raleigh. We - the 981st Psychronic Maginate - have been working on getting the colors well and whole for defense. We have found areas of pure white, areas of pure black, areas of pure red (including pink, purple, and lavender - each containing red and blue or blue and white), and areas of pure blue to be easily used against us for mental invasion. In contrast, contraposition, contrary, and contradiction: all shades of green (less than cyanish) to all shades of yellow (lime works great to combat enemies) to all shades or orange [except for the reddish orange] (including browns and tans) works great - especially when complemented by shades of gray a bit aways from white and black. Asking things to go reverse gray light causes reds and blues to deepen and go low contrast, but there is nothing much that can be done against a bright white thingie or a dark black thingine. The silver edges and stands around computers work well, but putting some stickers or spray paint of the better colors - just a touch here and there - does great things. Also certain types of ballistic nylon or meshed black work great too, though it can be tricky. Likewise, radio band electromagnetic radiation has similar problems, making it such that many people popping over to FM radio and leaving XM or Sirius might wrestle the towers back over to better people.

Your software is awesome! I like the way you put gray pulses out over the purple stuff.

Thanks so much for helping us avoid the "blue screen of brain pain." Haha! if you wish to collaborate on any future software issues, contact me at the above email, or see www.kestrel-aware.com and www.reverbnation.com/driftflaw (struggling artist).



21:19:01 No. 103DD0F1
TITTO N THOMAS - 2012/06/01 03:05
its a superb creative work
Xphr - 2012/05/31 21:56
Wow this aplication is awesome!!! thank you very much! i will donate to you, but im young. :-D
steve L. - 2012/05/27 16:45
super appli

ya t il un moyen de desactiver l\'effet noir lors de la transition vers le bureau, histoire de rendre encore plus realiste? sinon tres bon boulot un grand merci
Julien MANICI - 2012/05/31 18:02
Non hélas, ce n'est pas possible à mon niveau, sans modifier de fichiers systeme.
Fabrice98 - 2012/06/05 00:53
Bonjour a tous. Sachez qu\'il existe une autre façon de le changer sans installer un logiciel tiers. un fichier \"backgroundDefault.jpg a poser dans le dossier \"%windir%\\system32\\oobe\\info\\backgrounds\". le fichier ne doit pas dépasser 256 Ko. ensuite, une petite modif dans le registre HKLM`Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Authentication\\LogonUI\\Background\" et passer la valeur de \"OEMBackground\"a 1 a la place de 0. et le tour est joué :) ca prend 5 minutes :) A bientôt tout le monde
George F. - 2012/05/27 11:38
What screen resolution does a picture have to be so that none of it get's cut off? Please help I love your program.
Julien MANICI - 2012/05/31 18:04
Just crop the picture you want to use to the same resolution as your screen.
Hyper - 2012/09/05 14:17
I\'ve made my image the same resolution as my screen resolution which is the same as my desktop resolution and it is still being cropped. I\'ve tried multiple resolutions to no avail. They are all either cropping the tops or the sides.

The image size is also under 200kb so no problems there either.
Daniel12 - 2012/06/04 09:42
Helped a lot!!!
pc7wizard - 2012/05/25 23:31
Great application! Works perfectly on Win 7 Pro and Win Server 2008.

Thank you for putting out excellent work!
prince92 - 2012/05/25 20:07
yah its really nice but i want update version so, wil you provide for that
pher - 2012/05/24 10:10
Nice, but how do you scroll through the images of a huge directory (more than 5000 images) ?
radhika - 2012/05/23 19:58
hii, thanks you i downloaded your alarm app an i love it. i also have your logon changer, i have set it up and now i dont know what to do or how to change the background. please help me! once again thank you!
Warock123 - 2012/05/23 19:10
COOOLASSS LoL awesome easy to use! really cool program thank you!
jvc - 2012/05/22 21:32
When i press "Apply" program says "Error; Unable to write to: C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds". When i enter that folder, there are many sizes of the picture that i used for log in screen, but login screen is unchanged. What now?
Mark85 - 2012/05/22 16:01
Awesome idea, but it seems I have a rights issue: \\\"Unable to write to´: C:\\\\Windows\\\\system32\\\\oobe\\\\info\\\\backgrounds\\\\\\\" Any idea how I fix this?
Jagdish devar - 2012/05/22 11:44
Awesome and cool Software 4 windows 7.its easy 2 use.
Lakshitha - 2012/05/21 17:21
wow that's great i like very much

do u have more software?
DaisyMae2k10 - 2012/05/16 19:50
Is there a way to extend the locked background to my second monitor?
yahya - 2012/05/18 21:06
is good . not bad
Dao Minh Duc - 2012/05/16 16:45
Thanks for your software :) It works very well in not only Windows 7 x86 but also in Windows 7 x64. Keep on making great softs like this, OK :) ?
crash9638 - 2012/05/14 10:29
Your new update caused the program to cut off half the pic. Wish I could go back to the older one.
Julien MANICI - 2012/05/16 15:32
You can still find the version 1.3.4 on softpedia.
But I don't understand what you mean by cutting off half the pics? Cropping the picture so there are no black stripes was already a feature implemented in the previous version.
bandofhawk - 2012/05/13 08:21
i love this program! i wish i had one feature to it that isnt in it yet or if you can do it. but i would be able to set it to random so each time i lock my comp that the back round would change is that possable to add or am i just wishing.

but eather way thank you very very much love it 5stars
JO_JO - 2012/05/12 15:57
Fantastic!! I knew that this could be done,I just didn't know that it could be this good!! A lot better than the boring windows Blue screen!!!
darryla1 - 2012/05/11 14:57
brilliant programme great work well done
zhiro - 2012/05/11 01:51
the error say :
Unable to write to : C;\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backtgrounds\

what i must to do ?
tweak_king - 2012/05/11 15:29
Go to the specified directory, right click the 'backgroungs' folder, goto properties, and unselect 'read only' check box and you are good to go...
Gleb russia - 2012/05/08 16:34
how to move area of input of the password?
Julien MANICI - 2012/05/08 19:41
You can't do that with this application.
Some other apps may allow you to do so, but it causes system files to be altered.
REY LO - 2012/05/08 12:14
Jorell - 2012/05/07 14:54
Love this program.

One small request, a select folder window that allows the path to be typed in.
SammyRudeBoy ! - 2012/05/05 23:02
Great job Julien ! Je kif !
Dr_Kekz - 2012/05/04 23:11
The ONLY progrm that worked with my win7. Thank u vry much!!!
Bobbie - 2012/05/10 06:02
Unable to write to OOBE file tried this program from various sources doest work on Windows 7 Ultimate
Keith Steensma - 2012/05/04 22:16
Your download methods suck. 3Now that my system is screwed with your 'freeware download software', I get to reformat and start over. Thanks a lot.
Julien MANICI - 2012/05/05 00:39
Wait! you are complaining that you downloaded my app from a random site and ended up with unwanted software/toolbars that screwed up your computer?

you wouldn't have had such a problem if you had downloaded my app directly from my site as the download is 100% clean.

however, some third party download site like Softonic or CNet Download are redistributing my app bundled with their own toolbar without my approval. I'm not responsible of that, and they don't give me money for that.

Next time be careful to download apps directly from their developer's website.
Arnold Malema - 2012/05/02 23:54
Great stuff I like it. Thanks
ebeta - 2012/05/02 22:12
muito bom
tanya roberts - 2012/05/01 18:26
this is a great idea, thank you
KAMAAL - 2012/05/01 13:56
dis z new nd fantastic to use nd vry atractive;"=]
Peocalcon - 2012/04/30 05:39
Great soft!
Thank you very much!!!!
Chrissie - 2012/04/30 01:55
I've just downloaded and installed the latest version of Windows logon changer and found I couldn't use any of my pictures that I'd have like to have on the welcome screen. Shame but there are nice pictures supplied with the program so maybe you can fix this so that we can use our own or give more specific instructions as to what Jpegs can be used and file size etc if possible.
shihaas84 - 2012/04/28 21:15
Fantastic product! Am very pleased with the outcome and is extremely easy to use!
swapan - 2012/04/28 17:34
nice application,thanks a lot.i wish your another great tool for windows 7 like windows 8 clear glass
RYJ - 2012/04/28 14:31
Thnkz lot.. beautiful work...
Birte - 2012/04/27 18:30
Great tool, thank you for sharing it :)
Eduardo - 2012/04/27 03:51
Esta pocamadre poder cambiar el orrendo fondo de windows ,,, que poca imaginacion tienen sus programadores ,,, gracias por esta buena aportacion... me gusto mucho..
tseax - 2012/04/27 03:48
Julien, thanks a bunch!
manoj - 2012/04/26 20:04
thank u its realy a superb girf
Arun Adhikari - 2012/04/24 07:50
Superb wprk dude...!!!
Subhakar - 2012/04/23 11:07
Thank you very much. working good.
Noa Finau Lopeti - 2012/04/23 08:41
Thank you very much. Great work and nice to use.

Keep it up!
Anderson Francis - 2012/04/22 12:00
Thanks .Works great .
Bedankt, werkt uitstekend .
David B - 2012/04/21 02:27
Thank you very much. It's great to have people like you taht produce application thast are cool and easy to use.

Thanks again
Tony H - 2012/04/20 15:14
Excellent work, 1 suggestion if possilbe, randomize the picture after time interval or login.
Other than that, worked a trest !
inb - 2012/04/20 11:57
It's one hell of a great application keep up the good work man
gege07 - 2012/04/18 18:22
bonjour !
tout cela est bien beau !!mais comment le desinstaller :opération jusqu'à présent impossible !! sauf restauration du système !!!!....
Myster_fr - 2012/04/16 20:21
Great application that just does what we expect from it.
There\'s still one thing I don\'t like : the annoying sound played when browsing through images.
Would be great to be able to disable it in the options panel.


Superbe appli qui fait juste ce qu\'on attend d\'elle.
J\'ai simplement un truc que je n\'aime pas : le son joué à chaque changement d\'image.
L\'idéal serait de pouvoir le désactiver dans les options !
ALAMGIR@STRONGHOLD - 2012/04/15 20:46


Daffy - 2012/04/15 18:31
premiere fois que je test ce soft.
j\'ai le message suivant
:\"Unable to write to c:\\windows\\system32\\oobe\\info\\backgrounds\"
J\'ai essayer en renommant le fichier backgrounds en backgrounds2.
Il recrait bien le fichier backgrounds, mais donne la même erreur.

Dr. H - 2012/04/13 08:02
I used the older version 1.3.4 and never experienced any issues as recent as 4/13/2012.
In fact I don’t see any differences between the two versions except for some graphics, colors, & the thumbnail or browser bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen.
Other than that, version 1.5.2 is just as good as the old version.
I’ve been using Windows 7 pro 64 with SP1.
I love this app, I don’t have to install it, as it comes with an executable & it can be run from a flash drive, I can use it anywhere and never install it.

Word of the wise, regardless of the photo format, never use any photos of low quality.
Always use the highest quality image you can find. Most, if not all 640 x 480 images will not look good.

Nice work, Thank you.
Amaraa\'s - 2012/04/13 05:58
Hey Thanks
natty - 2012/04/18 02:43
un buen programa
TonyBC - 2012/04/13 00:28
I have exactly the same issue than PaulDB!!
"Tried to use this program and it won\'t let me use ANY picture except the defaults that come with it. I have tried jpg, png, and bmp and nothing will work. Please fix this. I run Win 7 64-bit"

thanks in advanced for you help.
Miguel - 2012/04/19 19:11
TonyBC, PaulDB I had the same problem. I fixed by running the app in XP SP3 Compatibility mode and then ALSO having my intended photo in the default directory - desktop. That's the only way it worked for me.
Julien MANICI - 2012/04/13 04:27
I just released the version 1.5.2 which fixes this issue.
Please tell me if everything is OK now!
PaulDB - 2012/04/12 14:43
Tried to use this program and it won\'t let me use ANY picture except the defaults that come with it. I have tried jpg, png, and bmp and nothing will work. Please fix this. I run Win 7 64-bit
kokumo - 2012/04/12 12:57
c'est toujours un plaisir de constater la qualité et le travail des personnes qui aiment ce qu'ils font " FÉLICITATIONS " ( que du bonheur ) MERCI
kahfil wara - 2012/04/12 11:38
its awesome..........
youssef - 2012/04/11 10:26
working just fine, thank you very much
noble mathew - 2012/04/10 19:59
working just fine, thank you very much
S. - 2012/04/10 17:35
Salut, il est genial ce soft, par contre comment peut-on avoir les images proposé ?

J'aimerai savoir dans quel dossier elles sont car je voudrais mettre une deuxieme en fond d'écran.

Julien MANICI - 2012/04/11 22:59
Elles se trouvent dans le dossier caché:
(elles sont réparties dans les differents sous dossiers)
Denis O - 2012/04/10 17:02

At first, thank you for the program. :)

I see that my pictures are resized very hardly from 1920x1080 to lower quality.

But stardart theme pics are with good quality (1920x1200).

How can I set my own picture with good quality?

PerWin - 2012/04/08 17:49
Mii de multumiri. E un software cool. I speack romanian.
Helix512 - 2012/04/08 15:02
i like the new look of this new version but i have a problme loading files. i see the names on the bottem bar but the tile preview of the photo is blank i hev tried a few different things ot see if the photo preview will show but nothing. and if i go back to the older verion i have it will crach due to too many photos in the folder.
Fabrice - 2012/04/07 22:09
J'aime beaucoup l'app c'est tres simple d'utilisation. Dans les prochaines mis a jour pense a integrer la possibilite de deplacer les casier d'utilisateurs ou bien y ajouter de la transparence.

Merci c'est du bon boulot
Tim2 - 2012/04/07 03:47
I am using an older version that allows you to set the time interval to change the background - it appears that in this latest version I can\'t do that, no interval selection ever appears!
NN64 - 2012/04/06 10:01
merci super beau
sergio975 - 2012/04/06 09:34
Je suis tres satisfait de:Windows 7 Logon Background .
C'est grandiose ! Merci.
troyca - 2012/04/05 23:45
je suis très satisfait et content de Longon Background Changer.
continuer à nous faire plaisir.
Dalila - 2012/04/05 22:57
Bonjour ,j'aime beaucoup cette application ,merci beaucoup !
Alain - 2012/04/05 15:51
Tout simplement génial. Merci
Kobus de Bruin - 2012/04/05 15:07
Marion - 2012/04/05 14:41
Thanks for this great app. Everybody is asking how did I change the background!
Madhan kumar - 2012/04/05 03:11
Its really awesome.I want this kind of new software which decorates computer
juan carlos - 2012/04/03 14:35
gracias por el programa se agradece gente como tu
Prashant Bhardwaj - 2012/04/02 21:35
Thanks for Awesome App dude...
Zetty - 2012/04/02 01:08
Thanks for the application! Now I can design my notebook from the beginning to the end...
celestine - 2012/04/01 23:38
thanks for making this great application. when i downloaded the first version it work well but after updating my window 7 it refuse to work, well i downloaded the new hoping to get it on track but it couldn't install. this the report i got "there is a problem with this windows installer package. a program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. contact your surpport personnel or package vendor". please can you help me wit dis, thanks
Bilal - 2012/03/31 09:04
Thanks,Worked Great!!
sate - 2012/04/05 01:49
Awesome app. I\'ll send my donation to show my appreciation.
Misaki - 2012/03/30 10:56
LMZ - 2012/03/24 16:06
Resolve problem :"Unable to write to c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds" : please go to this directory and you have to probably delete "backgroudDefault.jpg"

Retry Now to change Wallpaper and it works !
Eduard - 2012/03/23 22:14
Same problem :-(
"unable to write to: c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\"
REWinfo - 2012/03/27 08:34
This is also caused by 3 other problems:

1. File is marked READ ONLY

2. You do not have ADMINISTRATIVE rights.

3. File is \"LOCKED\" by another user.

Note: You may want to save the file to My Pictures.
Just in case you want to restore it.
ALSO, Rename the file to a \"DESCRIPTIVE\" file name.
Such as, Windows7logo.jpg
Warndog! - 2012/03/24 09:52
For the ppl with the "unable to write to: c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\"

Navigate to the "c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\" folder and delete "backgroundDefault.jpg"

The error is caused by the app not being able to overwrite it. Once you delete it and then apply a new image it will rewrite backgroundDefault.jpg.

Hope this helps
Jeff! 0998876 - 2012/03/23 21:54
when i downloaded this program...and opened it...it tooks time for opening so when i move it....it says program is not responding...:(.....Any ideas?..please
omniparker - 2012/03/23 21:34
I really like the app and it makes it easy. I set everything the way I wanted it but when I click appy I get an error "can not write to ....oobe/info/background. I havent seen the issue on here and I'm not sure why that would be. But it is a great looking app
Steven M - 2012/03/22 23:31
Like some have said, the latest version does not work properly. I can use the pictures in the default folder, but if I navigate to a different folder, there are no previews and I cannot apply any of the pictures as my background. The latest release is essentially broken.

I\'ve been using this program for a while (I think 1.3.4, but I don\'t know how to check) and it\'s worked great. I decided to try out the latest release since there were some stability issues, but I had to revert. I would suggest adding a download link for the older versions until there is a new working release.
VerboseOne - 2012/03/29 16:07
I have this same problem. Can only get previews of native Win 7 backgrounds. Even if I dump a jpg in the same folder it will not preview. No preview, no apply.
Julien MANICI - 2012/03/30 01:43
Sorry, I'm aware of this bug which happens on some computers (not on mine unfortunately, which made it difficult to spot it), and I will publish a fix soon.
In the meantime, you should download the version 1.3.4 which was not affected by this bug (you can still find it on softpedia)
sirlampsalot - 2012/03/30 14:30
Same problem here - I would be happy to test possible fixes for this issue.
darryl - 2012/03/21 19:49
Downloaded this product yesterday love it no problems yet hope there isn't any. I just like the fact that you can change the welcome screen to whatever you want rather than lokking at a blue screen when i login .. Windows 7 was supposed to be my idea but they forgot to listen when i said i want to change things my way .. oh well..

Thanks for this product
Puraisu Chem - 2012/03/21 09:34
Hey there! I love the app, but I've been having a (probably easily resolved) problem. I can't see any of my thumbnails, and will not let me actually apply any. But I did notice when I click 'Apply', it DOES copy the file name into the ...oobe/info folder. Thoughts?

russ781227 - 2012/03/19 16:10
Need help!
It won't read or show the picture I want for the Background.
Other pictures work but I can't get the one that I want to work.
They both have the same Pic Type and Size... But I don't know why it wont work with the new UI...

BTW, I love the style and look of the new Logon Background changer... Looks cool..
Nandh Kishore - 2012/03/19 10:58
This worked like a CHARM to me !!!
hafidh - 2012/03/17 21:34
excellent application qu'on a beaucoup attendue
CynicBound - 2012/03/17 17:08
I have to say this program is very well done. Nice UI for something so simple, it looks really good too. Not only does it look really good but is very simple to use, this was much faster than editing some things from a tutorial. Thank you for this wonderful program.
DOS window pops up - 2012/03/16 15:20
I get a dos window at login and it begins running commands and says there was errors found and :k was successfully deleted... What is this all about? And should I restore my PC back to Fact Settings?

Julien MANICI - 2012/03/17 00:14
I'm sorry you have this weird issue with your computer, but your problem is not caused by my app.

I guess you have downloaded and installed multiple apps the same day you installed mine, and one of this app may have caused this problem (or maybe your computer has been infected by a malware).
Stefan - 2012/03/13 23:19
Unable to write to : C:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\bagrounds
why not have this folder??? a use win 7 ultimate sp1. tks for help
Mickeael - 2012/03/13 04:10

J'ai également le pb
"unable to write to: c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\"
J'ai renommé le dossier "backgrounds" en "backgrounds2" et relancé l'appli mais toujours le même problème
Le dossier backgrounds est bien recréé et contient des.jpg mais ils sont tous à 0Ko.

Merci de votre aide
bigsky - 2012/03/10 23:18
Very nice tool you have provided, and beautiful photos for optional backgrounds. Thank you!
Robin Hood - 2012/03/10 21:12
Hello Sir

Let me start by stating that I have used your program/Application since 2010 and have very much enjoyed the interface. I have to admit that I check regularly for updates which would include more pictures or a function for allowing me to move my own pictures into the directory required for storing those pictures which are appropriate for background display.

I am very impressed with a developer such as yourself which has had to dedicate so much time and effort in maintaning and responding to all these comments. It speaks highly of your work and desire to continue to address these issues even as the Time-to-live may be running out soon.

I for one with continue to look for additional applications developed by you. I am also a professional tester so any anticipated beta releases of any pending development by you which you'd like feedback on please send corresopndance to the email address given.

I wanted to thank you for your efforts here and to look forward to the next big thing (latest development) of yours soon.

Sieze the day!
Julien MANICI - 2012/03/12 02:18
Thank you for this kind comment!
I will contact you when I'll need someone to test my next app.
mohd gufraan - 2012/03/08 11:55
its soo good annd soooo impress me.
Al - 2012/03/07 23:55
This is a wonderful tool. Allows us to set custom backgrounds on our School Division computers. I like that it's such an unobtrusive program - run it, it does the job, then it's not needed any more. An absolute must for any Technician USB stick! Thank you so much for this useful and reliable tool!!
diver7 - 2012/03/07 22:22
update to my last post. I downloaded the source code and debugged it (being a developer myself). The code appears to run fine without errors but it is seeing folders that aren't there. On line 180 of Imagescreation.cs it checks to see if the backgrounds folder exists and returns true even after I have deleted the folder! Obviously this is not a problem with your code. My laptop is just acting very strange right now. Have you ever see this type of issue before?
diver7 - 2012/03/07 21:41
I love this application! It\'s been working great for sometime now but I just had to rebuild my laptop and now it\'s now working. No errors are displayed but it is not writing the image file to the Backgrounds folder.

Any troubleshooting tips?
Skorpius - 2012/03/07 10:17
Hello, congratulations!
This is a really useful Praogramm
Thank you!
yotsuba302 - 2012/03/05 16:10
merci beaucoup,beau boulot ! j'adore !!!
Kazoo - 2012/03/04 19:33
Like the product, just makes me nervous that it doesn't interface with the rest of display personalization functions in windows 7 64 bit.

1. How do I customize the screen saver settings? 2. How do I uninstall if desired? I uninstalled but the program was still functioning so I just restored it.

Julien MANICI - 2012/03/05 15:02
Once you customized your logon background, my application doesn't need to run or to be installed anymore. That's why if you uninstall it, Windows will keep the custom logon background.

If you want to restore the original background, run my app and choose "default Windows wallpaper" (this first item in the thumbnail list), then click Apply.
AZEEM MOHAMAD - 2012/03/04 15:23
Iam searching for this application....thanks Julien-Manici.com
djoe - 2012/03/03 16:28
thank you
Mickie - 2012/03/03 06:15
So far I have added this utility to Vista and Win 7 and it works just fine. However, you have to PAY attention. The only issue I found is not with the software, but with the OS. Several of the computers I have used this program on have had OE images set by the manufacture and the naming convention, size etc. of these files can fool and confuse the program. With a little head scratching and sniffing around you can discover this error and fix it easily. I sent a bug report in on this issue, so I think that either the programmer will fix it or include a work around in a help file.
Julien MANICI - 2012/03/05 14:59
I didn't receive your bug report.
Did you send it to my email address displayed on the contact page?
infamous - 2012/03/05 08:12
okay guys if your computer doesnt like it then its not the software its the background changer becuase all your computers will keep updating and then it will not work. if it is your computer the is alot of ways to fix it but itll take to long to explain in a comment instead i will create a video on how to fix it and then you guys can look it up.
ZAMAN BAJWA - 2012/02/28 15:10
Very bad.
Tuneup utilities is The best change logo background
nop - 2012/03/01 21:53
It works great, I love this utility. Its alot easier than doing the reghack and resizing images yourself.

There\'s lots of idiots in these comments...
TONEY - 2012/03/05 06:45
geet - 2012/02/27 12:23
i want to convert it to full version tell me about it how ?
john76 - 2012/02/26 12:08
Its very good!i like a view
WJ - 2012/02/25 13:25
GOOD very good!!!
:/ - 2012/02/24 16:07
It doesn't work
sai kumar - 2012/02/29 13:48
very baddddd not working.......
Harold - 2012/03/01 06:11
Yep it works, just pay attention to what you're doing and you'll make it work. Worked just fine on win 7 64 bit version... I wonder why you couldn't make it.
The Bopper - 2012/02/24 03:57
I love it....very fresh looking!

BeZerKZzz - 2012/02/22 22:08
Great :)
A.Sirajudeen - 2012/02/22 05:54
it is really very super
Vladimir M - 2012/02/19 20:33
Its easy and wonderful.Thanx!
~Evil Clown~ - 2012/02/17 22:38
awesome software love it
hope to see a rotation or daily changer like George said sometime
5 out 5!!!!!! great work!
s.s.reddy - 2012/02/17 14:45
thanx a lot........
Gary Grice - 2012/02/24 06:13
Awesome it works
Farrah - 2012/02/17 07:31
its so wonderful ...
narak - 2012/02/15 15:54
thanzzzz you................ i love you...
George F. - 2012/02/14 13:11
Love your software. The original screen was so blah! Wish you could set it up so it would change daily.
Cadromath - 2012/02/14 10:23
Excellent petit logiciel.

Fonctionne nickel

Sauf dans un cas : apparemment, si un des fichiers utilise la caractère "_", le logiciel n'arrive pas a afficher les images.

Mais sinon félicitations ! c'est cool
JoeZ - 2012/02/13 16:41
Great software! It would be even better if you could do two things:

1) Have a \'box\' that you can drag over the original image to select what part of the image you want to be the logon wallpaper. Currently you are stuck with the center of the image which is not always the best part.

2) Give the option to zoom in/out on an image so you can choose the part you want to be the wallpaper.

Without these options, you still have to resize and crop images to use them as logon wallpaper. While not a huge issue, this is such an elegant piece of software that including these abilities would make it even better.
Richard McCoy - 2012/02/13 10:34
In my explore ring of your product I have come across something that I can only call an odd characteristic. Technically, I have uninstalled the changer but everything has not gone back to \"normal\". During boot my dual monitors get eight small dashes in the upper left hand corner. I never saw this until I installed the program so I am following the theory of correlation follows causation, or maybe that it is the other way around. Anyway, I think the system is trying to display *something* but I don\'t know what. In checking other matters I wanted to run chkdsk on the C drive and that was when I was confounded. The dashes showed up and stayed for quite a while. I think they were up about long enough for chkdsk to run according the parameters I had given it. Suggestions?
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/14 20:26
I think you have an hardware issue with your video card.

This kind of dashes/dots appearing on one or several horizontal lines of pixels happens when video memory is corrupted, due to a hardware issue.

Anyway, my app isn't causing this behavior, since it doesn't alter any system files (it just uses a way to change the wallpaper that is documented and supported by microsoft).
Rally - 2012/02/13 08:51
I love the software! It's been working perfectly as it's supposed to be. I installed it a while ago and now I would like to change the image back to the windows default as I'm giving my computer to my brother and she doesn't like the image.

Could you please post directions to how to set it back to the default Windows 7 log on?

Thank you so very much for creating such an easy and helpful product!
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/14 20:27
Just run the app again, and select "default windows wallpaper" (the first item in the thumbnail list), then click "Apply".
James - 2012/02/11 21:09
Love the concept but I have been unable to use the software so far. When I try to change the background pic using one you provided in the software I get this error message;

"unable to write to: c:\windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\

I hope it can be corrected and thanks for your help and the software
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/13 02:25
open the following folder:

then rename the existing "backgrounds" folder to "backgrounds2".

Run my app again, it should work now.

I'll fix this bug in the version 1.5.2
bob - 2012/02/12 01:42
Quand je click sur Appliquer, ça inscrit: c:\windows\system32\oobe\backgrounds\

hier ça fonctionnait très bien.

robertwalton - 2012/02/12 01:33
I got the same message??
robertwalton - 2012/03/05 19:06
I reinstall it and it works great.
Joe - 2012/02/11 15:12

I found out about your program through TechRepublic website. Your program does exactly what it says and is very simple to use.

I had one slight small problem which I think can be easily fixed. I changed my background to a custom photo. I wanted to go back and look through the photos you have that is included with your software. However I am having problems finding the default directory where your photos are stored. I think I would like to be able to add any photos I have to your default directory so they are easy to find.

I also have a suggestion, perhaps others have thought of this. is there any way the program would allow the background photo to be automatically changed on some type of schedule? For example, I would create a directory that has my default background photos. I point your program to that directory, and every time I logoff or reboot, or shutdown, the background photo is different all the time?

This is just an idea.

I do love your program, it is much easier to use than doing the necessary registry changes, etc the manual way.


Shireen - 2012/02/13 10:01
Great program :)

I also think Joe's suggestion of a schedule to change the image would be a great addition.
bob - 2012/02/10 20:15
je l' adore!
Dean - 2012/02/10 19:01
Cannot get it to work - stuck in endless loop.

Every time I attempt to change the wallpaper, it asks for permission to do so. I choose "yes" and a few seconds later the same screen appears asking for permission again.

This goes on endlessly.

Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/10 21:01
Try to download the latest version (1.5.1).

If it doesn't solve you problem:

open the following folder:

then rename the existing "backgrounds" folder to "backgrounds2".

Run my app again, it should now work.
Volsing - 2012/02/10 15:57
Read about your utility in TechRepublic. Very, very nice work. It's not just what it does, but how it does it. Very elegant interface. The one thing I couldn't figure out, however, was how to easily slide the thumbnail list to the right or left. As I selected thumbnails one by one and I reached the right-most thumbnail, it exposed about half of the next thumbnail. By clicking it, it shifted everything to the left and exposed half of the next thumbnail. A curious way to move right, but it worked. But once I got all the way to the right and there were no more, I wanted to move left to choose a picture I had seen earlier. I couldn't figure out how to move to the left at all. I ended up closing and reopening the program. Did I miss something?
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/10 20:54
Glad you like the user interface of my app!

To scroll the thumbnail list, you can:
-use the scrollbar below the list (it is almost invisible until you move the mouse cursor over it),
-use the (vertical) mouse wheel,
-or use the keyboard (once an item is selected) to select the previous or the next item in the list.
kghoops - 2012/02/09 00:27
Hi, I was happy to find some updates to this because my 1.3 version would always crash on me.

Can you tell me if I\'m doing something wrong? I\'m choosing a wallpaper to apply but it\'s blown way up so the top and bottom are getting cut off. Does the wallpaper I choose have to be the exact same size as the laptop resolution for it to not do this? I don\'t see any options to \"fit to size\" or anything like when applying a desktop wallpaper.
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/10 21:04
Sorry there is no "fit to size" behavior, because that would involve displaying black bars around the picture, and that's not something most users would expect.
fara - 2012/02/08 07:33
it's nice and very good thank you
TTJK - 2012/02/07 03:57
When I try to use this I can't get my own pictures to show up. When I click choose a folder and I select my pictures folder, no pictures are there. What am I doing wrong?
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/07 08:20
you're not doing anything wrong, it's a bug in the version 1.5.1.
I will publish a fix in a few days.
In the meantime, to avoid this bug, use the choose folder button to open directly the folder containing the picture you want to use.

Do not browse folders using the bottom bar, as it triggers a bug in the way thumbnails are loaded.
Ridicurous - 2012/02/04 17:53
Hi I get an error after it tries to apply the image. It says: Error
Unable to write to:
C:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\ Any ideas?
Julien MANICI - 2012/02/04 22:56
Could you try to go to the aforementioned folder and tell me if it already exists?

If so, try to rename the "backgrounds" folder to another name (like "backgrounds2").

Please tell me if this solves your problem.
Anonymous34718 - 2012/02/07 12:19
In C:\Windows\system32\oobe\info\backgrounds\ renaming the "backgrounds" folder to "backgrounds2" worked for me.
Xulescu - 2012/02/08 22:23
This thing worked for me to! Thank you!
slim - 2012/02/04 14:26
thx my friend
jeffspirit - 2012/02/04 12:26
This is a great utility for folks who don't know their systems in that afraid to make errors, etc. I have not used this but sounds great. For me with my Aspire desktop, it had two background folders. One was for the OEM, other Microsoft package. What worked for me to change to a logon log off screen was take permissions of two folders inside oobe at system32. There I copied the originals in case I want to revert to the original settings again. Anyway left the HKLM setting at logon UI at 1, which was the OEM setting. All I had to do was use Windows paint to put images into the default close to the resolutions for such. I did both Background folders to be sure, one was a Backgrounds NOWAIT though I tested that to see what affect it would have on change. Anyway this worked, no script change, no registry change, no hack to registry. Just four permissions changes total. Should I put the registry value at 0, this reverts to the Microsoft install using the bitmap path. At 1 it's the OEM/Microsoft, so what I actually did was share those files with system32. Similar to Microsoft shared folders. That's why it worked. Sort of a side door entry parallel to the system, so no conflicts with pathways, more like an overlay of automatic script from the Windows side.
adote - 2012/02/04 07:57
thanx a lot, this is great!
i-m - 2012/02/03 10:24
great app, and it works smooth!
Is there possible to make a setting that will randomly use any of the pictures in the selected folder? That would be fun. :)
Bart - 2012/02/03 07:32
Juste un petit commentaire pour dire que ce soft est génial ;)
Zigitwo - 2012/01/31 19:45
alienware - 2012/01/30 10:45
this doesn't work with my alienware m11x the 1.5.0 beta worked flawless but the older version hangs on my laptop never wants to install it or says fill error and closes please can u get beta back up i really love this program
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/31 18:44
I just released the version 1.5.1 a few hours ago. Sorry for the wait.
Ugh! - 2012/01/29 16:22
App doesn't work. Opens and immediately says there is a new version available, would I like to download now. Clicking yes brings me to this same webpage with no new version available. Clicking no just closes the app. Are you really releasing a new version today?
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/31 18:41
The final version without expiration is now available.
Sorry for the late release.
qwerwer - 2012/01/28 09:44
when will the Final of 1.5 be released? thx
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/28 20:41
I finished working on it this morning. I'll release it tomorrow.
Miggisirri - 2012/01/23 15:23
Version 1.5 beta is great ! when will the Final be released?
Martin T. - 2012/01/22 19:11
a verry nice programm its perfekt and i use it since 1 year THX for programming ;)
sally ayumi - 2012/01/21 19:52
it's really great! works very well on my windows 7 ultimate. Thank you so much. Keep on doing great jobs!
AlphaBlazeSR - 2012/01/21 11:32
Way cool man! Microsoft should consider including this tweak as a standard in Windows 8. Thanks for sharing!
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/23 21:25
Windows 8 will support changing the logon background screen natively! (Windows Developer Preview already supports it)

Unfortunately this means the end of this app ^^
Killer - 2012/01/26 17:57
Nice bit of software, only one issue, would it be possibl;e to add a time delay before the screen reverts to the logon screen, at the moment it seems to lock screen a bit to quickly.

Apart from this minor tweak I can say that I am more than happy with this application, one of the few that delivers as promised,
Makes a change for the software to acctually do as promised with out hanging the system at boot!!!!

Thanks a bunch, it seems a shame that Microsoft have caught up and included this type of software in Windows 8, taking the P*** really, stealing the best ideas of the independant programmers and making out it was there idea no doubt.

Thanks for a brilliant app that really works, I look forward to your next endeavour with keen interest and much anticipation.
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/28 21:04
Thank you for your comment :)

This app doesn't lock your user session automatically, it's Windows 7 itself who decides when it should do so.

If you want to extend the delay before Windows locks your computer (causing it to display the logon screen when you haven't used your computer for a few minutes), look in your screen saver settings (or power management settings) to extend the delay before the screen saver starts, or before the computer goes to sleep. The logon screen is displayed after resuming from sleep or after exiting the screen saver.

Concerning the fact that MS is going to allow to change the logon screen background wallpaper in Win8, I think it's a great thing for everyone! They're not stealing any idea here (actually they even implemented a documented way to change this wallpaper in Windows 7, but they didn't provide a user interface to do it).

In fact, I can't even say that merely changing a wallpaper on a screen is an "idea", it's just a basic feature that should have been exposed to the user a long time ago!

Anyway, my next endeavour will be based on the skills I learnt while developping this app, thus no effort is lost! Also, my next project is going to be much more useful than this app!
Darren Tebo - 2012/01/30 17:52
Thank you for all of your hard work in creating this program Julien! It is very much appreciated and gave me a great learning opportunity in modifying another person's program to implement new features. I have also begun work on my next project (for Windows 8). It will be a Medication Reminder App. I wish you the best of luck in your future programming endeavors. I am always here if you would like help with your other projects as well. Good Luck!
loki6475 - 2012/01/19 07:38
great ! this is the easiest program to change windows 7 starter that ive found good job and thanks !!!!!!!!!!
EXPERT - 2012/01/16 00:46
It's completely useless! All I was looking for was a way to make my computer NOT display: " Windows & Home Premium" on the login screen.
Hasan - 2012/01/17 16:54
i think you must edit the resourses on authui.dll to hide that
miryck - 2012/01/15 01:41
Progamme super et simple d'utilistion BRAVO !!!!!!
a different Pete - 2012/01/14 16:43
The program used to work great, but now when I try to run it, a few seconds after the program starts, I get \"The program has stopped working\", in a window that prompts me to close the program. This still happens even after I reinstalled. I am using Window 7 home premium, 64 bit.
Velislav Enchev - 2012/01/10 15:44
Great program. I love it.
One problem - it's using a huge quantity of RAM - 1 646 308k (in this moment). System is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64; Intel Core2 Quad CPU 2.66GHz; 8GB of RAM
lazylaza.96@gmail.co - 2012/01/09 16:48
Hi when i run it the windows open up and it says A new version of .... Would you like to download it?
When I press no it just exits and if I say yes it opens my default browser and exit it :( help
Sandeepr_141 - 2012/01/09 15:05
Thanks its working great now.......i had some problems but i reinstalled this software and this works great now.thanks again!
anthonyFR - 2012/01/09 10:53
It s a great App, what will the App in coming soon??? Thanks you mr MANICI
Sandeepr_141 - 2012/01/09 05:35
Whenever i am changing my background it is asking me again n again for the admin permission to change in cmd something.....i am not understanding what is happening..pl help!thanks.
zubair_ - 2012/01/08 13:37
hey cool Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
waseem - 2012/01/08 21:46
dud cn u hlp me hw to dwnload it coz m nt abl to dwnload it
Raider - 2012/01/08 04:57
I really like this progam. Thank you. I just wonder what my biken buddies are going to think when they find out I'm a girl. Oh well thats why I ride a 1854 cc. Raider. It's really an extension.
Miggisirri - 2012/01/07 17:02
1.5 ist super auf win 7 x64. mach die final fertig !
Elm.exX - 2012/01/07 16:53
Thank you very much, Mr. Manici!

The Windows 7 Logon Background Changer is a very nice software. The standard Windows Logon Background was so boring... !
phillips - 2012/01/06 20:04
i try to run it on my pc but it tells me i need to download the new version which is supposed to be in this page but i don't see it here. anyone please help
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/07 20:00
I'm sorry, the version 1.5.0 (beta) has expired 2 days ago and I have not updated it yet. I'll try to publish the final version tomorrow. Try to download the version 1.3.4 in the meantime.
Shubham Kher - 2012/01/06 06:19
Its a very bad software
only for girls, i don't like it.this is a foolish software
Julien MANICI - 2012/01/07 20:06
@Shubham Kher
very valuable comment! /sarcasm

@Chinx and @LYF4CE
Thanks for standing up for me :)
Chinx - 2012/01/07 15:31
subham, before calling the developer a fool, just think a second about yourself. its just a simple design tool and maybe next time you learn some bit of respect. dont show ur rascal behavior everywhere.
LYF4CE - 2012/01/06 21:10
Just saying the software is bad doesn't help the developer, and making insulting comments is childish. What exactly is bad about it? Since it's been working for me and many others, perhaps you should let the developer know what's going on so he can try to help you get it fixed on your end or make a bug fix.
Ramo - 2012/01/06 06:02
great work, it couldnt be easier to use.
customization at its best.keep it up.
Josuemental - 2012/01/05 01:51
It's not compatible with Windows 7 so... it's useless, version 1.3.4 anyways.
LYF4CE - 2012/01/06 21:07
I\'ve been using v1.3.4 on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 for many months now without any problems. Maybe you should send the delevoper a note with your problems before saying it doesn\'t work at all.
David Alejandro - 2012/01/03 17:39
I can help to make the spanish ressource, off course if you agree.
This would improve the portability
alexutzu - 2011/12/30 14:57
great work
Nickload - 2011/12/28 19:04
Works fine,,,Great program
manu kamboj - 2011/12/27 16:11
i like it so gud software and easy to use
zrjhiey - 2011/12/26 13:49
I've always tweak my win 7 log on.. and i find this app great to my liking .. keep up bro...
TimmyJ - 2011/12/19 22:03
I have used this program before and it is great, but how do I download it now? None of the download buttons download anything.
Yovinus Gokil - 2011/12/18 03:01
This is very very good, I like it.....!
Amit pandey - 2011/12/29 05:31
grt app and pls sugest me more apps related with visual style in windows 7
Proxi - 2011/12/14 18:10
Does this allow you to apply a background to a secondary monitor? The 2nd monitor always blacks out when you lock the screen in Win7

LouisVictor - 2011/12/14 02:55
Keep up the spirit. that is a very good job. Many thanks
kunal - 2011/12/12 13:29
very good application!!
i like it!
this application is easy to manage and easy to change the background of logon screen.
nawdi - 2011/12/12 07:41
it is a very good application.... now... i can change my logon background...
Tugo - 2011/12/09 16:53
Great app, no more boring background i have been hating the windows background since i got my laptop. COOL APPLICATION and easy to manage.
Hari Das - 2011/12/08 08:47
like it
Teesh - 2011/12/06 07:50
Awesome utility. I tried to do this manually and I made all the same changes your utility did and yet it didn't work. So thanks for your utility!!
t.horne - 2011/12/06 06:10
I'll more than happily download your program sounds great. Let me know which of the 57 download buttons actually downloads your pragam. Been pushing buttons for thirty minutes and still haven't found the right one.
calfrove - 2011/12/05 04:18
wow, this is awesome. kinda reminds me of Fast Shutdown by xetoware. http://www.xetoware.com/fast-shutdown.html
namka - 2011/12/02 22:40
thank you Julien MANICI
Jon - 2011/12/06 00:19
When I try and change the picture, none of my photos are visible for me to apply? HELP!!
IgWa - 2011/12/11 16:42
Your Images must be .jpg NOT .jpeg
all will be ok after
Avery - 2011/11/27 19:19
Simple way to do a cool customization. No trouble for more than 1 year now on on Lenovo X200 running Windows 7 Pro (x64).
Eorxroa - 2011/11/27 14:53
will be work Windows 7 Pro SP1 in Get logon background changer yet!
Good Luck,Thanks!
fearon1600 - 2011/11/24 00:04
great ,fast ,easy ,simple
thank you for this program :)
amit thumar - 2011/11/22 13:33
excellent piece of code....specially effects n neatness is good as compared to other login screen changer....keep up the good work...!!
Lorenzo Anonim Boy - 2011/11/21 22:29
http://win7logoeditor.ucoz.com/ aplication for edit logo
cassanus - 2011/11/20 23:41
très bon. simple, pratique, éfficace, sans fioriture. il s'avère ergonomique et intuitif, son concepteur à fait un travail d'empathie à l'égard des utilisateurs potentiel que même le plus nul arrive à le prendre en main en moins de deux minutes. au regard de la proportion à la sophistication des logiciels de tous poils associé à un develloppement exponentiel d'absence d'ergonomie, cet aspect d'empathie est rassurant et agréable. félicitation. PS en plus il est en français...
Brekmister - 2011/11/20 23:01
haha it does work on windows 7 starter and it works wonderful but hey can i download those default pics that comes with the program so i can use them for my desktop backround? (yes i like toying around with my registry lol)
Prasad - 2011/11/14 19:02
Where is the folder of images
AVJ Rox - 2011/11/11 11:41
Its a Wonderful Software..
I m using it for my Images and It works perfectly..
Sufyaan Jasat - 2011/11/08 07:30
How about my own pics? can i make them my login screen from this software?
Brekmister - 2011/11/29 03:56
You can just scroll all the way to the other end or choose open folder to find your pic and then go to the other end trust me i figure out programs FAST!
Graham - 2011/11/08 00:57
Excellent!!! Many thanks.
Stevo - 2011/11/01 06:21
Awesome stuff,Thank you, Keep up the good work.
Andy T - 2011/10/31 03:18
I have been using this for about a year now, but as of a few days ago, the program keeps closing about 5 seconds after I open it to change the wallpaper. The message box says it has to close the program, so I receive no specific error message.
Jay007 - 2011/11/11 05:59
I just got the program today and I have the same problem as you. Almost as soon as I open the program Windows says the program has crashed and needs to close.
Dom. - 2011/11/15 20:38
=( Yes, my pc has this problem,too.
flashpop - 2011/10/29 19:18
I have two monitors and the image comes up in the middle of the two. Leaving a large area without coverage. It won't fit the two screens. Any ideas on how I can fix that?
Seemab Ahmed Mayo - 2011/10/27 04:47
Its owsum....
The way by which one can customize logo screen he wantsss...
Raja - 2011/10/26 12:28
There are many other softwares for the same purpose but this one's the best... Keep It Up...
samer najjar - 2011/10/20 13:41
Patricklzp - 2011/10/15 06:31
i\'m wondering how the \"choose the folder\" function working?
i\'m tried to choose my background picture through that function but it ain\'t show my picture on the list, can someone give me a guide of this problem?
holly - 2011/10/26 22:17
i like it but i does take a long time to downloud
alam - 2011/10/14 09:30
that's what i want!thanks...
schmurtz - 2011/10/13 19:43
Juste un petit merci pour ce petit soft bien utile !
C'est simple et ça fonctionne bien !
Urvesh Patel - 2011/10/12 08:30
It's nice.
garfieldfox - 2011/10/11 15:55
Cela ne fonctionne pas, je tourne en rond avec le logiciel. Il me demande de choisir, de répondre oui ou non (je dis oui) et cela recommence sans aller une seule fois au bout..... HELP. Oui je suis français et ne parle pas l'anglais...
Raz - 2011/10/07 09:15
Perfect software! Why isn't this standard?
Bhavin Sarvaiya - 2011/10/07 07:16
All the software are very easy and i like it thankyou for julien-manici.com.....
Omi - 2011/10/06 16:05
Thnks man its awesome one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iTails - 2011/10/02 08:35
Thanks a lot man! Works well. Really nice interface as well. It would be nice if you made this all one executable instead of a folder. Great work though.
puneeth - 2011/09/22 08:18
awesome one .thanxs for free download
The Doctor - 2011/09/21 02:37
YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JamesMayfair - 2011/09/18 01:26
Thanks, it is running nicely!
Jack_ - 2011/09/14 21:16
Hello Julien, thx for all!!!your program is great and very simple to use it works perfectly on my windows 7 home premium x64
However i have a problem my logon screnn back to default wallpaper when i change windows 7 theme(background theme)
i explain : if i have a theme applied for my wallpapers, when i use your program it works great and change my logon screen but if i change for another windows 7 theme, the default wallpaper of logon screen is reactivated i would like to prevent windows 7 themes to change my logon screen Plllllllllleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! anywone has a trick for this??? Julien????thx a lot for replies!!!!!!!!!
Ash - 2011/09/13 05:06
This program works so well. I like that it also allows me to use pictures bigger than 256kb (or I miss read the pic size lol). Anyway thanks heaps for your awesome work!!
mostafa - 2011/09/11 21:55
Your program is very good
mostafa from iran
Mr Bill - 2011/09/07 22:11
worked perfectly, I use this all over the place, thanks so much!
karthie - 2011/09/07 08:19
ya... its really super.... thanks for this wonderful software...
jaydeep - 2011/09/03 22:06
nice software & not error this software......
B1 - 2011/08/31 12:39
what do you do if every time you click apply the program stops responding?
Marius_ - 2011/08/26 12:55
Awesome program! Thank you very much!!!
Sudheer - 2011/08/26 10:50
Thanks its working. :)
Nico Paganini - 2011/08/25 10:31
Hi ! I downloaded it and installed it without problem. But when I start it, the program load pictures, and crash instantly. So, I tried to uninstall and reinstall, but it still to crash...
It is very annoying, especially since it looked really good.
I hope you will fix that.
Markus - 2011/09/08 06:39
I'm having the same problem as Nico, except it only seems to have trouble with a single folder. I'm guessing there's something in there that doesn't agree with the program, but now I can't get it to switch folders so that it doesn't crash. :/

Reinstalling doesn't seem to be helping either. It just loads up the same folder and crashes again.
Ryuji - 2011/08/30 20:35
@nico paganini

you dont need to install it just copy the folder and run the exe of win7 logon bg changer and it will work fine no crashes or whatsover i hope this helps
Randy - 2011/08/22 19:43
Question: When trying to add our company logo as the background, it over stretches it and you can't tell it's our logo. I've tried every foramt and it does the same to each. Any suggestions? Other than that, well put together.
guy - 2011/09/18 04:43
edit an image the size of your monitors resolution and then add that as a background
StingRay - 2011/09/12 00:53
Sir try the ffg,, 1st know your screen / monitor resolution, 2nd edit your company logo at the size of your screen / monitor resolution [you\'ll be needing a graphics software for editing] then try to apply at the background changer
drew Peterson - 2011/08/21 20:46
Just a question ? is there a setting for 2 monitors ?
SONY - 2011/09/26 21:52
haffarovic - 2011/09/01 14:59
Thanks Man
keep up the good work
ur awsome
zaabi med - 2011/08/21 03:24
thank you for the program
Sandy - 2011/08/20 17:04
Thanks a lot!!
JimmyJammer - 2011/08/20 11:44
I want to get the icon out of the center and placed off to the side.
NakedMike - 2011/08/19 09:25
This works perfectly on my HP dv6 laptop, windows 7 home premium. Thank you so much for sharing Julien.
Pinky - 2011/08/16 08:39
Not German. Schade.
nancy - 2011/08/01 11:25
5 stars, love it. can't wait to see what's next. thanks for sharing, julien.
Jamshid - 2011/08/01 03:25
It's working good.
thanks or your program
Mr Awesome - 2011/07/30 01:14
Thanks Dude!
It Works Good On My Laptop Which Is Windows 7 Home Premiem
But How Do You Get The Full Licensed
Send It To My Email Plz.
Thanks Again.

Vedprakash Patel - 2011/07/29 18:28
this is good
Rams - 2011/07/24 02:41
Nice its working Cool. Thanks for the Good Work. :)
tran ai - 2011/07/23 12:48
markfrombelgium - 2011/07/23 08:54
amazing software, awesome !!!!
turn login screen in what i wants, it\'s really simple !
it works great on my system !!!!!
10+ stars.
windows 7 Ultimate - 64 bit
I CORE 7 sanndy bridge 2600 socket 1155.
asus mobo p8p67 - 12Gb memory
8 Terrabite HDD

Deep - 2011/07/22 12:23
This works correctly. Thanks
Pijush Gupta - 2011/07/20 19:19
My Comp Config:

Athlon II X2
4GB of RAM
ATI 5450 GPU

Works like a Charm. Thanks man for making it freeware. Good Luck for your next modification of this application.
Shodan - 2011/07/19 19:54
Just discovered this little app and like everything about it with one exception. The config file is written and kept under the User folder, so it is not truly portable. It would be great if the app looked in it\'s own folder for the config file FIRST, before creating a config file under the User folder. This way it could be run from a USB stick without writing to a client\'s PC. Thanks for listening ! !
khyx0011 - 2011/07/15 16:00
Thanks so much!!! i really like this app its AWESOME! Two thumbs up! :D
t3cky - 2011/07/10 06:30
Good work man... But I cannot get back to default windows settings after i uninstalled it and deleted the folder which i download. So i couldn't change my logon screen, help me to fix this. Logon Studio is also not working.
_-elkelk-_ - 2011/08/25 23:08
hey t3echy all you need to do is go to top right click on the default button and click apply and with the studio not working its cause of your computer this program runs really slow on netbooks because this is a demanding app so what you need to do is keep trying over and over till it works it does that to me so just keep going hope this helps cya
Datacide - 2011/07/05 06:40
Worked a treat! Just what I was looking for. Goodbye lame flowery feel and stupid dove. Hello Zombies. :)
Chimaera - 2011/06/23 00:33
Really strange, when I run this program it immediately crashes after 3 seconds. Also after install: running program and crash immediately. I\'m using Win 7 64 bit, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. Any clue?
nysbigdave - 2011/07/09 23:56
If your having Problems or the it crashses... try moving it to a folder with less images... the program chokes when it tries to generate to many thumbnails..

however this application is freaking Awesome!!!!
Darren Tebo - 2011/12/29 20:33
I don't know why, but the multithreading code seems that I wrote in this program appears to be missing now. That would help performance a lot as far as I am aware. If I remember correctly, I even had it dynamically checking the number of cores and setting up the appropriate number of threads based on that. Can you provide me information on what happened to that code Julien? I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you.
KeviinE - 2011/06/21 19:22
Hey man,, I used your application but it seems that when it loads the external folders (like usually folders that I created and put all the good wallpapers inside), it closes after a few seconds giving, \"not responding\" error.
_-elkelk-_ - 2011/08/25 23:10
the reason is cause its a demanding app and if you have a slow computer t will frequently say not responding but just keep trying and it will work :D
Phil Roberts - 2011/06/20 15:13
Fantastic Program, Thank you Julien, Great work. Works brilliantly, I now have my desktop gmail search and login screen all the same for a fantastic theme throughout my pc.

An Absolutely MUST HAVE for windows 7 users :)

5x Stars....
jordan - 2011/06/19 08:39
amazing software thank for posting hope you will put same application like that thank julian....
VTT - 2011/06/20 06:15
xikes - 2011/10/09 17:44
Same here. I'm running Win7 64bit Ultimate.
Please, help.
MustBeUnique - 2011/06/18 13:23
FYI: unfortunately the tool is NOT working on my system with Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, all updates/patches installed as of today (18/06/2011).

I run the tool, select the new wallpaper, a screen comes up with this message:

(1) \\\"Please wait... The wallpaper is being applied\\\"

At the end of the progress bar a new message comes up:

(2) \\\"information This program needs your authorization to enable the change of the logon screen background. Click \\\"Yes\\\" to continue.\\\"

I click on \\\"Yes\\\", the message (1) comes up again, then (2), then (1), then (2) and so on. It\\\'s an endless lock and the background picture is never being changed.

xyron - 2011/07/13 00:58
it works perfect on win7 ultimate x64
No admin running
Thanks Julien..good work
Joey11 - 2011/06/21 14:00
I am experiencing the same on a Windows 7 Professional 32bits machine.
Eventually the program crashes.

Running with admin rights or elevated does not help at all.
It always worked before but since I applied the patches today (21-6-2011) it stopped working correctly.

: (
Andrew B - 2011/06/17 22:32
Hi I was wondering if you could email me with how to uninstall this program and completely remove it from my registry and all that so I can use windows to choose my background. I want to keep using this program I love it I just get weird when it comes to messing with my computer settings I don't want any permanent damage. So if you could email me with those steps and explain how to me I would appreciate it. Thanks!
Nickd - 2011/06/25 10:53
Ok i installed this on my netbook and thought my buddy would like it so did his too but now im upset because he has one that has one of those chinese style buildings and mine does not. tried downloading from different places and we both have 7 ultimate.
maria - 2011/06/17 06:08
Hey, this is a great app, but I was wondering if there was a way to manually add new wallpapers for easy application through the app.

Juan- Van Nuys CA - 2011/06/08 23:08
Amazing....i donated some cash. I know you deserve more and beleave me, I will show off my computr to my friends and hope to get them excited too....

Thanks Julien
Julien MANICI - 2011/06/12 20:45
thanks :)
Joe C - 2011/06/08 18:42
Hi, I've changed the folder in this program and I can't get it back to how it was before. I've tried setting C:\Windows\Web\Wallpapers as the folder, but not all of the previous images seem to be there.

Any ideas?
Julien MANICI - 2011/06/12 20:45
There's a button in "Settings" to reset the default folder selection (which is actually not a real folder).
Michael111 - 2011/06/06 15:54
Thaks so much! it was easy to do!)))
anonymz - 2011/06/05 19:05
amazing work man. But how to DISABLE IT. Pls help me. i tried the disable command line in the PROGRAM FILES>>DISABLE LOGON BACKGROUND.CMD
rspercy60 - 2011/05/31 16:37
You said this was made with VS 2008 C# WPF. By any chance, did you use Expression Blend for the design?

The reason I asked is I am trying to do the same thing in VB WPF
and I would like to know the exact steps you took in designing your application. Please send me an e-mail at my posted email address.

I have tried several different ways and cannot get the (ani) to work in any of the apps I have already designed

I have one that works in WinForms, but not with any animation which adds a major PLUS to your app.

Your app works great on my machine. Have not had any problems
as of yet. THNX for a great application.
Darren Tebo - 2011/08/27 22:50
The best thing you can do to learn how the animation was implemented is to download the source code and analyze that thoroughly to see how he implemented it. That is how I learned it to add the features to it that I added. I can tell you one thing. It is a lot easier to do in WPF and it uses Storyboards. That should get you started. : )
Andrew B - 2011/06/14 04:05
I\\\\\\\'m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and this program works perfectly for me on my laptop. I have the picture I wanted there for a long time Thank alot your product is well appreciated. The only thing I saw was my computer warned me it could harm my computer but I unchecked the ask box and ran and so far no problems. Maybe in the future you could publish it or something so that doesn\\\\\\\'t happen. Also is there a way to uninstall it if I don\\\\\\\'t want it anymore? But still cool product.
nonamanja - 2011/06/13 05:29
bad app...
kevin lewis - 2011/05/28 10:36
i love this, its so easy to use!
cxm - 2011/05/28 00:37
muy bueno ojala posteen mas progrmas chevere
Slevin Kalevera - 2011/05/21 15:22
Works amazing! Just have to make sure to read the readme.txt file... As most n00bs do not. Also, make sure to Run as Admin, and running the "enable" command line script does not hurt as well. N00bs... Never fail to amaze me.
dafmat71 - 2011/06/17 13:43
Mate, im not a noob, ok, im sure i know all the things better than you, if i said it crashes, it crashes, the note file have nothing to do with that, it worked in the past but now it crashes, ok?
dafmat71 - 2011/05/18 13:51
Julien, il a toujours fonctionné, mais depuis aujourd'hui( je ne l'ai plus utilisé depuis 1 bon mois)il crashe apres 10 secondes à tout les coups!!
Yogi - 2011/05/17 04:30
Thanks for such a great program. Simple and easy to use and i especially like the fact that you can map to a particular folder and preview the pictures along the top. Not to sound pushy, but any chance of a future update to cater for dual monitors.
Elìas - 2011/05/15 05:58
esta aplicaciòn està buenisima a mi me ayudo a mejorar la apariencia de mi presentacion en la pc
Emily - 2011/05/06 04:32
It crashes every time I open it within seconds of it being opened.
Matthew - 2011/06/06 07:49
This has to do with the app running out of memory. This can be fixed by choosing a folder with fewer pictures in it, I\'m not sure of the exact size limit, but <250mb seems to work just fine. If you really want to load a lot of pictures in at once, you could try giving the app access to >2gb of address space via CFF Explorer. (File Header->Meaning->click here->app can handle >2gb of address space). I\'m not sure this works for this app, but it works for some games including fallout 3.
dafmat71 - 2011/06/17 13:49
Yes, it seems that it's the size of the folder used: the problem, so i think that it's better to create a startup folder, and put the needed wallpaper in it!! thx m8!! ;)
j3rzy - 2011/05/22 07:20
try adding the program to the windows DEP list .thats more than likely the issue and if that dosent work then
you can disable or turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP) globally in Windows Vista. To stop the DEP protection, launch an elevated command prompt shell with administrative priviledges and credentials (log on to Windows 7 with a user account with administrator rights, and then right click on Command Prompt icon and select “Run as Administrator, or turn off UAC). Then execute the following command:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

If you regret your decision and now wants to enable or turn back on the DEP protection for your Windows 7, simply use the following command instead:

bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOn
dafmat71 - 2011/05/18 13:48
i have exactly the same problem mate, but few months ago it worked like a charm!!
jessica - 2011/05/16 03:21
comment on fait pour changer de papier pain de mon ordi
o0Antoine0o - 2011/04/29 00:21
Super programme ! Il fait ce qu\'on lui demande et en plus il est agréable à utilisé.
Juste une idée, un souhait peut être même, que le programme soit accessible depuis le panneau de configuration, j\'aime bien l\'idée que tout les réglages de l\'ordinateur ce trouve à la même place.

Merci et bonne continuation.
mylfa - 2011/04/28 19:12
mon pc a planté, g du tout refaire et je n'arrive plus à télécharger Windows 7 Logon !!! Comment faut-il s'y prendre ? Chaque fois que je clique sur "télécharger" je me retrouve sur une nouvelle page avec un nouveau bouton "télécharger", jusqu'à ce que j'arrive sur la page de windows qui me demande de télécharger les pilotes ??
DogBear - 2011/04/27 04:57
Thank you for this great program. I have been trying to figure out for weeks how to change my logon image. This program worked perfectly in Windows 7, 64 bit
Cheryl - 2011/04/26 23:51
Great application, easy to use!!!

Very Fun Idea!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!
Doc - 2011/04/26 09:04
Can't get it to work. Tried installing it, same error, program immediately crashes and closes. Running Windows 7 Home x64. And yes, I run it as admin even though I have UAC turned off. So otherwise I have no idea what the problem could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
an other FR guy - 2011/04/30 02:54
Hi doc, You can try to get .net framework 3.5 to solve your problem :)
(Sympa comme programme, sa sent le WPF a plein nez tout sa.. xD
Personnellement sa me rappel les samples des premiers conferences des techdays sur le WPF sauf que c\'etait une carte de credit qui \"pivotait\". Sur ce, bonne continuation)
Jeff - 2011/05/23 19:47
I have this issue as well even though I have .NET 3.5 installed. Could there be some incompatibility issues with .NET 4.0 (also installed on my machine)?
JAMES DAYE - 2011/04/25 20:42
illas - 2011/04/25 20:41
Excellent app, it's clean and very easy to use. Thanks!
Wolverine - 2011/04/22 18:07
Wow great application very easy to use in 2 clics...


Très bonne application fonctionne a merveille 2 clics et c'est fait....Facile d'utilisation,même pour un débutant.

Kira Vi Britannia - 2011/04/22 15:15
I love everything about this program specially it's style ^_^
SpadeGraphics - 2011/04/20 15:54
It works fine with my WIN 7 Starter on my cheap notebook. Do download ! Cheers !
johnlayson251 - 2011/04/18 14:56
I wish I had a job to donate to your product. Keep up the good work.
Dejan - 2011/04/18 12:20
How to chouse my pictures background?
hinkipunk - 2011/04/28 21:05
just click choosse folder and look for your folder
chandu - 2011/04/17 08:59
good 1... tnks....
Larry - 2011/04/08 13:13
Works just fine!
YANG - 2011/04/07 11:11
This is a good tool.It works well.
And I wonder if you can update it so that it can change the shut down background wallpaper,too.
digital951 - 2011/04/06 23:41
Some people just can't read. I extracted the files, ran the software and it changed my background as advertised. Thanks for the freeware!
AGoodOlGuy - 2011/04/04 13:03

Great product - have had zero issues.

Is/will there be a way to get the pic to span dual monitors?
Jimjimjim - 2011/04/04 01:18
Excellent, works great. Must be the best around.
ZombaZomba - 2011/03/27 16:50
I hv a question.

Have d/l it, extract n dont have .exe file.
Joshua James - 2011/03/30 19:44
It\'s called \" Win7LogonBackgroundChanger \", it is listed as an application in the main menu of the folder.
SuckIt Frencherz - 2011/03/24 15:13
Fucking piece of shit doesn\'t fucking work. Always asks for confirmation, I click \'yes\' nut it just keeps asking again and again.

Well, what else but utter failure can you expect from a Frenchie?
Dej - 2011/04/26 02:14
hey suckit, you need ADMIN priveledges when you see that screen popup, obviously your parents put that there for a reason, either that or you just do not know how to disable it, either way the program works great.
RobJ - 2011/03/29 19:43
App works flawlessly! Many Thanks :)

@ SuckIt Frencherz you are a total retard!
HLFE - 2011/03/28 20:33
what a total dick,

program works great totally awesome very user friendly easy to set up one of the best changers i have used on 7 (for ppl with more than one brain cell)
Joshua James - 2011/03/30 19:46
I agree, it works flawlessly, real simple and easy, I like it. Good job.
Superman75 - 2011/03/21 04:45
This is the best Logon Changer around! :)

But are we going to get an update to it anytime soon?

It seems like a long time since it was updated.

Darren Tebo - 2011/04/04 01:57
I am aiming to update it sometime in the near future. I had a bunch of features that I was working on, but things got extremely hectic and I wasn't able to continue work on it. Rest assured that there will be future updates (especially for the Windows 8 logon screen when Windows 8 Betas begin). :)
Rose - 2011/03/19 17:44
My JPEG files does not show in the folder.
Rose - 2011/03/19 17:41
My JPEG files does not show in the folder.
Luke - 2011/03/19 15:25
I just wrote up a simple guide to using this program on go2geek.net. If you do not approve, please let me know and I can modify the article or take it down if you prefer.

Thank you,

ravi kishore - 2011/03/18 11:58
it so interesting and also so useful. i like it so much
korn addict - 2011/03/12 23:02
This is bull,Everything was cool but then when i began to apply another log on it kept not responding, from that point it keeps not responding Any help guys
HKB - 2011/03/20 01:58

I had the same problem. It would not change the picture. I'd click
'yes' but the screen would come back with the same question.

Here's what I did. Got to the directory where the files are. You should see a Windows Command Script titled
"enable background change".

Highlight that file & right click. Click on what should be the top / 1st choice, "Open". A command window will ever so briefly open &
close.... The next time you run or open the application it
hopefully will work fine for you.

On administrators:
Don't ask me why this is. I am not only the admin., but also the
sole user of this machine. Using Win 7 Ult. (64bit), I have two
entries for myself, one as admin, and second, also admin with my
name. It's tough to explain as the duplicity within Windows has
existed since it's inception for whatever the reason. One user
only and also administrator by my way of thought could be 1 entry
not two. It doesn't cause confusion with 95% applications, but
the other 5% have problems at no fault of their own.
Becky - 2011/03/12 20:48
This is so....great. I've told tons of friends about this. Keep up the good work.
acf - 2011/03/12 06:30
hey, i've found that this is a fantastic program however i have found no way to uninstall it, only reason im planning on uninstalling it is because im giving my old laptop to my little sister, please give me some info on how to do this

best regards,
Rose - 2011/03/07 18:38
How do I put a customize logon on a folder?
ReS - 2011/03/06 17:28
Really usefull tool :-)

It would be nice, when the names (& the Resolution) of the pictures are also shown. E.g. I have some pictures wich have nearly the same look (different sizes) - and it is not possible to get the one I wish when they\'re stored in on and the same folder!

Louis - 2011/03/06 00:55
I tried to use this program but I\'ve a bug. When I click on apply I\'ve got a message which tell me every users could change the background. I continue with \"yes\" cliking but It never stop. Why?
MarcoH - 2011/03/04 21:12
Easy to use, compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1. Thank you for this easy to use program.
Jamie - 2011/03/04 15:10
Hi Julien,
amazing product! i was just wondering how i could uninstall it? i don't see it in my control panel and when i trashed and emptied the trash of the folders named win7... the logon screen did not go back to the original. however i can't find the program anywhere when i do a search for it? please please please help me out
Anonymous - 2011/03/13 15:51
This program is standalone - meaning it isn't installed, just runs from wherever you downloaded it to.
Wayne - 2011/02/28 18:32
I have been using this program for a while. I had my logon picture tiled. I have just reinstalled windows. Now when I choose a logon picture (same one I used before) it is streched. How do i get it to tile?
Julien MANICI - 2011/02/28 20:58
This program has never been designed to make the logon picture tiled.
I guess you had used another program (or the original picture already contained a tiled picture).
katjoeng prasodjo - 2011/02/24 08:37
great program Julien, thanks. i have installed ver 1.3.4 of this program on my acer aspire 4732z with os windows 7 ultimate 32 bit but the picture and name of the user account do not appear... can you tell me how to fix it? so the appearance is same with the appearance on the windows 7 logon background changer program. Thanks.
Julien MANICI - 2011/02/24 17:03
This problem happens when you use an outdated/buggy video driver.
Try to go to the Intel website to download a newer graphic driver for your Intel GMA 4500 GPU. The most recent driver is dated 21/01/2011. I think it must have better support for WPF-based applications.
Errorz! - 2011/02/16 15:04
Great program; recently broke! I suspect windows updates caused this to fail
Julien MANICI - 2011/02/24 17:05
Still working fine on my computer with all updates installed.

try to delete this folder :
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\http___www.julien-manici
It contains the configuration file created by the application.
Xanonite - 2011/02/15 17:09
Wonderful program. Well thought of and can do everything I can think of. Has caused no errors whatsoever in a Windows 7 64 bits.
Love the effects and the ability to convert any file into a logon picture. Perfect! Even better than so called "professionally designed" and commercially sold products.
s ali - 2011/02/11 18:39
i need new vrsion of windows 7 logon background changer
Tod - 2011/02/10 10:20
This is very kew!
cyb - 2011/02/09 07:53

Le soft est effectivement très bien, mais je voudrai quand même le désinstaller...et je ne trouve pas la solution!??

Merci de votre réponse.
seboo - 2011/05/24 14:00
panneau de configuration ,ajout ou suppression de programmes et dans la logique tu l'a dans la liste.
yulian - 2011/02/02 20:10
The best software for changing logon wallpaper , sorry,but I can't donate :(
solventh - 2011/01/30 18:07
its ok for a logon changer. but i dont see any shutdown background changer? becos noone ever thought about it or whaT?
Kogster - 2011/02/09 08:31
Dude it's the same splashscreen. Thus changing logon logoff becomes the same
Muhammad - 2011/01/28 02:55
I Intalled The Program It Worked On My Computer
It Did Change My Windows 7 Logon Backgorund
This Program Works On A Moniter Or A Latop
Lee - 2011/01/25 17:16
I have used the program but am trying to learn what is going on. I installed it and ran the program. It did change the logon screen. But when it restarted it changed my desktop and said it had logged in under default user but default user is adminstrator and all my desktop icons, etc are not even viewable unless I go into Safe mode. anybody else have this issue?
Micheal Lawrence - 2011/01/25 09:31
G'Day;From Australia
Great program, the new version looks briliant, youv'e done very well,
I'm running W7 64bit on a HP laptop and have had no problems at all.
Blessings Miykel
KilloC - 2011/01/23 14:41
The application works flawlessly

I love it. Great work. Highly recommended
arunjeet - 2011/01/22 23:01
it works excellent
Jason - 2011/01/19 23:58
Not sure what happened, was working great for a few days; Monday it now "hangs" and the message "has stopped working" appears. I can "still" change the logon background if I am REALLY fast... Just odd that is suddenly started crashing.

Any known compatibility issues that anyone encountered?

Overall, though, very cool program - really want to figure out what happened!

Francis Tsoeu - 2012/05/09 15:53
Hi, I got promlem with this software. I have instal it but is not working is telling about netframe update i have updated that netframe but stil. what can i do.
Virgil G - 2011/01/24 00:01
Did you try running it under Administrator?
Jason - 2011/02/02 04:25
Yes. Still no luck. Haven't had time to fiddle around much since last week tho... Very odd.
Cindila - 2011/01/17 11:11
Great program!! Works with my Windows 7 Starter on my netbook!! Love it!!
Nicholas Parker - 2011/01/13 20:55
its a good software i like it
Waqar - 2011/01/06 15:59
Excellent... Works perfect. Thank you very much...
Aerton Tingaúna - 2011/01/05 02:20

Hi, how are you?
I'm from Brazil.
The program did not work on my notebook, because whenever I confirm the background change the system hangs as if preventing the operation.
I would like a solution to the problem if possible.

My operating system is Windows 7 home premium.

mpereira2262 - 2011/01/03 17:34

Translation from Portuguese into English. (GOOGLE)

Just got to tell you that it is an excellent program. Because it takes us a mmunotomia daily we are always with the same login. Thank you for helping the people who really deserve to. I would love to contribute to help you but unfortunately I'm an elder and sick, and on top with a meager pension, while others enjoy reforms millionaires. But anyway: this is the country we have.

A big hug to you and may God help you to go much further

Manuel Pereira.
kuldeep - 2011/01/21 07:53
Thanks a lot. have been searching for it for long.
MichaelIsGreat - 2011/01/02 15:38
Hello Julien,

---Windows 7 Logon Background Changer. Second suggestion! Your program does inspire me!
You could add a way of changing the logon background image at a particular interval (say every day, or every week, or every x days) by just cycling through a folder full of images.
Maybe there might be a way to use what Windows 7 already provides when you do on the desktop Personalize, Desktop Background and where you already have there a way to change a picture at various intervals (in "Change picture every" followed by a drop-down menu).

I have this folder that I already use for my wallpapers in Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit that I could also use for my logon background images with a new logon background image used at a particular interval (say every day, or every week, or every x days) that I would have chosen previously with your program.
Hopefully, you also will plan a way to implement my first suggestion of avoiding resizing my pictures if I choose so and put them inside a default background image covering fully the resolution of my screen that is at 1920x1080.

Thank you again for your great program.
MichaelIsGreat - 2011/01/02 15:20
---Windows 7 Logon Background Changer.
Very good, Julien. Thank you for sharing this program with us.

One suggestion.
If you could allow your program:
1) to put a background image that would occupy all the logon screen (say a blue background for instance) and
2) allow another image to be added at the center of this chosen (say blue for instance) background image without resizing it in any way.
Why that? For particular images, the resizing of the image is very problematic and cut most of it or change it completely. For instance, images that have a smaller width than height.
More, I quite often do not like the way the image has been resized.

I assume you do not modify at all the images that one choose to put for this logon background, just use a chosen image to create A NEW ONE that will be used for the background. Maybe you could specify it more clearly if you have not done yet on your page.

I love the fact that it works without having to install it. I just put a shortcut link in my All Programs and use it whenever needed.


---On the option \"Next desktop background\" that also needs a \"Previous desktop background\" option in Windows 7 for the wallpapers (desktop background images).
Now, a separate remark on something I have tried to find on the Internet and so far have not been able to.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium and you right-click the Desktop, you have an option \"Next desktop background\". I would like to be able to have an option allowing me to view my previous desktop wallpaper with an \"Previous desktop background\" option also available. So, far it has been impossible to find a simple utility adding this option. I found one program but it forces me to install a new wallpaper manager and I feel that, for only one option, it is really not necessary.


Have a great New Year 2011, Julien.
Ears14U - 2010/12/31 21:54
What a wonderful program. The time and effort involved in assembling a "free" program for use, should be rewarded with a small donation. Please help this author with "any" donation you can possibly spare. Every little bit helps. Thanks.
TheCptDee - 2010/12/29 23:22
Great little program, it works flawlessly.
Muhammad - 2011/01/15 06:21
I Installed Win7 Logon Backgorund Chnger By Clicking Download
MarlonBrondo - 2010/12/29 15:38
Nice Work! Now i can easily change my logon background depending on my mood..hehehe.. Thanks a lot! more power!
Muhammad - 2011/01/01 19:59
I love Win7 login background chnger

and is ez to use
D.Teja - 2010/12/25 07:41
This is a very good application
Muhammad - 2011/01/01 19:56
Win7 login background chnger chnges your login background
Muhammad - 2010/12/28 13:11
Win7 lonin background canger Is To Change Your Win7 Login Background

And It Is A Good Pogram
Muhammad - 2011/01/01 19:52
Thenk you for raplying me
primax - 2010/12/23 20:20

thats awesome thanks
Win7User - 2010/12/20 08:21
very good application
try it for yourself
coolp chris - 2010/12/17 12:44
i love your prodict it is use full and ez to use.
TH - 2010/12/16 03:40
TA Moore - 2010/12/12 17:51
Very fun. Works absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the app.
JD - 2010/12/11 19:27
Absolutely excellent!
mostafa - 2010/12/22 18:04
shantell - 2010/12/03 03:55
love it
Gentian - 2010/12/20 15:27
very good job. Thanx
WimP - 2010/11/27 20:12
Great, super tool
iD - 2010/12/17 09:37
new updated? this year?/?
Clarissa Noon - 2010/11/27 04:08
I need a application to work window 7 too? peace out.....lol
Will B. - 2010/11/25 18:45
Hi, wonderful tool you created ! Can you tell me if this application will work with Windows Vista too ?
Kato06 - 2010/11/24 11:27
Super travail !
merci est bonne continuation..;)
xube - 2010/11/23 18:16
How exactly is it working? I just want to know where i was doing wrong when i tried manual edit registry. I have Windows Server 2008 R2...

Thanks a lot, great program.
deiCei - 2010/11/23 07:00
Thanks for sharing this great stuff! Keep up the good work!
wang - 2010/11/24 13:03
why i cann't use this applycation?? why??
W. - 2010/11/17 03:07

BRAVO!!...This is just amazing. Really good app. Working fine on Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Greetings and congratz.
sasa - 2010/11/21 19:29
ya ya boys!
this is a different sens for me!
wshbne - 2010/11/16 16:06
Very good program. May I suggest that you make it so the logon screen change is a random act between all pics in designated folder and allow user to set randomization interval?
orion111 - 2010/11/14 17:49
este un program excelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibby - 2010/11/14 06:54
Is there anyway to add more pics to the program? I don\'t see a way to add more pictures through settings, what am I doing wrong?
redtox - 2010/11/14 06:47
super boulot ............BRAVO ça merite une donation.
kedar kholiya - 2010/11/11 08:29
this is amazing,,,,and there is no side effect of this,,,,thanks a lot,,,,
addoun - 2010/11/10 21:01
merci pour ce magnifique logiciel qui va nous permettre de personnaliser wiidows7 ......
bon travail .......
alan - 2010/11/08 21:52
thank you
Pop - 2010/11/07 21:26
Thank you, nothing worked on w7 64 bit. I was going crazy trying to get rid of the stupid Gateway welcome screen...grate job
bmusch - 2010/11/01 22:09
bravo,tres belles photos,et tres simple a utiliser
EM - 2010/11/01 10:51
Super ce logiciel maintenant la personnalisation est complète pour Windows 7 non seulement les thèmes, les gdgets, maintenant l'image de démarrage. Bravo !!!
drneo4 - 2010/10/31 12:54
praveer nandi - 2010/10/30 20:04
nice one ,,but can be of changing logon screen
Mohd - 2010/10/23 19:11
Great app..
there is one problem, after uninstalling it, the default background did not return .

Thanks ...
Darren Tebo - 2010/11/16 00:29
I will have a look at how I can revert the background after uninstalling in the code. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. : )
gengstapo - 2010/11/11 09:48
Nice jobs there, its working well on Win 7 x64 but it crash on Win Server 2008 R2 x64. Any tips to overcome this issues?

btO - 2010/11/06 19:26
it doesn't work in my pc. i have an ultimate windows 7 operative system, i apply the changer but my wallpaper continue in black solid color. really need help for change it, i'm sick of this unexisting wallpaper.
Jef Le Chat - 2010/10/20 15:04
Super Nickel avec Win7 Ultimate 64 bits.Merci
webworksnsw - 2010/10/20 02:38
Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 4aaea139
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdfe0
Exception Code: e0434f4d
Exception Offset: 000000000000aa7d
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 3081
paco - 2010/10/20 02:26
it's great to chage the background I was already bored of watching the same ugly image .... cool
Jim S - 2010/10/19 09:33
Awesome app. Thanks
Artur Sa Menezes - 2010/10/17 16:26

Great style.

Bye, bye, so long... very well!

edgar21 - 2010/10/16 07:00
bueno gran programa
purnasrulz - 2010/10/15 03:52
thanx a lot dear for such a wonderful software can u plz suggest some good software for windows 7 .
Wisti-Thinking - 2010/10/13 12:53
Wonderful program. Thanks for posting online for the rest of us to use.
Tom r - 2010/10/11 18:46
I installed this program and ran it. I choose a new logon picture from dell and it work\'s. I thank you for this software because dell tech.told me i couldn\'t get this back it was lost forever until i buy a new computer and they load it.
redtox - 2010/10/11 13:25
ça fait un bon moment queje l'utilise,
l'impression de changer de system, pour les backup : bien utile
pour se rappeler la version
ce serait top si dans une selection d'image le choix etait aléatoire
critique constructive pas de raillerie
mercie por ce prgramme
SpeedyX - 2010/10/10 17:38
This works fanstasticly!!!!!
James Tepe - 2010/10/04 15:01
I installed this program and ran it. I choose a new logon picture but when I hit cntrl-alt-delete it is not there. When I logoff, nothing and when I restart. still nothing. Same old boring Windows Logon screen. How do I get this to work???
Brody - 2010/10/21 04:12
James, you would need to make sure that you are running the "Windows 4 Logon Background Changer" with Administrative rights, in order for it to work properly. Also It may depend on where or not you meet the requirements in order for the program to run properly.
Mr.Hafiz - 2010/10/06 04:09
first of all, I would like to thank for this open source...Like my theme "sharing is caring".."selling is bad thing"...so that your software cannot hack the other because it's free..this software is working to my windows...thank you...if I used linux ubuntu can this software support them..?
Norbert - 2010/10/04 07:56
Nagyon jó kis progi!!! Köszönöm!!!
Aries Santoso - 2010/10/01 02:27
you are the best..!! can you provide a feature for changing/removal the brand name? ex. Windows 7 Home Premium

I will spread this to my friends... thanks again..!!!
Om is Om - 2010/09/27 22:20
Thanks, so many times, as many as the times I have been using Windows 7 Logon Background Changer, and many times to come.

It is all about the little things that are important. Thank you for sharing your work.

Thanks again,


September 27 2010 1-17-31 PM
Riviere - 2010/09/19 17:18
Je n\'arrive à telecharger le logiciel.
Je tombe toujous sur\" hoops !....\"
Qu\'est ce que je peu faire ?
Merci !
Walmakiu - 2010/09/15 22:06
it's amazing I´been using it for a while and works perfectly
sigue asi amigo sacando cosas interesantes
R-rave - 2010/09/14 14:49
so easy and fast!!very cool~thanks a lot!:D
Alexia - 2010/09/12 22:01
this programme is super it worked on my laptop and it made my laptop way too cool but i still have a prob will u tell me julinie how can i change my desktop wallpaper i browsed a lot of websites downloaded lots of programmes but it always says ur comp does not have the ability to have a wallpaper plz juline ans me my emails with u too reply me plz any 1 else who knows plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me
123456 - 2010/09/17 00:45
maybe you are using Windows 7 Starter
Princeraees - 2010/09/12 13:46
very cool softwear
arf - 2010/09/08 13:32
Work like clock work. Thank you!
mabad - 2010/09/08 05:20
It\'s excellent work great on Windows 7. Thanks for the program.
patty - 2010/09/05 23:03
nice program
Brian - 2010/09/04 16:43
Real shit. No effect, what is wrong?
Julien MANICI - 2010/09/04 22:21
I guess you tried to run Windows 7 Logon Background Changer on Windows XP or Vista...
Darren Tebo - 2010/09/05 07:43
I don't know Julien. I have another person claiming that they can't run it on Windows 7. I don't understand. I have run it perfectly on at least 3 - 4 computers with Windows 7. :( What is going on here? lol :(
Julien MANICI - 2010/09/05 20:03
I think the problem happens on some OEM installations of Windows (from HP, Dell, Acer...).
when the computer manufacturer sets a custom logon wallpaper, if he changed the authorizations of the background###.jpg files so that administrators can't delete/change them, my app will fail to replace the default logon wallpaper.
In this case you have to set the ACL on the background###.jpg files to mark the administrators group as the owner of the file and check that administrators are allowed to delete the files, then delete them.
Darren Tebo - 2010/09/07 00:25
Thank you Julien. I appreciate it a lot. I sent the message along to him to see if that helps. :)

Thank you!

Darren Tebo
yaten kou - 2010/09/12 10:16
i found a site that helps you take ownership of files, check this out

that may help in taking ownership of the file that is needed to be changed.

hope that helps.
Tim C - 2010/09/04 15:38
This is a great program! Is it possible that a future version might allow a random shuffle, selecting a background picture from the directory so a different logon is shown each time?
Petey - 2010/08/25 00:29
Thank you, I love this program. I use the picture of a city across a bay, and closer to the camera are some rocks with the water running over them (it\'s the fifth one from the left in the row of pictures in the application). I am fascinated by this picture, it is so beautiful, and cannot help but wonder what city this is? Do you know the name of the city or country, and let me know? Does anyone know? I\'d really appreciate knowing. Thank you.
dave12334 - 2010/08/26 20:29
this would be australia new south wales the 7 rocks
Maeva maeva - 2010/08/24 11:59
J\'ai télécharger brackground changer sur mon PC et je n\'arrive toujours a changer mon papier peint quand je valide rien ne se met mon écran est toujours le meme aidez svp !
bmusch - 2010/08/17 19:05
superbes photos et beau travail.bravo
Julien MANICI - 2010/08/26 23:58
les photos ne sont pas de moi, elles sont livrées avec windows 7, mais cachées dans le dossier : C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT
gstewart67 - 2010/08/16 13:50
I love this program. Thanks a million.
ANUJ VERMA - 2010/08/21 21:26
this is amazing for my lappy.my friends praise me to see the screen.
Patrick - 2010/08/15 17:57
Excellent et tres facile à utiliser

duane - 2010/08/26 22:46
this program is outstanding. lots of thought went into this, thank you very much.
Kamal_C@@L - 2010/08/14 07:53

Great! Great! Great! Great!

Software compare to other's available, I recomment to all my friends....keep up the amazing work. Your site is great. God bless U.

Darren Tebo - 2010/08/07 04:14
Update: Here is the link to an enhanced version that I just finished (with a "Show/Hide" option in the context menu). Enjoy. Btw, Julien I have a question: "Can I get access to the server so that I can upload this program properly with each new version?" You aren't around much when I am around, so it is kind of hard to post updates properly so that users don't have extra steps to perform. Any ideas? Thank you.
george - 2010/08/16 19:31
[Quote] Posted by Darren Tebo on 2010/08/07 04:14
Update: Here is the link to an enhanced version that I just finished (with a "Show/Hide" option in the context menu). Enjoy. [end Quote]
You write "here is the link" but there is no link in your post. Can we have it, please? Thanks!
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/24 03:58
Ok, here is the link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5R36TR2C

Note: This is a newer, V2.0 (Pre-Alpha) build with partial Windows 7 Integration Code (Upcoming feature for V2.0). Please note that the code is beta and may have bugs. Please feel free to let me know about them and I will get them fixed. It is still labeled as 1.3.8 due to the fact that very little has changed at this point (since V1.3.8).
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/24 03:32
Sorry about that. The link didn't post for some reason. :( I will fix it.

Thank you for your patience:

Darren Tebo
Brett - 2010/08/03 22:18
I really like the interface, it looks great.

I selected a hi res photo for my login screen, but the login screen seems to have a poorer quality version. Is there anyway to increase the res?

Also, a cool feature of the software would be to allow for the user to simply mirror their desktop background. Another idea might be to randomly scroll through the pictures in a folder.
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/07 11:58
@Brett, What resolution is your monitor set to? I am pretty sure it goes by that. I will check with Julien about it.
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/05 21:33
@Brett, The newest version that I just posted below allows you to mirror your desktop background. ;) I hope that you enjoy it.
loveit - 2010/08/03 01:25
Wowww..amazing..i just love it!!!...

By the way..can you also make the user login or icon able to be move position??

Thanks..and bless you for making this!!!
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/02 05:53
Sorry for the issues. The first version that I uploaded today had some bugs that I discovered after I had already uploaded it. Here is the version with the bug fixes: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=OIH9YS0A . Enjoy. :)
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/02 01:41
Update 3: Ok, here is version 1.3.8. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H1UMYPOL . Enjoy! I am also taking feature requests for future updates on my part. You can email them to winlonghorn@adelphia.net if you would like. I am already going to add Full Windows 7 integration (Taskbar previews, Taskbar Icons, Taskbar Controls, Etc...). The next version I release, I intend for it to be a major release (warranting the V 2.0 moniker). :)

Thank you:

Darren Tebo
Michael M - 2010/08/10 17:43
Where can I download the latest version of Windows 7 Logon Background Changer?

This software rocks! :)
Kristof - 2010/08/01 21:59
Great app. Beats doing it the through the registry. Thanks.
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/01 09:40
Update 2: Ok, folks! Version 1.3.8 is ready to go! I will upload it somewhere tomorrow and post the link for you. :) You will like the new changes for sure!
cussy - 2010/08/01 03:10
i love the program.it\'s great
complexity - 2010/08/01 01:43
Thanks your work is appreciated...Can you work on Boot Screen Changer for Windows 7?
Darren Tebo - 2010/07/27 10:16
Update: The new features are nearly completed. I just have some basic tweaks to make to the code and it should be ready to roll. :) The features include the ability to minize the program to a tray icon in the system tray and access the options from a context menu, and the ability to use your wallpaper as your logon background. It should be ready within a week at the very most.
ludovic (LuDivX) - 2010/07/24 20:35
Merci pour ce très bon logiciel...

Fun et Simple

DENIS MSUSA - 2010/07/22 14:07
I like it at first i didn`t think that its possible to change the welcome screen backgroung!but nw I do!
This software is awesome!
niki - 2010/07/30 18:21
hi dont worry it is easy to change ... there is windows logon changer is there download and use it
Enigma - 2010/07/27 00:55
I keep having this problem too... It's a race to apply the image before the program closes.
sheedy - 2010/07/21 07:58
excellent program, looks great and is easy to use.
However i'm having a problem with it - it keeps crashing after about 20 seconds everytime i start it up. i'm using 64 bit windows 7 home premium.thanks for any help or insight you can give
TBomb - 2010/07/22 06:41
Is it possible that your phone/PDA is "turning off" or going into "sleep mode". What I mean is when you have lost your connection does your phone still display the screen or is it a black screen that have to hit your power button, move the slider (or whatever you do to unlock your phone) and then you can see the wifi remote screen? If so, you will need to go into the display/power saving settings and tell it not to go to sleep after 20 minutes or whatever you have it set to.

Unfortunately, by default Windows Mobile won't continue to run the program in the backround after the screen shuts off unless you use an app that keeps wifi remote running. I have one that I've been using forever and it just turns the app into a service so that even if you change to other apps it still runs. You can turn the screen off and it still runs. I use it primarily for tethering.
nic - 2010/07/14 13:57
It's a great program but i have one problem. The colors of my pictures are too green. can somebody help me ?
Marc - 2010/07/14 11:48
Works perfectly and looks very elegant too.

I have emailed you a suggestion about positioning of the logon box and the user icon
Anthony Lomeli - 2010/07/13 23:27
This is a very good program. I just wish it wouldn't crop my jpg images that are already the appropriate size. It cuts off the part of the image that I want to show.
darkedge - 2010/07/13 01:25
gracias, excelente programa, bonito y facil de usar.
Bruce Perrin - 2010/07/10 20:07
Very nice work, sir. This program is nicely executed. I enjoyed the fact that background files were included. I only wish there were more!
Mikkis - 2010/07/06 08:38
Thank you for this app. Very cool and useful. Worked with my Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
samie - 2010/07/05 18:40
Perfect.Absolutely perfect.
ANDREA - 2010/07/14 16:38

Virgil - 2010/07/03 23:49
Congratulations! A needed app for the OS.
Yeahhrr - 2010/07/02 10:49
Hey greats from Hamburg, Germany

This Program is very easy and simple but it\'s the important thing on my system (without Antivirus ect.)

Matthew Thomford - 2010/07/13 10:17
It is, for once, nice to be able to change your computer's backgrounds, without all the hassle, and the included backgrounds themselves are top knotch as well. Well done, and bravo to you for offering this with no charge. Very nice indeed:)
Darren Tebo - 2010/08/01 12:31
To those that are commenting about "included" backgrounds, I just wanted to clarify the situation somewhat. The backgrounds that this program displays are actually "included" in Windows 7 itself. The program basically goes in to both the standard backgrounds folder and the globalization backgrounds folder and pulls the images from them. ;) Either way, they are very cool. I agree.

Julien, do you think that bundling a bunch of wallpapers would be a good idea or no? I want to get your opinion since you are the original developer for the program. :)
SpankyT - 2010/06/27 06:18
Absolutely fantastic....was just what I was looking for....who know I'd find your program on the first search. THANKS!
A different AMIT ;) - 2010/06/23 07:01
You rock buddy !! :) Thanks !
Amit - 2010/06/22 16:07
Undoubtedly extremely useful. Thanks a million.
vineeth - 2010/06/17 17:11
this is very good
Arun Sharma - 2010/06/17 13:12
it's awesome
Thanks for providing this background changer
Shivam - 2010/06/15 08:14
I love this background changer.
Paulo - 2010/06/14 22:51
Thanks for the welcome screen changer, nice work!
theLOLflashlight - 2010/06/14 04:25
this is amazing. although, i was wondering where i can find some of those wallpapers at the beginning of the default list. i can't find the files anywhere. where are they located or where can i download them? thankyou for your time :)
Julien MANICI - 2010/06/14 15:40
All the photos displayed by default are included in Windows 7.
Windows 7 has a set of region specific photos for several countries. Some of them are included but hidden in C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT
Tom U. - 2010/06/25 18:33
I've always wanted to change that default background and now thanks to you I can. I'm just wondering, does anyone's screen shake a little when shutting down or logging in? It moves just a bit when I use a different background.
mark777 - 2010/06/08 16:17
what an AWESOME app!!!!
Michael O. - 2010/06/06 22:25
Really great stuff!
I use this tool on my private computer. Now I want the same on my business-laptop to have a unique UI.
On my private computer I selected several images out of a huge number of images on my disk. I would be very glad to have a list of these images with their original names and path so I don\'t have to do the selection again. But unfortunately - I didn\'t find where this list is stored (didn\'t find a file or a registry-key).
So I would be great if you could tell me where I can find this list with the preselected images.
Thanks in advance
Michael O. - 2010/06/06 12:18
Really great stuff!
I use this tool on my private computer. Now I want the same on my business-laptop to have a unique UI.
On my private computer I selected several images out of a huge number of images on my disk. I would be very glad to have a list of these images with their original names and path so I don\'t have to do the selection again. But unfortunately - I didn\'t find where this list is stored (didn\'t find a file or a registry-key).
So I would be great if you could tell me where I can find this list with the preselected images.
Thanks in advance
Darren Tebo - 2010/06/07 03:12
Thank you! I am sure that Julien appreciates the complements as well! He wrote the original program and I worked on adding a couple of features to it. As far as where it stores images, it actually doesn't store a list anywhere but in memory at this point. It goes by a selected folder and then creates an internal list of the images that are within that folder. Julien or I may be adding the ability to create a list of images in the near future. I am just not sure yet. The best thing to do right now is create a special folder with the images that you want and select that folder in the options. If you want us to add the image list feature, please feel free to let us know. I would be happy to take care of it if it would make things easier.

Thank you!
Michael O1. - 2010/06/06 18:43
I found it by myself now. But for all who might be as helpless as I was yesterday - this is the explanation.
I created a folder where i gathered all selected images, then i offered this folder to the programm. So indeed, there is an easy way to copy everything from the old computer to the new laptop.
As I said: great stuff!
MikeeSpace - 2010/06/03 23:12
One Idea!! How hard would it be to add an option to move the logon area around? like in the corner of the top or bottom of the screen, got my girlfriend up and would be nice if the icon wasn't bang smack in the middle of her face lol, would be a nice little feature if its possible :D
halery - 2010/06/03 19:46
It cool and It doss not have a errr
Alan.C - 2010/06/02 10:57
Thank's alot. I love it.....
Vipin Vijayan - 2010/05/30 19:32
thanks a lot. i googled through so many programs but this was just the right one.
Peanut butter - 2010/05/27 17:47
good thanks
Firefeniks - 2010/05/25 14:40
dis tool is just great thanks o lot!
Darren - 2010/05/26 23:41
I am glad that you like it. Julien did an awesome job on this software. I was glad when he made it open source and I jumped at the chance to add new features. Speaking of which, there is a new feature that I am implementing right now that was suggested on the comments here. It is the ability to set your wallpaper as the logon background. :)

Thank you!
Annamir - 2010/05/23 08:19
This is awesome :)
Thanks for sharing.
jamenkells - 2010/05/20 08:28
Thank so much...It's so simple but so useful..
petr.cz - 2010/05/19 12:21
great, greta, great
and simple
thnak you very much fella
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/17 00:48
I am still waiting for Julien to upload the new version of the Logon Background Changer (Version 1.3.6), but in the meantime, you can download it from my Skydrive account here: http://tinyurl.com/win7logonbackgroundchanger

Thank you!
Jess L - 2010/05/20 01:39
Okay one odd thing so far. I went ahead and grabed the copy off the skydrive from the other post. If I right click on it and select properties it says under details for version I launched it and its says there is a newer version and sends me back here but as best I can tell the download link is for 1.3.4. Am I misunderstanding things or is it just because the update check isn't recognizing the newer file?

Other than that it seems to be running just fine
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/21 02:34
Actually, that is just a side effect of the fact that I didn't go through the update mechanism that Julien put into the code. He didn't upload it to his site, so there really was no way that I could do so until he does. It only asks that one time. Just becuase it thinks that there is a newer version due to his upgrade checking code. :)

Thank you!
JohnJ - 2010/05/18 01:20
Good job on this version too Julien!!

Thanks Darren, I\'ll try the auto mode and freak out my family the next couple of days.
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/19 01:49
Actually, Julien and I both worked together on this feature, and the multi-core capability. You are very welcome. It should be good for a few laughs lol. I imagine they will be scratching their heads wondering why it keeps switching. :D

Thank you!
suvasis sahoo - 2010/05/26 14:28
i dnt .like this type of product
pl. send some higher of us
Bluesmoke69 - 2010/05/16 13:34
Great tool. Make paypal available to receive a donation. You deserve.
mohamed - 2010/05/16 02:06
merci sur ce travail suffisant
DIGGA - 2010/05/14 15:07
Automatic wallpaper changing every hour
with the pictures in a folder
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/14 20:30
The next release that is coming very soon does that. :) It also uses multiple cores if your computer has them to speed up the background change.

Thank you!
Garibaldi99 - 2010/05/13 18:01
Hey, thanks for this.
Very easy to use and slick interface.
I wanted to ask though, do you know a way of moving the user login box and image.
I spent a lot of time with logins in the XP days and made a few (using the stardock thingy and some trial-and-error code hacking).
I want to do something like this one I did (http://www.skinbase.org/rate.php?skins=34058) so the dialog appears in an unobtrusive part of the image.
Any ideas?
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/14 01:21
Unfortunately, this kind of change requires to modify some system files, a thing that should be avoided since it can cause serious issues with windows updates and future service pack.

There are many sites which describe the procedure to do so, but I think it's a bad idea to mess with system files...
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/14 02:44
That is very true. It is never a good thing to mess with system files. I would recommend proceeding with caution as well. :)
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/13 20:10
I am not sure if this is possible or not. I looked into it, but couldn't find any resources. Any thoughts on it Julien? :)
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/13 01:09
Just a quick update. We have now implemented multi-core functionality into the background changing feature. If you have a multi-core CPU, you should see significant performance improvement when you click to apply the background. Once I submit the final code to Julien, we should be able to upload it.

Thank you!
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/10 02:15
Great news! The new version is coming very shortly! :)
Tim - 2010/05/07 19:40
I\'ve been using this for a while, but I just reformatted my computer and noticed that the latest version will not start unless I run it as Administrator.

The window frame appears... sits there for a moment.. and then crashes without saying anything. As soon as I told the shortcut to run as Administrator, it worked perfectly.

The error could be a bit more graceful, as it took even me a few minutes to realize that it wasn\'t my fault (missing .net, etc)

Win7 x64, .Net 4.0
adam_proc - 2010/08/23 10:29
mine keeps crashing how do i get it to stop doing that?!
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/07 21:26
I guess you have installed a newer graphic driver after reformating your computer.

On my HP TX2 laptop I had the same issue because of a bug which was triggered by the use of a recent graphic driver from amd/ati AND an old BIOS version.

see this topic for more information :

This issue caused every WPF-based applications to crash when they were run as limited user. When running them as administrator, they worked perfectly.
As my app is probably the only WPF-based app you use, this bug happens only in my application.

By the way, no need to worry about .net framework version, because the .NET framework 3.5 SP1 is already included in Windows 7.
PlayerJSC - 2010/05/06 06:38
The visual application that finaly changes Windows 7's fruity login screen. This application should be in a Microsoft commercial and have someone say "this is my idea but windows 7 left it out... don't worry Julien-Manici.com has the solution".
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/06 18:27

actually, I would rather thank Microsoft for implementing in Windows 7 an easy way to change the logon wallpaper without altering any system file.
It's a huge step forward compared to what you had to do to change the logon wallpaper in xp or Vista...
Xyverz - 2010/05/06 06:18
Good work. Thanks!
iRajjal - 2010/05/05 22:36
great application thanks...., i have a small problem i want to share it with you
i'm using Win7 Enterprise 64bit on my laptop, after changing the logon screen to a new customized wallpaper the WinKey+L (Lock shotcut) doesn't work any more and when i restore the original windows logon screen it works again.... any idea about it???
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/06 18:31
I just tested on a computer running Windows 7 enterprise x64 joined to a domain, and I have no such issue... that's weird.
My app doesn't run in the background once the wallpaper is changed, so it can't be altering the way Windows processes keyboard shortcuts.
Random Programmer - 2010/05/03 17:03
I thank you for creating this application, however, you should keep conservative programming practices, like cache. My wallpaper folder is about a gig and every time I have to restart the application it has to load each wallpaper. This process usually takes around 45 minutes each start--if you're going to code applications for productivity purposes, please keep intricacy like this in mind. Otherwise, you're just a lazy programmer :P
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/04 05:08
I have been considering to implement thumbnail caching, but that causes two problems:

-where to cache the thumbails? people use to hate files like thumb.db that are automatically added inside each folder by Windows XP. I don't want to mess with the user's folders content.

-how to ensure user privacy? if the user deletes some pictures, he certainly doesn't want them to be stored in any other form on his hard drive (even as small thumbnails)

When I'll find an elegant solution to these issues, I will implement picture caching in Win7 Logon Background Changer and in WIFI Remote Access which also suffers from this performance issue.
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/06 01:07
How about making the image loading on launch a background process? All you would have to do then is simply show the user a message saying that the directory is big and the program needs time to load the images. It won't speed it up, but at least it will be a more elegant solution. In the meantime, I will consider how the images could be loaded faster. What do you think?
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/06 18:20
Currently, the app is useable even while the thumbnails are loading. It's not like if the window stopped responding while loading the thumbnails. (however you can't select a picture if its thumbnail is not yet displayed)

I did a slightly better job in the WPF-based picture gallery in WIFI Remote Access : when the pictures thumbnails are not yet loaded, their name is displayed instead, which allows the user to select them. However that doesn't solve the loading speed issue.

There is no way to speed it up without implementing a kind of thumbnail caching. I believe windows has no APIs allowing to retrieve the Windows Explorer pictures cache, which means I have to cache data inside my app folder.

As soon as I will have implemented this solution for Wifi Remote Access, I will backport it to Win7LogonBackgroundChanger.
Mr. F - 2010/05/05 03:57
Don't listen to that guy. If he wanted to be prefect he should had made it himself. You have a great program and it works great. :-)
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/06 18:23
Thank you :)
But don't worry, I'm always open to critics.
That fact is that this guy is right: lack of picture caching is frustrating. I need to find a solution to make this app more comfortable to use (especially for those who change their logon wallpaper frequently).
Peter Holland - 2010/04/30 01:35
Top application!
Thanks very much Julien.
wasa - 2010/04/24 11:37
excellent software thanks nice job
mk_eoin - 2010/04/22 23:11
Brilliant Application, does so little yet makes my laptop feel like a new machine, thank you!
OZIMAIDEN - 2010/04/19 06:55
&#7742;&#601 - 2010/04/18 07:53
Thanks for chsring a great utility that makes that task so easy instead of hacking the registry. Best of all it's free.
Great job

Thanks again
Goran - 2010/04/16 23:34
Where does that default elephant picture come from ? I have searched my folders and could not find it.

Thanks for the great utility...
zaba - 2010/04/26 03:44
how to automatically change the logon screen periodically or at every startup? thanks.
chrisnvidia - 2010/04/14 21:20
bonsoir existe t'il une mise à jour car le programme s'arrte avec une erreur , je suis sous windows 7 64bits pack familiale
YOU ARE THE BEST - 2010/04/14 16:40
Hi , i cant open the source code in vb 2008 ,i add you in msnger 2009 , so plz you can shared the source code in a notepad?? Plz...
And i thanks you for sharing you art with us...
Thank you.
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/02 20:19
To those that are interested, I am currently working on implementing various ideas that are presented in these comments. One feature idea that I like is the randomization of the Login Backgrounds. Therefore, I will be implementing it and submitting it to Julien for his approval. :) I also added the ability to load it automatically at startup and removed the need for it to call the external .cmd file when the oobe\info\backgrounds folder isn't present. Feel free to present other ideas as I continue to help upgrade this program.

Thank you!
Julien MANICI - 2010/05/04 05:39
Originally, I designed the CMD file so that users who don't trust my app can execute the CMD file as administrator manually, and run my app as a limited user.
This way, non-developer users could be sure that my app is not going to harm their computer or mess with system files, without have to look at the source code.

Anyway, thank you for making this app evolve as requested by many users ^^
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/06 01:09
Ah ok. I get what you are doing. We can stick with that solution then. :) No problem. I am glad to help out. :)
Om is Om - 2010/04/13 18:15
You are an artist, and a real creator. Your taste is great, I would not write this complement for a program for $.

But to say thank you for sharing your art with us.

Can you add what version in the About area.

May be one day you will make it to change automatically from the folder and change can take place as a choice of every day every 2 days,etc.

Many people that did not write, and will not express their gratitude, but on their behalf, and mine, Thank you.

Saul - 2010/04/05 17:14
Hi! I downloaded the app, when I select the folder it didnt show any images, I try like 10 different folders but i cant see any images at all, a have win 7 ultimate 64 bits, you have any ideas?

Hope you can help! Thanks
Saul - 2010/04/05 10:18
Hi! I downloaded the app, when I select the folder it didnt show any images, I try like 10 different folders but i cant see any images at all, a have win 7 ultimate 64 bits, you have any ideas?

Hope you can help! Thanks
Steinar - 2010/04/04 19:01
Don't want the shortcut in my control panel. How do I remove please?

Someone - 2010/04/04 13:49
Works great. But you can also change the background with some registry tweaks, so you do not need a program like this.
Jess L - 2010/05/20 03:16
Yes, you can do it manually but seeing how the author isn't demanding you pay for it and its so dang handy why do it the harder way.

Truthfully, if the Authors were to put up a paypal donate link I would certainly be willing to donate something just for how nice it works and the convenience of not having to edit the registry and resize pics manually.
Kenneth Judy - 2010/03/31 23:09
I am running Win7x64 Pro. I launched the program and browsed to my Public picture desktop wallpaper folder that contains a lot of 1920x1200 images. The program crashed. Now it crashes every time I run it because it is pointing to the folder.

Stopped working

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: win7logonbackgroundchanger.exe
Problem Signature 02:
Problem Signature 03: 4aaea139
Problem Signature 04: PresentationCore
Problem Signature 05:
Problem Signature 06: 4a1757c0
Problem Signature 07: 42e
Problem Signature 08: b
Problem Signature 09: System.NotSupportedException
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033
Att1cus - 2011/05/06 04:04
I'm having the same issue - lots of hi-res wallpapers in 1 folder, and the background changer crashes every time I open it now because it's looking at that directory - solution?
Andrew Nunez - 2010/03/30 02:23
Thank you so much for creating the background changer. The logon screen was always a disappointment starting up an otherwise great OS (so far !!). Now I have a poop-eating grin when I start Win 7, instead of wondering if I would ever be able to change that particular background. Thanks again ! ! ! !
McFex - 2010/03/29 19:36
I love to personalize my windows, so you just gave me a tool, that was desperately needed ;)!!!
great work - something to add to your list for the next update:
an automatic function that changes the wallpapers all by it self. it could do it right when the system starts, or before it shuts down. that would be really awesome!!!
but it´s a nice tool anyway, thanks for your efforts!

@josh: got Win7Ultimate running on 64 bit, and it works like a charm...
Josh - 2010/03/28 22:41
The app crashes about 30 seconds after i launch it. I have the 64 bit version of Home Premium
Cathal - 2010/03/31 01:23
I have the 64bit version of windows 7 and i have to say that it works perfectly. Good Job :)
slyzerx - 2010/03/28 04:30
awesome~!!! this is GREAT!! you did a nice job there!!! THANK YOU!!
liuming - 2010/03/27 02:10
This software very well, thank you!
Edgar - 2010/03/25 18:32
Thank you very much for this great application. Can you make it change automatically from time to time? It would be great.
TimeLord - 2010/03/22 17:00
This is awsome!
i heard you can also do it manualy.
but this is much better!
i have a friend who likes it he is currently using vista
does this also work in vista?

Julien MANICI - 2010/03/22 17:22
My app is not compatible with XP/Vista.
Your friend should use Stardock Logon Studio if he wants to change his logon background on vista.

And yes, you can do it manually on Windows 7 by creating some pictures appropriately sized in a system folder, that's exactly what my app does.

On previous versions of windows, a dll file must be edited to change the logon background, that is what Stardock Logon Studio and other tools of that kind do. However on Windows 7 it's better to avoid modifying the imageres.dll file, since there is a cleaner way to change the logon background.
dafmat71 - 2010/03/22 04:27
Salut super réalisation, une petite question, si imageres n'est pas modifié, alors où se trouvent les fichiers créés?
Julien MANICI - 2010/03/22 17:22
Ils sont créés ici : C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds
mld - 2010/03/21 06:05
Thank you!!!!!!!!!this is the best...n god bless you!!!!!!!!
ISSAC - 2010/03/20 17:52
Really a nice tool, and it makes my system more beautiful~ thanks a lot
Henri - 2010/03/20 16:44
I have installed your program in w7 ultimate with sis mirage m672, and cannot saw any image in the top from select. I installed in another computer with w7 professional and everything it´s ok.

Julien MANICI - 2010/03/22 17:24
I suppose it's a bug in WPF hardware acceleration due to some bad graphical drivers.
Fritch - 2010/03/18 00:34
I love these types of programs from Login Studio for both XP and Vista and now this little app for 7. Ive been using this app since 7 went into RTM but noticed that it was so unstable e.g. crashing when choosing folders. I ignored this thinking that the developer has noticed this and would be fixing the bug but now i have the latest version and yet still is unstable. Please make this stable for the OS
Julien MANICI - 2010/03/22 17:26
Sorry for these bugs, I didn't manage to reproduce them, so I have issues fixing them.

I will probably update this app soon based on the better code I wrote in WIFI Remote Access WPF picture gallery.
cfh1030 - 2010/03/17 05:14
This is a beautiful little program, love it.
If there was one thing I wish is that It would automaticly change like once a week from a predetermined folder...Ahhhhhhhh if only I was a programer.
hosssssssssssss - 2010/03/17 01:40
i love it
so good
AGM - 2010/03/16 14:53
I love the program.

However, when I run it from inside the zip file, Zone Alarm asks if the software can connect to I haven\'t installed it, so I don\'t know if it wants to connect then.

Why is this connection necessary?

Thank you.
Julien MANICI - 2010/03/16 14:58
That's because of the update checking feature. You can deny the connection. (you can check the source code, it doesn't do anything harmful)
AGM - 2010/03/16 15:06
Ahhhh... everything works again. For some reason, when I denied the program before posting here, Firefox wasn't able to connect to the internet again until I rebooted.

I now see it had nothing to do with your program, just an apparent internet connection hiccup.

Thanks again for the great software, Julien! And for the immediate support!
Samuel Pomerantz - 2010/03/14 16:46
Muy buena la aplicacion
Daniel (France) - 2010/03/14 16:01
Merci beau beaucoup.
Thank you very much.
Daniel (France) - 2010/03/14 17:06
Mon commentaire précédent a été posté incomplet.


J'apprécie ce logiciel, d'autant plus que j'ai plusieurs comptes d'utilisateurs (sessions) sur mon PC et que le retour à l'accueil est donc relativement fréquent.

Merci beaucoup.
Thank you very much.
Jimb - 2010/03/12 20:53
Win7 64Pro - Keeps coming up with information box telling me it needs authorization to change logon screen. I hit yes and it comes back and asks again and again. I ran as admin and same thing.
pranav - 2010/03/12 16:33
hey i hvae both 7 nd XP....
i satisfied with windows 7...
bt hey can u have this same software for Xp????
if u have this type of software thn plzzz send me the download link for the software on my id.........


Kim - 2010/03/12 03:11
I have Windows 7 (32bit) installed on one partition and XP Pro installed on another. When running the software in Windows 7 (of course) it comes up saying that I cannot run the software in XP or Vista.

Any ideas?

Carl - 2010/03/10 05:02
Hi,great program! Works but keeps crashing. I have windows 7 x64 home premium.


Mikey - 2010/03/10 19:14
Crashes with my Win 7 Professional copy as well.
Carla - 2010/03/09 18:47
Wow this is an excellent app. Thank you very much for doing such a great job and for distrubting this freely.
Morgan - 2010/03/14 12:08
salut j\'aimerai enlever le nom de windows au début, quand l\'écran de session apparait .merci d\'avance
Eric73 - 2010/03/06 17:52
Un grand bravo pour ce programme génial.Ca manquait vraiment sur windows 7. Merci et Continue comme ça
Ray - 2010/03/02 01:21
Thank you, Julien, for an excellent program. This is just what we needed to give Windows 7 that final touch. Well done!
Admiral - 2010/02/27 23:16
Works great, now can you make a program that increases the size of the Account Picture. By not using passwords the size is very small.
Fletch - 2010/02/27 09:22
Hello, I have tried the program with no luck. I did everything correct and it shows the background image on the preview but when I hit lock and go back to the logon screen it is unchanged! I have also tried shutting down and restarting. Please Help
andrew - 2010/02/27 13:19

there\'s no need to install any utility at all.
have a look at the following blog:

only thing needed is a registrykey, and an image in a specific directory
Julien MANICI - 2010/02/27 10:49
Did you click on "apply this background"?
and did you wait until the "please wait" message disappears?

If you are using Windows 7 Starter edition, it will not work as Win7 Starter doesn't allow this customization.
Core - 2010/02/27 01:38
This is xlnt.

i want to show others my login screen.
because with your logon app it looks awesome. thx

the problem is that printscreen and fraps do not work in order to take a screenshot of the login screen.I tried screenshooting the app but the preview size of the login screen is too small.

keep up the good work
Dave72 - 2010/02/26 22:53
HI i am glad I came across this. I am downloading it rite after I write this.t please check out my page loney72.com!

Thank you all,
jerome - 2010/02/23 09:12
nice one!!!
olivier - 2010/02/21 10:16
merci beaucoup pour se progame vraiment trés facile d'utilisation et trés pratique encore merci.
LatinoBoyPT - 2010/02/18 03:38
Best software ever! keep up with the good work!
Troubleshooter - 2010/02/16 03:31
Worked fine, then all of the sudden I add a folder and the program crashes. Now when I launch the program it immediately crashes.
Juan - 2010/02/14 01:23
Muy bueno st progra. me gustaria usarlo i poder asi mejorar la apariencia d mi win.7 gracias.
Josh S. - 2010/02/13 15:47
Your the best!
Aric - 2010/02/13 07:42
Thankyou for your little program , i like it very much , and it works perfectly
sagar agarwal - 2010/02/06 19:32
your application works perfectly fine for me and iam very much pleased to say that it is better than star dock vista changer. i removed it after using ur thing.
hope i may get any other usefull app. for my pc from you.
Mark E. Thompson - 2010/02/04 00:59
How about a randomize option. It could be at every logof or log on it changes the setting... Other wise GREAT PROGRAM!!! Best one in my oppinion thats out there including the pay to use ones.
Billy E - 2010/02/03 11:55
What is the resolution it wants to change the images to? All my wallpapers look stretched and pulled?
Julien MANICI - 2010/02/03 15:13
It converts (and resize/crop) the images to the 12 supported resolutions + a generic image that is at the current screen resolution in case your current resolution is not included in the list of resolution supported by windows 7 logonui wallpaper ressources.

Could you tell me what is your resolution? It must be something unusual. Please take a look at the files located in C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds
and tell me it they look normal.

Try to choose another logon wallpaper and tell me if the problem is still there.
Mark E. Thompson - 2010/02/03 01:17
How about a randomize option. It could be at every logof or log on it changes the setting... Other wise GREAT PROGRAM!!! Best one in my oppinion thats out there including the pay to use ones.
Guenni - 2010/02/02 21:30
Works fine, thank you very much!
diabloescarlata - 2010/02/13 00:27
The app works flawlessly with windows 7 home premium. I just love it. It is very simple to use, and it looks nice when you turn on the computer, and people is watching (show off app :) ). Also the quality of the image displayed is EXCELLENT...full screen!!!
Thanks a lot for the app.
Where can I download cool backgrounds?
Thozi - 2010/02/02 20:54
Thank you so much! After working on registry tipps and tricks and hacks and whatnot and it just didnt do it, I finally found oyur superfine app that works like a charm. You saved my day (and a life, cause I was about to kill one of these Microsoft "§(%"§%)=(!'s for making such a basic demand so unaccessible one more time) O:-)
Emmanuel - 2010/02/01 20:41
Didn\'t work for me under 7 starter for Asus Eee PC
Julien MANICI - 2010/02/01 22:02
Indeed, as stated on this page:

"It works with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise, in x86 or x64 (32 or 64 bits). It does NOT work with Windows 7 Starter (edition sold with most netbooks)."
Dom - 2010/01/30 19:56
Super ca fonctionne très bien!
Bon boulot mec!
Dominique - 2010/01/29 20:16
Exellent.Tout a fait ce que je cherchais et en plus trés facile d'utilisation
Bravo et merci beaucoup
Nick Craver - 2010/01/28 21:31
Excellent use of WPF, I use this to quickly setup all my new 7 machines. Thanks for the great app!
Lokesh - 2010/01/28 16:07
Recep - 2010/01/27 16:19
So good app. really great job
you do it better then microsoft :D:D
malaysian - 2010/01/26 09:25
good job.very nice application. simple and easy =)
Dep Trai - 2010/01/23 23:30
Thank you so much.
E-Dog - 2010/01/22 06:42
Great program! I am sure you are open to suggestions and I was wondering if you were able to add a feature to change the logon background automatically. Thanks
Julien MANICI - 2010/01/24 22:02
Many people asked me that feature, unfortunately I don't want to implement it since it would involve to add a background process running at Windows start up, and I'm against such a behavior because too many process of that kind can really slow down a computer without providing a real usefulness.
Darren Tebo - 2010/05/04 03:31
To be honest, I compromised on that one. :) I added an option in the options panel in order to give the user the choice and explained that if automatic startup is disabled, randomizing the wallpaper upon logging into windows cannot be enabled.
DaRkoTiK - 2010/01/21 18:51
Merci pour ce programme fonctionnel et gratuit
Spnxx - 2010/01/21 08:56
just want to let you know how much i appreciate this great program of yours... thank you
Rick Rickson - 2010/01/21 08:01
Awesome!! We need more programmers like you !! Thanks a million !!
nzuthu - 2010/01/24 10:34
Very good work. A simple program, usable and very practical. Very nice user interface. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing the source code. Greetings from Mexico.
kevin - 2010/01/04 10:21
been trying to figure this out for weeks now and i came accross your program thanks its just what i wanted and so easy to use again thanks
Benjy - 2010/01/02 12:15
Excellent Programme 100% Many Thanks
Luigi - 2010/01/01 13:59
This application is very good!! Thanks
Keith - 2009/12/30 17:31
Works great! I've given the link out to all my friends and co workers. My GF already had a crazy "Twilight - New moon" theme, and this just made it worse/better >.< hehe Thanks again!!
ed - 2009/12/29 22:12
i love this logon background changer. does anyone know how to change the actual boot like when u first start up the computer. where it says windows 7 loading. i tried bootskins but didnt work for me. wish this application had that feature as well.
TEXASMADE1978 - 2010/01/19 05:13
This will tell you how to do it. Hope this helps.

Klaw117 - 2009/12/29 05:47
I really love this software and I used it when I first installed Windows 7, but when I use it now, it always crashes 5 seconds after I open it. How can I get this to work?

I have a feeling this might be because I accidentally deleted the picture that was being used as the background. I noticed it after I restarted the computer and the default background was back on. Did deleting the picture somehow damage the application?
ZED - 2009/12/29 03:34
It does not work/show properly with a wide screen monitor (1920x1200).
Kakah - 2009/12/24 06:40
thks a lot..
im realy love this software..
Saikat - 2009/12/24 15:15
vary nice
Anand - 2009/12/21 20:19
Using the stardock software i.e logonscreen changer I changed the logon screen but now it is not able to retrieve the original i.e by default windows seven logon screen.
Can any one tell the solution.
The above is not working
koa - 2009/12/30 19:06
Open Stardock LogonStudio, and select the "WINDOWS DEFAULT" and APPLY.
Julien MANICI - 2009/12/22 17:28
Stardock Logonscreen changer alters the imageres.dll system file which contain the original logon screen background.

My application uses the method introduced in Windows 7 for changing the logon screen background without altering this system file.

To restore the original background after using stardock's software, you will need to restore the original imageres.dll system file (you can take it from another windows 7 install of the same architecture). My app can't help you with this.
Vicente - 2009/12/20 20:33
love this program. thanks
William - 2009/12/19 03:16
where can i a copy of those backgrounds of that screenshot?
qerkop - 2009/12/20 08:52
theres a link to a page with the picture you want.
or if you dont trust the link provided from me:
http://images.google.com and query "windows 7 wallpaper lake"


Julien MANICI - 2009/12/19 12:13
These are the backgrounds that are included with the english version of Windows 7.

Depending on your Windows version language, the wallpapers included are not the same.
There are many sites that allow you to download these wallpapers if you have a non-english version of Windows 7. Do a search on google, you will find them easily.
nXqd - 2009/12/19 02:46
Great software . I need to refresh my comp :D
deameat - 2009/12/18 13:25
I just installed this program on my windows 7 32 bit rtm Thanks for the kick butt program. It makes this so easy no editing registry like some other ways that have been on other sites. Again nice work
detach - 2009/12/17 02:58
love this program .have netbook with win7 start works like a champ . thanks
asif ansari - 2011/06/12 11:26
how to download win 7 background changer
Azeem Tahir - 2009/12/16 13:17
Nice Work! Will check it today. Hope it will suffice! Thanks!
Blumonde - 2009/12/12 10:58
Very cool gadget, Julien! Thank you for taking away the pain of seeing the original MS borrring background everytime.

Take care buddy and keep up your fabulous work.
Leon_ID - 2009/12/11 20:39
Very sad but it won't work on my Win7 x64 ;( crashes every time i run it. Setup does the same thing too. I've tried it on 2 64 bit systems with the same result. Please help me! I love this piece of software on my x86 system!!!!
Julien MANICI - 2009/12/11 21:03
Is it a clean install of windows or an install from an OEM who put his own logon screen?

It works ok with every computer I tested (x86 and x64).
Try to run the program as administrator.

If it doesn't work, go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info and remove the "backgrounds" folder.

If it still doesn't work, maybe it is an issue with your graphic driver/hardware. I had this issue with an HP TX2 with radeon HD3200 drivers. A driver downgrade OR a bios upgrade have solved my issue.
Leon_ID2 - 2009/12/13 16:56
I\'m talking about clean fresh installed x64 Windows7. Not the OEM version and so on....
I\'ve already tryed to run it As Administrator but it crashed one more time again ;(
At the C:\\Windows\\System32\\oobe\\Info i do not have BACKGROUNDS folder. There is only background.bmp file with the default logon wallpaper. Since first run of software i already changed 3 drivers revisions (Yes i had an ATI card HD4850). My BIOS is updated to the final relise at both of my x64 Win7 systems. (One is desktop and another one is acer 5930 Notebook).
So could be another proposals about it??? I do not lose a hope to run it on my x64bit Win7... :((((((
Julien MANICI - 2009/12/13 18:53
That's really weird!

try to delete this folder :
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\http___www.julien-manici

I don't think it will work, but it's worth trying it...

You can also try to start windows in safe mode. (press F8 just before windows startup)
If it doesn't crash in safe mode, then the problem must be linked to a graphic driver incompatibility with WPF based applications.

I'm sorry I can't help more. It has been working fine on every x64 based computer on which I installed it (except the HP which had a driver/bios issue), thus I don't know where the issue could come from.
Mike M - 2010/02/15 20:10
I had this same problem, tried all those things and it still crashed. I found though that moving the picture I wanted to use to a different folder (like the Desktop) and changing the directory; that didn't cause the program to crash. Perhaps there were too many images in the folder or as a whole their size in bytes was too much?

Great program! I use it a couple times a month because I don't like keeping the same background. The other program out there doesn't work at all, so keep up the good work!
holley2583 - 2009/12/22 22:53
I had this installed on my brand new W7 64-bit and worked perfectly with Intell Graphics chip, no delay or anything. Then i had to do an entire Recovery for several reasons, one being my Intel Graphics Chip being Non responsive, but we never figured out why, so ive redownloaded the program, and lets hope this isnt the reason and i'll have to remove it cuz the default lockscreen image stinks to high heaven!
Rob S - 2009/12/16 13:48
I just tried it on my clean x64 install and it worked like a charm. Thanks for making this so easy.
Chuck Z - 2009/12/18 20:18
We need more pics, tho
aextrym - 2009/12/09 02:14
Very good program. Simply amazing. Thanks
Aris Setiadi - 2009/12/01 23:57
Thanks for sharing information...,
try it now....!!!!
Jerome Henry - 2009/11/27 15:26
Amazing program!
Efficient, light and free. Thanks a ton Julien!
Jerome - RTP USA
Brad - 2009/12/13 08:31
Works great on my win 7 64 bit, great gadget
V (my name is V) - 2009/11/26 17:47

Thanks for the wonderful software you\'ve made ;)

Erik - 2009/12/12 09:07
Thanks for "backgrounds folder" tip.
stephaie1 - 2009/11/24 19:23
i was wondering if your program will work on windows 7 starter versions on my Hp NETBOOK ???? ... OR ELSE my only alternative is to go buy the home premium version??? HELPPP
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/25 12:31
Sorry, it won't work with Windows 7 Starter.

Microsoft wants you to buy Home Premium to be able to customize your Windows 7.
Maybe there are some workarounds available with other applications (that would edit some .exe or .dll system files) ...
John - 2009/11/22 14:37
Hey Julien,

very nice tool!

Could you make an option which changes the Logon Background every new or after 5 logons or a change it every day automatically?


Darren Tebo - 2010/05/06 07:06
John, I have the initial version of your requested feature completed and I am submitting it to Julien for approval tomorrow. It doesn't allow the user to set the timeframe yet, but it does allow you to enable random backgrounds that will change every hour.

Thank you.
aydin ozdemir - 2009/12/05 11:46
sagol dostum
Guru Prasad . k - 2009/12/07 10:29
Could you can make the option to change logon Backgroud for every login.........Thanks
JohnJ - 2009/12/07 15:53
Great work Julien.
I knew I wasn't the only one that hated those lines with the curly-q's. My log-on still looks like msft though, the pdc08 graphic.
V1.3.4 on my Win7x64pro didn't make the background folder for the admin. UAC was on default. I tried putting it in your folder first then in my pics folder, the latter worked.
Jens - 2009/11/21 16:14
it doesn't work with my W7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I always get the message "This programm needs the authorization ... click yes". I am clicking "yes" and this window repeatedly opens. The picture is not applied and nothing changes. Any idea why it does not work?


Simon - 2009/11/23 15:38
i've got that problem to with the dreamscene
Taylor Miller 1 - 2009/11/23 09:53
Dear Jens; to fix your problem with it not working with your Win 7 x64 computer, please try this method of mine.
1. Fist of all please right click on the program or program shortcut.
2. On right click menu please click Troubleshoot Compatibility, then the Troubleshoot Program Compatibility window should appear.
3. Then Click on the next window, which has four options on it, pick:worked on earlier versions, requires additional permissions, Then click next.
4.Then pick the Vista SP 2, next button
5.Click on start program,if that works or goes wrong, then click next.
6. You\'ll be given three options, they are:if it worked click Yes save these settings, No try different settings, no report the problem to Microsoft and check online for a solution.
That is the end, and I hope that my method works for you and maybe for others.
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/21 18:01
Are you using it on a clean install of windows, or the windows setup from your computer manufacturer (i.e: HP, Acer, ...) ?

Maybe your computer manufacturer has already put a custom wallpaper and this mess with what my program tries to do.

Try running directly my application as administrator (right click on the executable, "Run as administrator"). This should work.
If it still doesn't work please go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info and remove the "backgrounds" folder.

Please tell me if it solves your problem or not.
Jens - 2009/11/29 22:21
Hi Julien,

I am using a windows setup from the computer store - a chain of stores that put their own wallpapers.

I removed the backgrounds folder and then it worked. Thanks a lot for your help!
Cesar Luna - 2009/11/21 05:22
Julien,Congratulations!Good job!Spectacular customize in windows 7!Bravo!!!
Cesar Luna
Rio de Janeiro
PJH - 2009/11/19 23:29
Brilliant tool! thankyou for this it works a treat.....
diabless6 - 2009/11/12 18:57
Excellent ce petit logiciel !

Le seul hic c'est que le WPF est beaucoup trop gourmand... Même le sp1 du net 3.5 ça n'a pas changer grand chose.

Mais tes réalisations sont sympatique ;)

Jmx34 - 2009/11/09 09:56
Génial ce programme, le meilleur qui soit pour modifier les écrans de démarrage depuis bien longtemps.

Par contre, j'ai un écran en 1440x900 et il est dur de trouver des images de cette taille. Celle que j'utilise est en 1280x1024. Le problème, c'est qu'une fois que le redimensionnement et le cadrage sont fait, il me manque une partie importante de l'image. J'ai essayé de retoucher l'image mais rien n'y change.

Serait-il possible d'avoir d'autres options permettant d'autres types de cadrage de l'image (comme Étirer, Mosaïque, Centrer ou encore Ajuster) comme ceux qu'on trouve pour l'affichage du fond d'écran du bureau?

Ça donnerait plus de flexibilité pour ceux qui comme moi ont un écran large ou des photos pas du tout adaptées.

Encore un grand merci pour ce programme.
CracKBoum - 2009/11/03 22:31
J'en ai rêvé, tu l'as fait !
Et encore mieux que dans mes rêves. Quelle fluidité, quelle richesse. Je ne m'attendais pas à voir autant de fonds d'écran !
Et tout ça gratuit et légal...
Bravo pour ce superbe programme !
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/04 18:41
Merci, par contre les fonds d'écran sont ceux livrés avec Windows 7 (je n'en ai rajouté aucun). Je me contente juste d'afficher ceux qui sont cachés dans C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT (ils varient selon la langue du windows installé et sont destinés aux autres régions/pays de la même langue, ex: france, canada...)
moune - 2009/11/01 15:13
a quand le meme pour le son de demarrage?
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/02 16:18
ça c'est un peu plus délicat... ça implique de modifier une dll du systeme, et je suis assez opposé à ce principe, pour des raisons de stabilité (une maj windows update ou un service pack pourraient poser probleme dans un tel cas)
Si ce son te déplait vraiment, tu peux toujours le désactiver via la case à cocher "lire le son de démarrage" dans les options de sons de windows vista/7.
Olive - 2009/10/27 17:47

Je n' ai rien à redire, juste merci beaucoup!!!
Myster - 2009/10/26 19:09
Super programme.
Petite suggestion néanmoins : ajouter une case à cocher dans les paramètres pour désactiver le son lors des transitions...
J'ai parcouru mon répertoire de wallpaper (quelques centaines) et j'ai fini par couper le son de mon PC :).

En tout cas, super boulot !
Julien MANICI - 2009/11/02 16:29
J'y penserai si je publie une nouvelle version!
c'est vrai que ce son devient rapidement très désagréable ;)
je l'ai d'ailleurs retiré de mes autres projets reprenant la base de windows 7 logon background changer...
Diddle - 2009/11/12 19:02

It works great...
Undun Some - 2009/10/26 16:38
Great Program, no problems for me at all. Thanks so much for providing it for FREE!! Thanks Undun
LatinoBoyPT - 2009/10/22 02:25
Best Win7 app ever!!!!
anon - 2009/10/14 20:52

i dont know if anybody else is getting this, but starting today, whenever i launch the program it crashes within seconds. It says that Windows 7 Logon background changer has stopped working :( This is bad because now im stuck with this screen.
NosTraDomus - 2009/11/28 06:37
i got the same issue, when i used a Different folder for my backgrounds, "C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\Backgrounds "
some reason it crashes-it hasnt interested me enough to stop and wonder why...but deleting the Backgrounds Folder will solve it

DO wish theres an update that allows for it to do RANDOM pictures every customizable timer.
though a simple edit with notepad, looks like you can do it yourself...looks interesting..

windows 7- Extreme Edition (x86)
quad core
1gig vid mem
Julien MANICI - 2009/10/21 23:18
try to delete this folder :
C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\http___www.julien-manici
It contains the configuration file created by the application.

If this does not solve your problem, then it may come from your graphic driver. If you updated it recently, try to rollback to the previous driver. Some buggy graphic drivers make WPF apps crash instantly...

Please tell me if any of these steps solves your problem.
Siebe - 2009/10/13 22:13

Thanks for this program.
Was going to try it manually by tweaking the registry and such, but this made it so much easier. :D

ribot - 2009/10/09 19:42
Wow!!!!.... great program... Thanks
Idontknow - 2009/10/04 00:57
Un grand merci pour cette application. Je l'utilise aur Win7 x64 Ultimate et ça fonctionne a merveille.
Le layout et l'animation de l'interface sont spécialement bien réussi. Bravo!
El Bori123 - 2009/10/01 22:47
thanks for the post, will trying this on my system tonight....
Yirm - 2009/09/26 21:33

I installed with the setup file. It created an "fr" directory on my D: drive. Any way to configure where that directory is located?
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/26 23:30
That's weird...

when installing the program, did you choose to install it in a folder other than the default folder? (c:\program files\...)

did you install it in D:\ directly?

anyway, you can safely remove the "fr" directory, it just contains french translation for the application.
Pete - 2009/09/25 18:19
Great application! Good job with WPF :)
Arvind - 2009/09/23 19:36
Nice application, I was searching for something like this.

Thank you sir.

Plus: nice UI, though I won't mind the picture and the scrollbar being a little bigger :)
Aurelio - 2009/09/21 11:00
Hey!, Cannot download background changer, the "Download" link just reloads the page!!
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/21 20:16
The download page checks the http referer.
You are probably using some browser extension/add on or security program that blocks the referer transmission, and breaks websites relying on it.

Here is the direct download link :
Pelly - 2009/09/18 03:50

Just wondering if you are considering adding the ability to change the logon screen background for multiple monitors. I currently use an application to manage separate backgrounds across multiple monitors which works great, but unfortunately on the logon screen it only shows the background on the primary monitor and the second monitor is just black :( Even simple tiling would be better than a black second screen.

People (like me) that use background that scale across both monitors would love this feature if you were able to add it.

Julien MANICI - 2009/09/18 05:50

I'm sorry, I'm just using an official feature in Windows 7 to customize the logon wallpaper, and it looks like there is no more way to change the login screen wallpaper like in windows 2000 :(

My app doesn't mess with the process showing the logon screen, thus I have no control over what it draws on the screen...

Maybe there are (or will be) apps that somehow interact with LogonUI.exe, but I think it is a bad idea to use such tools which mess with system processes ...
Martin - 2009/09/16 15:51
Hi Julien, excellent program. I'm the IT Manager at a college in Western Australia and I an thinking about puting the program on about 1000 student computers next January and I was wondering just how your program works and would the following work.

If I set the folder to a network folder that is available at login and then set all student computers to " prevent other users from changing the background", would one of my staff on an administration computer be able to change the wallpaper and have this change reflected on all student computers.

if it is not possible is this something that I could suggest for a future development, we could then use it to convey information to students at different times of the year ie term breaks, enrollments etc.

Thanks for the program

Julien MANICI - 2009/09/18 06:29
Hi Martin,

It's a pretty clever idea to hijack the logon screen to display useful informations for students!
Unfortunately, the scenario you described won't work with my program, as it reads the picture supplied by the user once, and creates copies of it in %windir%\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds

The solution would be to create the background images with my background changer app on an administration computer, and go to %windir%\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds to get the generated pictures (they are truncated and compressed as needed by my application so that they match the supported resolutions ratio and so that they are not bigger than 256kb, otherwise the windows logon screen will not load them).

Once you got these pictures, you must deploy them in %windir%\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds on each computer. I suppose you can do this with Active Directory. I believe that on windows server 2008 you can easily deploy files at a specified location. Otherwise you may need to create MSI packages.
There is also a group policy that you have to enable to make windows load the customized login screen wallpaper. I don't remember the exact name, it's something like "welcome screen : enable oem background".

Another solution would be to create a command line version of my app (with no UI) that would be run at startup with an argument pointing to a picture stored on the network. I don't know if it is possible to execute something as administrator in the background without opening a session... If it is, I can do the command line version of my app and that would solve your problem easily.

But be aware that once windows has loaded the login screen, a session must be opened and then closed (or locked), or the computer must be restarted for the user to see the new wallpaper (but that should not be an issue if the wallpaper is not updated hourly).

An alternative solution would be to use a RSS feed screen saver for the Default user, so that it displays informations when no session is open.

Keep me informed about what you consider would be the best solution.

Blawson - 2011/12/14 22:13
Did a command line version of the program ever get created? I have a script that sets up new PCs and it would be great to add this to that script for automation.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this for us!
Myster - 2009/10/26 19:11
Hi Martin,

To complete Julien's answer, you can find how to deploy logon wallpaper through GPO very simply here :

Step 1 : prepare your wallpaper as Julien described
Step 2 : deploy them through GPO

Have fun !
G.S. - 2009/09/14 12:01

The license agreement doc supplied with the software refers you to this site for confirmation of the license agreement, but I caanot find it here? is the software Open Souce (GPL), freeware, or????

Thanks in advance
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/14 23:57
Sorry, I forgot to put the link to the licence.
Here it is:
nicol - 2009/09/13 23:45
Excellent work! Thanks
< Lavoro eccellente > GRAZIE !
TechFan - 2009/09/12 05:29
Hi Julian,

I just bookmarked your site for future reference when I get my new Windows 7 PC.

Thanks for taking into consideration my suggestions.
j-23 - 2009/09/11 13:16
Julien, perfectly works windows 7 RTM. Very Thanks.
Batavian - 2009/09/12 01:32
Heard about this on Windows Weekly. Great little program. Thanks so much.
Andreas J. - 2009/09/10 21:58
Wow, this is a great program! It's also the first time I've seen WPF in action, and boy is it great! Thanks!
EZED - 2009/09/10 01:39
Great program... great!!!!
anon - 2009/09/09 18:29
thank you very much for this little program, i dont usually write these sort of things but i just had to do it here. This is absolutely amazing!

Just one question, i changed the folder that is displayed by default to one of my own but now i cant seem to get to the original..
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/09 19:15
Just click on the "?" button on the top right of the window, then click on "Reset to default folder" and voila :)
dave - 2009/09/09 13:29
thankyou this great i will really enjoy this prog

anen - 2009/09/09 13:07
Is there any possoabilty to see the source ;)
You mantiend it on the deviantart page ;)
Julien MANICI - 2009/09/09 18:09
Sorry I forgot to update the page ^^
here it is:
Eric Quaranta - 2009/09/07 19:19

Je n'en pouvais plus de cet oiseau sur la branche tellement ringuard !

Bonne soirée

Julien MANICI - 2009/09/09 18:38
Jérémy m'a en effet fait part des troubles que vous causait ce petit oiseau!
Personnellement je le trouve très tendance ^^

Et c'est tout de même plus gracieux qu'un troupeau de gnous ou qu'un pingouin obèse!
RiKA - 2009/09/01 20:24
Salut Julien,

Merci pour ce programme. Très simple et agréable à utiliser.
Inutile d'aller s'embêter à modifier le registre avec ça!

switch625 - 2009/08/14 20:21
Any chance of adding an option to rotate through different images on startup?
american in asia - 2009/08/10 14:14
it is awesome! i love it. and looking forward new software in coming soon.

Camilo - 2009/08/06 16:55
Hombre muchas gracias! Yo no entiendo por que Microsoft trata de hacernos sufrir con esas imagenes tan horribles... Pero gracias a usted ahora puedo disfrutar de un mejor logon screen!!!
Cowtoon - 2009/08/02 21:48
Thank you. Very nice ... nice addition of photos as well.
Julien MANICI - 2009/08/03 04:19
I didn't add any photo.
All the photos displayed by default are included in Windows 7.
Windows 7 has a set of region specific photos for several countries. Some of them are included but hidden in C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT
Garada - 2009/07/27 05:48
Where do I download version 1.1? All I see is 1.0

Julien MANICI - 2009/07/27 22:57
Sorry, there is a little mess with the versions number. The current version is 1.1, but I forgot to increment the subversion number in my source code. Thus, it still shows version 1.0 in the executable properties.
TehSuigi - 2009/07/26 00:19
What a great little piece of software! How does it do the auto-cropping, by the way?
Julien MANICI - 2009/07/27 23:08
The auto cropping is done in the application code (written in C#), by using WPF to load the image, cropping and scaling it according to the image and screen ratio.
i.e: if the screen is wider than the image, the top and the bottom of the image are removed.
I don't know if this answers your question...
mickey megabyte - 2009/07/22 18:34
WOW! well done!
Cerealfreak - 2009/06/29 18:05
I love this program defintely in the top 10 of my favourite 3rd party applications, is used on all my Windows 7 systems I love it!!!! Thank you
james sunderland - 2009/06/16 22:25
I´m very grateful to use this little "big" software. Congratulations to help us change the appearance of windows seven.
stevAe - 2009/06/15 19:50
you are soooooooo the man!!!!! thanks very much. with all of these other really nice screens, why would ms have used that terrible blue crappy screen? anyway, you have save me from having to suffer through that other screen. thanks again.
Lexx - 2009/06/05 13:40
Програмка просто супер... большое спасибо :)
Julien MANICI - 2009/06/05 15:55
Thank you :)

and thanks to google translate for the translation ^^
("Programka simply super ... Thank you very much:) ")
Lexx - 2009/09/29 12:45
Google translate: Files of just super ... Thank you very much :)
Ron - 2009/06/04 22:48
While some people think the out-of-focus, in-focus effect is cccccooooollllll for this website, I think it's highly annoying.

Just my opinion.

Thank you for the program.
Julien MANICI - 2009/06/05 15:38
You're right, this is annoying, but some users like this kind of things! That's a matter of taste...
in fact, my Windows 7 Logon Background Changer program is also annoying for users who thinks good user interfaces and animations are useless!

Nevertheless, I heard your advice and I just removed the pixelate effect from the page to page transition.
Olli - 2009/08/02 23:43
I love this programm, it´s really nice. I just wanted to ask how wide the image is allowed be so that the top and bottom aren´t removed.
Julien MANICI - 2009/08/03 04:30
This program crops the image so that the ratio is the same as the screen resolution.
There is no limit in the size of the original image, since it is scaled and cropped if needed.

You can scale and crop the image yourself with a picture editing program if you want to control which part of the image will be discarded. You just have to create an image which has the same resolution as your screen.
ThreeTrains - 2009/06/04 12:40
A most excellent piece of work. Perfect on build 7100. Wishing you the BEST on other projects.
Peter - 2009/05/30 16:08
Excellent work! Would be nice if one could search within a chosen folder to select only 1 item in it though.

What I've done in the meanwhile is set up a separate folder specifically for this purpose.

By the way it works just fine on my ancient Pentium 4 with an Nvidia 7600GS.
asdf - 2009/05/26 22:56
wow très impressionant !! o0

Je cherchais un log simple pour ça, et j'ai trouvé le programme parfait, hyper léger.

Pour ma part, aucun problème. Je mets la meme image en fond d'écran que en Logon, ça donne très bien.

Merci !
nexus - 2009/05/22 02:52
i tried another logon changer and kept giving me access denied but it did work well in other beta versions of windows 7 but in win 7 7127 seems to be a issue with registy changes and will not change for me but after i tried this it worked like a charm thanks.
Julien MANICI - 2009/05/22 03:10

I tested my application under windows 7 RC build 7100 only. But it should work OK with other builds (if it doesn't work in a future build, try running it as admin).

You said that you are using the last build (7127), but I advise everyone NOT to use leaked builds of Windows 7 as the risk that they may contain a trojan is VERY high. Also, there will be no security updates from Microsoft for these unsupported releases.

Windows 7 7100 is stable enough and feature complete. You should stick with it.

Anyway, glad you liked my small app.
danish - 2009/05/27 18:19
First of all, great work! Just one question, if I use your application to change the logon background, how can I revert it back to the default? I don't see any options.
Julien MANICI - 2009/05/27 18:32
I will add an option to revert back to the default wallpaper in the next release.

In the meantime, you can go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info\backgrounds and delete the 13 jpg files created by my program, this will force windows to use the default wallpaper instead.
danish - 2009/05/27 18:48
thanks for the quick reply. The folder you mentioned, that will only be created if I actually change the background right? Currently I have your application installed and I ran it without applying any changes and I don't see the folder yet.

I wish MS had included this app in Win7, maybe you can sell it to them :)
Julien MANICI - 2009/05/27 19:00
"The folder you mentioned, that will only be created if I actually change the background right?"

Greg Inventor - 2010/01/24 20:22
User Profile Service Failed the logon setting up win 7 1st time I ever set up admin and users

installed the background changer 1st pic ok but changed it and got error did not wait log enough got another error etc

so tried to reset in regedit but only found logon 0 for vista
not the same desktop reset key in win 7 do you know what the rededit key is to reset for the logon screen background?

Julien MANICI - 2010/01/24 21:58
I don't understand what you mean.

Why are you speaking about Vista, since my app is compatible with windows 7 only?

If what you're asking is "how to restore the default windows 7 wallpaper", juste delete the "backgrounds" folder located in C:\Windows\System32\oobe\Info

Concerning your user profile error, my app can't be the origin of this issue, since it doesn't change anything that could cause this problem.
JOEBEST - 2011/02/28 02:16
wow...very cool and great application i really love it....a million thanks to you ma\'am Julien you do a great job for us and thanks also for sharing your application. May our Almighty Father give you more strength and knowledge in doing this program!Bravo!!!
badbonz - 2012/12/05 19:15
nice,thank you